Mt. Pilanteko (province)

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Mt. Pilanteko is located near-west in the very south of Karigor. This is one of the first maps that the party will visit.

Neighbouring maps are S'Fauni (west), Eftling (northwest), Ryft (northeast), Serenity (east).

To the south, Mt. Pilanteko borders on two maps of Jadame: Murmurwoods (southwest) and Alvar (southeast). These two maps are not part of the game.




  • Volos, town of the Centaurs (central south, on the mountain)
  • A few Human settlers and archeologists (center)
  • In the west: followers of the Cult of Meh, with headquarters in the Temple of Meh


Monsters (surface)

  • Gnolls (Gnoll, Gnoll Marauder, Gnoll Bokor)
  • Mantises (Flying Roach, Mantis, Praying Mantis)
  • Octopuses (Devilfish, Octopus, Kraken)
  • Zombies (Walking Dead, Zombie, Plague Zombie)


Goats, Panda's, Fish, Birds



  • Obelisk #12
  • Random Game (+3 Skillpoints once to characters that have 30 in the required statistic)
  • Flame of Shield (Halves damage received from ranged attacks for 3 hours, or until rest or travel)
  • Flame of Heroism (+10 to damage for 3 hours, or until rest or travel)
  • Flame of Earth Resistance (+20 to Earth Resistance for 6 hours, or until rest or travel)
  • Well of +2 Speed (8 Charges of +2 permanent Speed, if natural Speed<15, respawns)
  • Fountain of +5 Spellpoints (Replenishes 5 spellpoints, maximum 50 charges, recharge 10 per day)
  • Fountain of +10 Luck (Temporarily +10 Luck for 2 days or until rest or travel)



The neighbouring provinces S'Fauni (west) and Serenity (east) can be reached on foot overland, which takes 5 days. From Serenity, Etanasfeld (east) and Goetia (far east) can also be reached on foot. From S'Fauni (far west), a bridge over the Meridian leads to Eftling (northwest), but it needs to be repaired first. Ryft (northeast) can also be reached on foot in 5 days time from Serenity, but that route goes through the Wanderhoven to the plateau of Tuatha's Tel, and only after opening the door which is later in the game. Soronne (northeast) cannot be reached on foot.


Every week, two coaches leave at the Hapless Hooves for S'Fauni (west): on Wednesdays and Saturdays; from there, the party can take a ride back on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Three more coaches leave Mt. Pilanteko for Serenity: on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays; a return trip is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. All coach rides take two days.


There are no boats available in Mt. Pilanteko.


Mt. Pilanteko has no docks. The nearest port is located in Etanasfeld, east of Serenity.

Town Portal

Mt. Pilanteko has no Central Fountain. The nearest Town Portal destination is Serenity.


Human settlers and archeologists

Home Type Occupants
Hapless Hooves Stables Tami Blair
The Iron Lady Tavern Major Blair, Marge Blair
Dig Lucretius Bones, Harry Ford, Melinda Lucia, Janice O'Connor, Sean O'Connor


Home Type Occupants
Elym's Fire Apothecary Elym, Mimosa, Doupe
Ixion's Stone General Store Cyllarus, Hylonome, Amphy
Prime Guild of Body Guild Elatus, Pholus, Isoples
Miracles on the Mountain Magic Shop Teleboas, Perimedina, Thereus
Barbar's Gym Training Hall Biennor, Dorylass, Homad
Royal Hut House Chiron, Chariklo, Melanippe
Asbolus' Hut House Asbolus, Pylenor
Demoleon's Hut House Demoleon, Lucinda
Euryt's Hut House Euryt, Nessie
Saggitarius' Hut House Saggitarius


Home Type Occupants
Ankka Knox Dungeon Tennessee Ernie Ford
Moon Observatory Dungeon Robin the Mobile, Parador
Temple of Meh Dungeon Sir Galrim

Who is who


male female
Major Blair - veteran, father of Marge and Tami Marge Blair - taverner
Lucretius Bones - archeologist Tami Blair - stablemistress
Harry Ford - tomb raider, betrothed of Janice Janice O'Connor - expert teacher of Dagger, daughter of Sean
Sean O'Connor - professor Melinda Lucia - expert teacher of Sword
Parador - benighter
Robin the Mobile - dark mage
Sir Galrim - master teacher of Dodging
Tennessee Ernie Ford - museum guide


male female
Asbolus - game master Chariklo - queen of the Centaurs
Biennor - trainer Dorylass - expert teacher of Spear
Chiron - king of the Centaurs Hylonome - comforter
Cyllarus - retailer Lucinda - expert teacher of Perception
Demoleon - master teacher of Chain Mimosa - expert teacher of Alchemy
Elatus - guildmaster Nessie - huntress
Elym - herbalist Perimedina - magicker
Euryt - expert teacher of Identify Monster
Pholus - prophet
Pylenor - gatekeeper
Saggitarius - grandmaster teacher of Bow
Teleboas - master teacher of Spellcasting
boy girl
Homad - son of Biennor and Dorylass Amphy - daughter of Cyllarus and Hylonome
Isoples - son of Elatus Doupe - daughter of Elym and Mimosa
Thereus - son of Teleboas and Perimedina Melanippe - daughter of Chiron and Chariklo