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Etanasfeld is located near-east in the very south of Karigor. This is one of the first maps that the party will visit.

Neighbouring maps are Serenity (west), Soronne (northwest), Sea of Mist (northeast), Goetia (east).

To the southwest, Etanasfeld borders on a map of Jadame: Ironsand. This map is not part of the game, nor is the Blighted Desert that lies southeast.





  • Sea of Mist, the water northeast
  • Ardvein, the lava river streaming from southeast to northeast where it feeds the Sea of Mist

Monsters (surface)

  • Bats (Bat, Flittermaus, Pipistrelle, Vampire Bat)
  • Gogs (Gogling, Gog, Lava Gog)
  • Ogres (Wild Ogre, Ogre Warrior, Ogre Chieftain)
  • Sharks (Shark, Hunter Shark, Bloodshark, Kua Mackerel)
  • Toads (Toad, Tidal Toad, Red Bombina)


Butterflies, Ospreys, Fish



  • Obelisk #14
  • Throne of Gol (Permanently +10 to all statistics and resistances of Ogres on one Thursday)
  • Random Game (+3 Skillpoints once to characters that have 30 in the required statistic)
  • Flame of Haste (Reduces recovery time for 1 hour, or until rest or travel, 6 hours weak afterwards)
  • Flame of Stone Skin (+10 to Armour Class for 3 hours, or until rest or travel)
  • Flame of Fire Resistance (+20 to Fire Resistance for 6 hours, or until rest or travel)
  • Well of +2 Might (8 Charges of +2 permanent Might, if natural Might<15, respawns)
  • Fountain of +5 Hitpoints (Replenishes 5 hitpoints, maximum 50 charges, recharge 10 per day)
  • Fountain of +10 Speed (Temporarily +10 Speed for 2 days or until rest or travel)



The neighbouring provinces Serenity (west) and Goetia (east) can be reached on foot overland, which takes 5 days. From Serenity, Mt. Pilanteko (west) and S'Fauni (far west) can also be reached on foot, but not Soronne (northwest) and Sea of Mist (northeast).


No coach leaves from Etanasfeld, but there are coaches going west from Serenity.


There are no boats available in Etanasfeld. There is a landbridge over the Ardvein, which is heavily guarded on both ends.


At the start of the game, four Ogre coasters are docked in the north. They will start sailing for Soronne (Mondays and Fridays) and Goetia (Thursdays) once the pirates have been dealt with; all trips take two days. From Soronne, other ships sail onto the Sea of Mist.

Town Portal

Etanasfeld has no Central Fountain. The nearest Town Portal destinations are Soronne and Serenity.



Home Type Occupants
Sturdy Clothing Armour Shop Jemal
Dockyard Fionn, Reem
Wysiwug General Store Oonagh, Fo, Fum, Fee, Fi
The Atlas Tavern Golithos, Tchatchacolos
Amara's Purity Temple Sandamukhi
Madi's Garden Training Hall Moolah, Loundja
Hammer and Spike Weapon Shop Goz
House of Advancement House Angrboda, Hel
House of Fine Touch House Ferragus, Monsbiki
House of Gold House Wayupak
House of Muscles House Davibanner
House of Squires House Isore, Mordaga
House of Ventures House Shrek, Humbaba
House of Whack House Burijas, Hachiman


Home Type Occupants
Bipedal Tartar General Store Ulgulu, Bintami
Guardhouse Benandoner
Prime Guild of Fire Guild Mahuika
Warriors of Virtue Guild Kopuwai, Wendigo
House of Hides House Jarnsaksa
House of Shaving House Ojancano, Naitakonita
House of Troves House Khuljasimsim


Home Type Occupants
Dusk's Cave Dungeon Kumbhakarma
Lair of Bolarg Dungeon Bolarg, Fiona, Morgiana
Arquebus Ship Og
Dragonlance Ship Eigyr
Nagfar Ship Hrym
Prince Henry Ship Glooskap
Wizard's Wagon Merle Silvertongue, Sammo, Frida, Mara, Pippi
Wizard's Tent Bron, Dolf, Glim, Goran, Glas
Wilderness Cosmo

Who is who


male female
Benandoner - landbridge captain Angrboda - wheelwright
Bolarg - red ogre chieftain Bintami - potter, wife of Ulgulu
Burijas - master teacher of Mace Eigyr - captain of the Dragonlance
Davibanner - grandmaster teacher of Bodybuilding Jarnsaksa - grandmaster teacher of Leather
Ferragus - expert teacher of Unarmed Combat Mahuika - guildmistress
Fionn - landbridge captain Monsbiki - expert teacher of Repair, cousin of Ferragus
Glooskap - captain of the Prince Henry Moolah - trainer
Golithos - taverner Mordaga - expert teacher of Shield, wife of Isore
Goz - weaponsmith Naitakonita - barber, wife of Ojancano
Hachiman - expert teacher of Axe, brother of Burijas Oonagh - retailer, wife of Fionn
Hrym - captain of the Nagfar Sandamukhi - healer
Humbaba - landbridge guard Wendigo - burglar, wife of Kopuwai
Isore - expert teacher of Sword
Jemal - armourer
Khuljasimsim - grandmaster teacher of Disarm Trap
Kopuwai - guildmaster
Og - captain of the Arquebus
Ojancano - landbridge guard
Reem - dockmaster
Shrek - donkey-driver
Tchatchacolos - warrior
Ulgulu - retailer
Wayupak - userer
boy girl
Fo - son of Fionn and Oonagh Fee - daughter of Fionn and Oonagh
Fum - son of Fionn and Oonagh Fi - daughter of Fionn and Oonagh
Hel - daughter of Angrboda
Loundja - daughter of Moolah


male female
Cosmo - leprechaun Fiona - human Princess
Kumbhakarma - giant
Merle Silvertongue - wizard Morgiana - maid
boy girl
Bron - human boy Frida - halfling girl
Dolf - wizard boy Glas - elf girl
Glim - dwarf boy Mara - halfling girl
Goran - human boy Pippi - halfling girl
Sammo - halfling boy