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SKILL Skillpoint
Magic Spellcasting Fire Air Water Earth
Spirit Mind Body Light Grey Dark
Combat Fists and Clubs Sword Dagger Axe Spear Staff Mace
Bow Music Unarmed Leather Chain Plate Shield Dodging
Miscellaneous Disarm Trap Perception Merchant Learning Meditation Bodybuilding Identify Item
Repair Identify Monster Armsmaster Stealing Alchemy Pathfinding

All magic users in Might and Magic Tribute start with the generic skill of Spellcasting'. Students know this skill at the lowest level when the game begins. Explorers get the chance to learn it later, except when they choose to become a Knight, but won't be able to master the skill beyond the rank of expert.


Spellcasting is the basic ability to cast spells. Simple damaging spells, healing, illumination and protection are included. Some of the spells increase in effectiveness with higher spellcasting levels, others with knowledge and higher rank in the various schools of magic and the Identify Monster skill.

Expert rank in spellcasting must be achieved before a player character can learn any other magic skill.


The spellcasting skill can be aquired at the following guilds:


Mastery of the skill influences its effectiveness.
There is some variation per spell.

mastery normal expert master grandmaster
teachers (Soronne)
Aditu (Serenity)
Teleboas (Mt. Pilanteko) Gregorius (Terrax)
class Student
Agent, Adventurer, Acolyte, Apprentice Scholar
Ranger, Assassin, Thief, Monk, Bard Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer Saint, Runemaster, Necromancer
general effect Ability to learn spells Allows the study of various schools of magic, depending on class. Recovery time is reduced Costs and effects are doubled Recovery time is reduced (further)


spell description normal expert master grandmaster
Mana Bolt A Mana Bolt is a blast of magical energy cast to hurt a single opponent. The bolt always hits and the damage it deals will take form from one of the 10 magic schools (Fire Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Ice Bolt, Rock Shard, Spirit Arrow, Shock Wave, Mind Blast, Dark Bolt, Shadow Dart, Light Bolt). The caster does not actively choose the form of a Mana Bolt. It will automatically manifest in the most favorable way, from the caster's point of view. When casting this spell, the caster`s ID Monster skill will be tested for the target creature and if successfull will help in choosing the most favorable form of the bolt. If the caster does not know any magic skill beyond Spellcasting the bolt will take a random form and do 1 point of damage plus 1 point per skill level in Spellcasting. Cost: 5 SP
Damage: 1d2 per point of appropriate magic skill + 1 per point of spellcasting skill
Recovery time halved Damage and casting cost doubled Recovery time 25%
Mana Shower Mana Shower spell shoots forth two spinning blades that each does 1 point + 1 point per level in spellcasting of physical damage if they successfully penetrate the armor of the opponent. For every additional magic skill the caster becomes an expert at, two additional blasts, sparks, spikes or sprays are added. They do 1 point + 1 point per spellcasting skill of damage of the type corresponding to the magic skill that produces them. Cost: 1 SP
2 blades that cause 1 point + 1 point of damage per level
2 additional blasts, sparks, spikes or sprays per magic skill learned to expert level. Recovery time halved Damage and casting cost doubled Recovery time 25%
Illuminate Illuminate combines the effect of a Torch Light and a Wizard Eye spell, illuminating the caster in a twofold sense. Duration is half an hour per point of spellcasting skill. At first the spell only shows creatures in the terrain without differentiating friend from foe and the light produced is fairly weak. Aquisition of and degree of mastery in the elemental magics will determine the strength of the spell in various locations. Fire magic determines strength indoors, except from underground dungeons. Earth magic determines underground effect. Air magic determines strength of the spell in the outdoors and water magic underwater and out to sea. There may also be certain special areas where different magic skills will determine effect. Knowledge of an appropriate magic skill will allow the spell to differentiate between friend and foe. Expert level in the corresponding skill will increase brightness of the light and reveal treasure. Master level shows points of interest and has the brightest light, while grandmastery will add the skill level in the appropriate magic skill to the caster`s perception skill as a bonus. Cost: 1 SP
Shows living creatures on the minimap. Weak light
Effect depends on skill level in the appropriate magic school. Recovery time halved Duration and casting cost doubled Recovery time 25%
Cure A Cure spell heals 2 hp and will attept to cure any condition from which the target is suffering. Initially, only sleep, drunk, fear and weakness is cured. Every one of these conditions costs an additional SP to cure. Conditions can be cured 3 minutes after they are inflicted per point of skill in spellcasting. More severe conditions can only be cured if the caster has knowledge in the self magics. Expert Spirit enables the removal of curses, expert Mind removes paralysis and expert Body cures poison. Each of these conditions cost an additional 6 SP to cure. A master in Spirit magic can turn stoned characters back to flesh, master Mind can cure insanity and master Body cures diseases. Mastery of spellcasting is also required. These conditions costs an additional 12 SP to cure. Cost: 2SP + variable
Cures 2hp and sleep, drunk, fear and weakness. Effective on conditions inflicted less than 3 minutes ago per point of spellcasting skill
Effective on conditions inflicted less then 1 hour ago per point of spellcasting skill. Can cure curse, paralysis and poison with the proper self skills Recovery time halved Effective on conditions inflicted less then 1 day ago per point of spellcasting skill. Can cure stone, insane and disease with the proper self skills Casting cost and hit points restored doubled Effective on conditions regardless of when they were inflicted. Recovery time 25%
Magic Shield With each magic school the caster has knowledge of, Magic Shield increases the corresponding resistance by 2 points per level of spellcasting. The casting cost of the spell also increases with 2 spell points per additional magic skill known. The duration of the spell is half an hour per point of spellcasting skill. At master level, the spell also grants Protection from Magic and at grandmaster level a Preservation effect is added for the duration of the spell. Cost: 8SP + 2SP per additional magic skill learned
Increases resistance to damage from all the magic skills known by the caster
Protection from Magic added. 3 points of resistance per point of spellcasting skill

Casting cost and duration doubled

Preservation effect added. 4 points of protection per skill level. Recovery time halved
Mana Pool Recovery time halved