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Semiramis Murlank
Timberfall Nannaria Typhon Expanse
Eftling Ryft Soronne Sea of Mist
S'Fauni Mt. Pilanteko Serenity Etanasfeld Goetia

Eftling is located far west in the near south of Karigor. It will be a while before the party first enters this map, as it is not easily accessible.

Neighbouring maps are Timberfall (northeast), Ryft (east), Mt. Pilanteko (southeast) and S'Fauni (southwest). The Howling Marsh (west) and Karigor Isle (northwest) are not part of the game.






Monsters (surface)

  • Dendroids (Dendroid, Dendroid Soldier, Dendroid Archfather)
  • Trolls (Forest Troll, Rogue Troll, Rampage Troll, Ugolin)
  • Turtles (Turtle, Torope, Dragadune)
  • Wyverns (Wyvern, Poisonous Wyvern, Sea Wyvern)


Butterflies, Owls, Fish



  • Obelisk #7
  • Random Contest (+5 Skillpoints once to characters that have 50 in the required statistic)
  • Flame of Air Resistance (+20 to Air Resistance for 6 hours, or until rest or travel)
  • Flame of Spirit Resistance (+20 to Spirit Resistance for 6 hours, or until rest or travel)
  • Well of +2 Magic (8 Charges of +2 permanent Magic, if natural Magic<15, respawns)
  • Well of +30 Speed (Temporarily +30 Speed for 2 days or until rest or travel)



The neighbouring provinces Timberfall (northeast), Ryft (east) and S'Fauni (southwest) can be reached on foot overland, which takes 5 days. To reach S'Fauni, the Plumwine Bridge over the Meridian has to be repaired first. Mt. Pilanteko (southeast) can be reached from S'Fauni.


Every week, two coaches of the Tower Express leave at the CSR Corral for Timberfall: on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Another coach goes straight to Nannaria, Heronport on Fridays, taking 5 days. Return trips start on Wednesdays and Fridays from Timberfall, and on Fridays from Nannaria, Heronport.


The St. Nicholas will enter Eftling from Ryft and continue downstream into Timberfall. Both passages take 3 days.


There are no docks in Eftling. The nearest ports are in Soronne and Nannaria.

Town Portal

Eftling has no Central Fountain. The nearest Town Portal destinations are Semiramis, Nannaria, Soronne and Serenity.



Home Type Occupants
Hans' Helmets Armour Shop Hans Harold Filigreebuck
Jenson's Buttons General Store Harald Holman
CSR Corral Stable Annie G. O'Maddy
The Fanclub Tavern Eddy Brandywine, Nigel Selman, Mona Cola
Silver Arrows Weapon Shop Mercedes Silverylocks
Bahal Hovel House Rudigar Bahal, Tracey Poultry
Bunglefoot Hovel House Jim Ryan Bunglefoot
Canneghbrow Hovel House Gerontius Canneghbrow, Sabine Barber, Leslie Somasolla
Chello Hovel House Barry Chello, Ruby Bolger
Coht Hovel House Richard Coht
Conan Hovel House Micky-Ray Conan, Inga Grohun
Culta Hovel House Dave Culta, Anya Culta
DaSilva Hovel House Ethan DaSilva, Heike Monch
Donningfoot Hovel House Albert Donningfoot, Nicky Hayfoot
Dosto Hovel House Frodo Dosto
Folocks Hovel House Anthony Folocks, Josepha Folocks
Goodbody Hovel House Halfred Goodbody, Lobelia Goodbody
Heckinen Hovel House Watt D. Heckinen, John Wattson
LeFang Hovel House Manolo LeFang, Nelli Pickins
May Hovel House Kali May
Nailfoot Hovel House Bobby Nailfoot, Allison Nailfoot
Newton Hovel House Jack Newton, Jill Newton
Overhill Hovel House Graeme Overhill
Proudfoot Hovel House Bodo-Jobe Proudfoot, Jamie Proudfoot
Proudneck Hovel House Alan Proudneck, Diana Pisolin, Bertram
Quickbuck Hovel House Michael Quickbuck, Ralf Quickbuck
Solter Hovel House Svein Solter, Gina Solter
Truehand Hovel House Arnold Truehand
The Pit House P.J. Jabberbuck, Grandma Jabberbuck, Sammo, Frida, Mara, Pippi, Toyo


Home Type Occupants
Castle Mehgenac Dungeon Timbecile Poe, Sir Felgar, Maxine Blitz, Arrowlas, Count Poly, Int Rendering
Chapel of the Moon Temple Circe
Chapel of the Sun Temple Catherine
Treehouse Dungeon Van der Baumspuk

Who is who


male female
Rudigar Bahal - Ruby Bolger -
Eddy Brandywine - tavernkeep Sabine Barber -
Jim Ryan Bunglefoot - Mona Cola - barmaid
Gerontius Canneghbrow - bookkeeper Anya Culta -
Barry Chello - expert teacher of Music Josepha Folocks -
Richard Coht - petty officer Lobelia Goodbody - master teacher of Body
Micky-Ray Conan - bullroarer Inga Grohun -
Dave Culta - Nicky Hayfoot -
Ethan DaSilva - master teacher of Perception Grandma Jabberbuck -
Albert Donningfoot - Annie G. O'Maddy - stable mistress
Frodo Dosto - quillmaker Kali May - silversmith
Hans Harold Filigreebuck - armourer Heike Monch -
Anthony Folocks - Allison Nailfoot -
Halfred Goodbody - Jill Newton -
Watt D. Heckinen - Nelli Pickins -
Harald Holman - retailer Diana Pisolin - secretary
P.J. Jabberbuck - Jamie Proudfoot - weaver
Manolo LeFang - grandmaster teacher of Stealing Tracey Poultry - expert teacher of Air
Bobby Nailfoot - Leslie Somasolla -
Jack Newton - expert teacher of Mind Gina Solter -
Graeme Overhill - Mercedes Silverylocks - weapon smith
Timbecile Poe - butler [[]] -
Bodo-Jobe Proudfoot - expert teacher of Pathfinding [[]] -
Alan Proudneck - grandmaster teacher of Learning [[]] -
Michael Quickbuck - master teacher of Dagger [[]] -
Ralf Quickbuck - cobbler [[]] -
Nigel Selman - slaver [[]] -
Svein Solter - [[]] -
Arnold Truehand - expert teacher of Bow [[]] -
John Wattson - , son of Watt D. Heckinen [[]] -
Van der Baumspuk - chestmaker [[]] -
boy girl
Bertram - son of Diana Pisolin Frida - daughter of
Sammo - son of Mara - daughter of
[[]] - Pippi - daughter of
[[]] - [[]] -


male female
Count Poly - vampire saint Arrowlas - elven ranger
Int Rendering - troll adventurer Maxine Blitz - dwarven sorcerer
Sir Felgar - human knight Catherine - human sunhealer
Toyo - eagle Circe - human moonhealer