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Semiramis Murlank
Timberfall Nannaria Typhon Expanse
Eftling Ryft Soronne Sea of Mist
S'Fauni Mt. Pilanteko Serenity Etanasfeld Goetia

Semiramis is located west in northern Karigor. It is likely to be a map that the party will visit later in the game.

Neighbouring maps are Terrax (northeast), Murlank (east), Nannaria (southeast) and Timberfall (west). The ocean (northwest and west) is not part of the game.




  • Ascalon, in the northwest
  • Marduk, the capital, south on the river Ebony


  • Ebony, the river flowing through Semiramis from southwest to southeast

Monsters (surface)

  • Griffins (Griffin, Lofty Griffin, Divine Griffin)
  • Moon Zealots (Moon Worshipper, Moon Fanatic, Moon Zealot)
  • Satyrs (Satyr, Satyr Player, Satyr Wizard)
  • Skeletons (Skeleton, Skeleton Master, Bone Lord)
  • Sun Zealots (Sun Worshipper, Sun Fanatic, Sun Zealot)
  • Toads (Toad, Tidal Toad, Red Bombina)


Butterflies, Birds, Fish





Terrax (northwest), Murlank (east), Nannaria (southeast) and Timberfall (southwest) can all be reached on foot overland, which takes 5 days.


Coaches of the Golden Triangle leave at the Santa Faye Trail for Terrax on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, with return trips starting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Other Golden Triangle coaches leave for Murlank on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, return trips starting on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. All these coach rides take 2 days.

At the same stable, coaches of the Nightriders leave for Nannaria, M'Akal on Wednesdays and Fridays, with return trips staring on Mondays and Saturdays. These trips take 2½ days. After the Zealots start fighting, this line is discontinued.


The St. Nicholas will enter Semiramis from Timberfall and continue downstream into Murlank. Both passages take 3 days.


There are no docks in Semiramis.

Town Portal

Semiramis has a Central Fountain and can therefore be reached instantly by the powerful Town Portal spell. The other provinces that can be reached this way are: Terrax, Murlank, Nannaria, Soronne and Serenity. However, one must drink from a Central Fountain before it appears as a destination on the Town Portal map.



Home Type Occupants
Warrior Protection Armour Shop Bishamon
The Glove Compartment Armour Shop Eva Quinn
Seasons in the Sun General Store Terry J. Seasons
Master Guild of Light Guild Arduinna, Taime
Santa Faye Trail Stable Sally Hur
The Golden Dawn Tavern Saint Amant, Saint David, Saint Luticas, Rosa Cruz, Vera Cruz
Caithream Hall Training Hall Agnes Chastillon
Enlightenment Conclave House Apollo, Geezis, Amaterasu, Hiruko
Herdsmen Conclave House Saint Patrick
Holy Crossings House Saint Christopher, Phoebe Alliswell, Prue Alliswell
Library House Diodorus, Josaphat
Pretender Conclave House Lyran Pretensa, Kyle Pretensa, Andrea Pretensa


Home Type Occupants
Angelic Tablets Apothecary Enochia
Timely Reserve Bank Saint Jutte
The Celestial Toymaker General Store Saint Martha
Bounty Hunters Guild Guild Domino Moradon, Keira Moradon, Harvey Moradon
Duke Ethelbert's Palace Palace Duke Ethelbert, Wveird of Gamelot, Gryfflet, Dr. Who, Paris Aldeberge
Gilbert's Temple Maces Weapon Shop Desmond Decado, Cuchulainn
Dragonchasers Conclave House Saint Joris, Saint Perci


Home Type Occupants
Divine Temple of the Sun Dungeon, Palace, Temple Taledon X, Sister Eliza, Saint Kristina
Maranthea College Dungeon Elymas, Sam Lloyd, Melanie Bourne, Saint Marguerite, Jarod Pretensa, Mallory Quinn, Sabrina Lloyd, Marina Pretensa
Meh Temple Temple Kaldi

Who is who


male female
Saint Amant - gamer Paris Aldeberge - princess
Apollo - grandmaster teacher of Light Phoebe Alliswell - expert teacher of Mind
Bishamon - armourer Prue Alliswell - psionic
Saint Christopher - pathfinder Amaterasu - grandmaster teacher of Body, wife of Apollo
Cuchulainn - hero Arduinna - guildmistress
Saint David - vegetarian Melanie Bourne - head of school
Desmond Decado - weaponsmith Agnes Chastillon - trainer
Diodorus - librarian Rosa Cruz - tavernkeep
Elymas - grandmaster teacher of Fire Sister Eliza - high priest
Duke Ethelbert - duke Enochia - apothecary
Wveird of Gamelot - grandmaster teacher of Plate Sally Hur - stable mistress
Geezis - lightbringer, son of Apollo and Amaterasu Josaphat - master teacher of Meditation
Gryfflet - shieldbearer Saint Jutte - banker
Saint Joris - expert teacher of Repair Kaldi - healer
Sam Lloyd - sorcerer Saint Kristina - healer
Saint Luticas - cook Saint Marguerite - master teacher of Water
Suryus Palk - sorcerer Saint Martha - retailer
Saint Patrick - expert teacher of Spirit Domino Moradon - guildmistress
Saint Perci - dragonhunter Keira Moradon - master teacher of Shield, sister of Domino Moradon
Lyran Pretensa - expert teacher of Merchant Eva Quinn - taylor
Terry J. Seasons - retailer [[]] -
Taledon X - divine high priest [[]] -
Dr. Who - classifier [[]] -
boy girl
Harvey Moradon - son of Domino Moradon Sabrina Lloyd - pupil, daughter of Sam Lloyd
Mallory Quinn - pupil, son of Eva Quinn Marina Pretensa - pupil, daughter of Lyran Pretensa
Jarod Pretensa - pupil, son of Lyran Pretensa Vera Cruz - daughter of Rosa Cruz
Taime - son of Arduinna Hiruko - daughter of Apollo and Amaterasu
Kyle Pretensa - son of Lyren Pretensa Andrea Pretensa - daughter of Lyren Pretensa