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The names of places in Karigor have been carefully chosen. They are all historically connected to the story of Might and Magic, or have a relevant meaning.


Name Location Description
Albatross Typhon Expanse, tiny coastal village at the river 'Albeys' This new Vampire settlement is the beginning of the later Land of Albeys
Algol Etanasfeld, east The home of the wild Red Ogres, lead by Bolarg
Albeys Typhon Expanse, east A small stream that flows into the Sea of Mist
Alvar South of Mt. Pilanteko and Serenity A province of neighbouring Jadame, home of the Dark Elves
Ardvein Etanasfeld, from the south-east to the Sea of Mist This wide river is more lava than water
Ascalon Semiramis, in the northwest The birthplace of many great heroes
Braem Sea of Mist, on the floor At Witching Hour, the now ethereal forms of the inhabitants solidify - slightly
Brass Sea North of Soronne Many trade opportunities present themselves between Soronne and the lands on the other side
Circus of the Sun Travelling between Soronne, Semiramis, Terrax and Murlank Beside offering a great show, the Circus is a vessel of intrigue and recruitment
Codex Timberfall, south-east branch of the Ebony This water has a lot of stories to tell
COLONY The name of the planet Composite Orbital Learning Opportunity Network Yielder
Ebony From the Temple basin in Serenity, all the way to Terrax in the north The party uses the St. Nicholas to negotiate Karigor's main river
Eftling Western territory The new Halfling homeland; meadows, orchards, hills
Egregor Goetia, the mainland The houses of the Genies float in the air
Etanasfeld Near south-east Ogres, both tamed and wild; desert, lava, beach
Gathis Soronne, in the south-east This is one of the six Shards mentioned in the book 'Sea of Mist'
Goetia Far south-east on the Sea of Mist Offering Genies, Druid refugees and Ancient Dragons; beach, rainforest with clearings, mountain with pinetrees
Heronport Nannaria, south of the Brass Sea The town is famous for its collection of herons
Iotneheim Etanasfeld, west The home of the civilized Blue Ogres
Ironsand South of Serenity and Etanasfeld A province of neighbouring Jadame
Jadame South of Karigor Many years from now, the portals to the Elemental Planes will appear here
Kalimar Terrax province, central The home of Wizards of great power, and the mainport of Karigor
Karigor The name of the realm Karigor lies north of Jadame. Together they form the third continent on Colony; the other two are Enroth and Antagarich
Laolun Murlank, northeast This moon-shaped island was once the home of the Druids
Lake Avernus Ryft, north of the river Ebony, under the mountain The deep water hides many secrets
Lake Phoenix Eftling, the inlet of the Meridian The water must have been named thus for a reason
M'Akal Nannaria, north of the Brass Sea The Moon Capital, also spelled Makahl (King's Bounty) or Makkall ('Sea of Mist')
Marduk Semiramis, on the river Ebony The Sun Capital, and once the capital of the world
Masquerade Typhon Expanse, midwest This city is the centre of power of the Vampires
Meridian Southwest of Karigor, wide river/sea-arm from Alvar This wild water is not safe for swimming. Use the bridges!
Mt. Pilanteko Near south-west Homeland of the Centaurs; single mountain high, mangrove
Mt. Pilanteko Mt. Pilanteko province, south The peak of this mountain greets the universe
Murlank Northeast territory, with Bab'El's moonshaped island of Murlank proper Demoniacs rule over people of many origins; low hills and forests
Murmurwoods South of S'Fauni and Mt. Pilanteko A province of neighbouring Jadame, ancient home of the Trolls
Nannaria Central territory on the Brass Sea Realm of the Church of the Moon although the true power of Dark is shifting northward; grasslands and brushlands
Ogre Docks Southeast Soronne, at Gathis on the Sea of Mist The fireproof Ogre ships dock here
Orak Typhon Expanse, north-east It is here that the followers of Ceth have settled
Plumwine Bridge Connects S'Fauni to Eftling Collapsed, must be repaired
Potz Murlank, central Ruled by Demoniacs, the citizens of this town try not to fall under the influence of the Path of Dark
Quarry S'Fauni, southeast Prime stone that can support a bridge
Ryft West-central mountainrange The hard land of the Dwarves, and hiding the legendary Tuatha's Tel; barren mountains, canyon, underground lake
Ryft Ryft province, central, in a canyon on the river Ebony The home of the Black Forge Dwarves
Sea of Mist Eastern sea province with a few islands Hiding in the green mist, Pirates threaten every ship; ghostly, sunken city
Sea of Mist East of Soronne Ancient spells formed the mist that controls these waters
Semiramis Northwest Realm of the Church of the Sun; grasslands, some hills and forests
Serenity Southland Land of the Seers, tolerating a few Monks; fields, rainforest, mountains
Serenity Serenity province, south The Seers village, where the game begins
S'Fauni Far south-west Trolland, one could get lost here; savanna, mountains in the west
Soronne East-central on the Brass Sea Center of the Six Shards; seaside, forested hills
Soronne Soronne province, central Formed around the six Towers of Learning, this city is also a commercial and naval power
Tangerine S'Fauni, stream flowing into the Meridian A river with its own sound to create a forum
Teardrop Eftling, central, on the inlet The town of the Halflings, once natives of Eeofol
Terrax Northernmost part of Karigor, on the ocean Land of Wizards and opportunist humans; grasslands, some forests and swamps
Timberfall Midwest lands Woodelf country, also housing remnants of the Church of the Stars; wild, oakwoods and some prairieland
Tuatha's Tel Ryft, a plateau on the southern mountains The legendary Top o'the World
Turrel Soronne, north-east This is one of the six Shards mentioned in the book 'Sea of Mist'
Typhon Expanse Mideast lands Home to many Vampire clans, dangerous outback; volcano, rock, dunes, beach
Verdigris S'Fauni, at the mouth of the river The home of the Trolls, sister-town of Rust
Volos Mt. Pilanteko, on the mountain The Centaurs live here, hiding from everyone else


Province Town Citizens Allegiance Rulers
Terrax Kalimar Humans, Wizards Divided Prince Daglathor
Semiramis Marduk
Humans Church of the Sun Taledon X
Duke Ethelbert
Murlank Potz Humans, Demoniacs Neutral Mayor Zebub'El
Timberfall Cascadin Elves Neutral King Uri Hossana
Church of the Moon
Queen Shenandoah
Duke Gerrard Herondale
Typhon Expanse Masquerade
Vampires Neutral
Church of the Stars
Lord Luthiner the Severe
Duke Ei
Eftling Teardrop Halflings Neutral Lord Mehgenac
Ryft Ryft Dwarves Neutral King Midas
Soronne Soronne
Humans Divided Mayor Fergy M. Murphy
Sea of Mist Braem - - -
S'Fauni Verdigris Trolls Neutral Savour Sandalier Rex
Mt. Pilanteko Volos Centaurs Neutral King Chiron
Serenity Serenity
monk village
Humans Church of the Stars
Lord August
Brother Tremayne
Etanasfeld Algol
Ogres Neutral Bolarg
Goetia Egregor Genies Neutral King Dantalion