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Semiramis Murlank
Timberfall Nannaria Typhon Expanse
Eftling Ryft Soronne Sea of Mist
S'Fauni Mt. Pilanteko Serenity Etanasfeld Goetia

Timberfall is located west of central Karigor. It will be a while before the party first enters this map, as it is some distance from the starting map.

Neighbouring maps are Semiramis (northeast), Nannaria (east), Ryft (southeast) and Eftling (southwest). Karigor Isle (west) and the ocean (northwest) are not part of the game.





  • Codex, the side river the Ebony that runs around the Heart of the Wood on the southeast side
  • Ebony, the river flowing through Timberfall from southwest to northeast
  • Heart of the Wood, the forest enclosed by Ebony and Codex

Monsters (surface)

  • Moon Zealots (Moon Worshipper, Moon Fanatic, Moon Zealot)
  • Pegasi (Winged Steed, Pegasus, Silver Pegasus)
  • Sun Zealots (Sun Worshipper, Sun Fanatic, Sun Zealot)
  • Toads (Toad, Tidal Toad, Red Bombina)
  • Unicorns (Unicorn, War Unicorn, Unicorn King)


Butterflies, Birds, Fish



  • Obelisk #4
  • Throne of Titania (Permanently +10 to all statistics and resistances of Elves on one Wednesday)
  • Random Contest (+5 Skillpoints once to characters that have 50 in the required statistic)
  • Flame of Shield (Halves damage received from ranged attacks for 3 hours, or until rest or travel)
  • Flame of Heroism (+10 to damage dealt for 3 hours, or until rest or travel)
  • Flame of Air Resistance (+20 to Air Resistance for 6 hours, or until rest or travel)
  • Fountain of +50 Luck (Temporarily +50 Luck for 2 days or until rest or travel)
  • Fountain of +30 Path Resistance (Temporarily +30 Path Resistance for 2 days or until rest or travel)



The neighbouring provinces Semiramis (northeast), Nannaria (east) and Eftling (southwest) can be reached on foot overland, which takes 5 days. There is no overland connection to Ryft (southeast).


Every week, two coaches of the Tower Express leave at Morrigan Express for Nannaria, Heronport: on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with return trips starting on Tuesdays and Saturdays. These rides take two days. Another coach goes to Nannaria, M'Akal on Sundays, with the return trip starting on Wednesdays, each taking 2½ days.

Coaches leave Timberfall for Eftling on Wednesdays and Fridays for a 3-day ride. The return trips start on Tuesdays and Saturdays.


The St. Nicholas will enter Timberfall from Eftling and continue downstream into Semiramis. Both passages take 3 days.


There are no docks in Timberfall. The nearest ports are in Nannaria.

Town Portal

Timberfall has no Central Fountain. The nearest Town Portal destination is Semiramis.



Home Type Occupants
Lotus Blossom Apothecary Dudlimir, Lirazel
Lightfoot's Armour Armour Shop Jussi Runesinger
Master Guild of Grey Guild Aurora, Jerilyn
Raiders' Guild Guild Timalinen
Silivren Penna Miriel Magic Shop Rudolf Lindentree, Clarissa Lindentree, Glas
Flowerfount Palace Palace Uri Hossana, Frydia
Morrigan Express Stable Rubart, Maggart
The Elf Herself Tavern Psotnik, Osmotar
Starleaf Academy Training Hall Azrael, Hoshi
Steeleye Span Weapon Shop Ilmarinen
Domesticator Pavilion House Tyleet, Wren
Dunsany Pavilion House Lord Dunsany, Lady Beatrice, Fedlock, Priscilla
Gazer Pavilion House Elfrad, Skywise, Yanauhula, Gem
Hunter Pavilion House Dart, Rayek, Khavi, Leetah
Rejuvinator Pavilion House Brill, Idunn
Sentinel Pavilion House Burgi, Cadiroth


Home Type Occupants
Superior Temple of Meh [[]]
Temple of Ishtar [[]] Aventine, Esquiline, Palatine, Caeliana, Capitolina, Quirinal, Sheila, Tanith, Viminal
Heart of the Wood wilderness Tree 2, ..., Tree 67, Tree 68 (Spooktree)

Who is who


male female
Aventine - harlot Aurora - guildmistress
Azrael - gatemaster Beatrice - imprinter, wife of Dunsany
Caelzair - master teacher of Bow Brill - expert teacher of Dodging
Dart - hunter Burgi - anticipator
Dudlimir - herbalist Cadiroth - guardian
Lord Dunsany - grandmaster teacher of Spear Caeliana - harlot
Elfrad - scrollbearer Capitolina - harlot
Esquiline - harlot Hoshi - trainer
Uri Hossana - king Idunn - rejuvinator
Ilmarinen - weaponsmith Jerilyn - arcanist
Rudolf Lindentree - expert teacher of Identify Item Khavi - grandmaster teacher of Perception
Palatine - harlot Leetah - grandmaster teacher of Identify Monster
Psotnik - narrator Clarissa Lindentree - magicker, wife of Rudolf Lindentree
Rayek - grandmaster teacher of Pathfinding Lirazel - apothecary
Rubart - stablemaster Osmotar - tavernkeep
Jussi Runesinger - armourer Quirinal - harlot
Skywise - master teacher of Air Sheila - master teacher of Grey
Timalinen - guildmaster Tanith - priestess of Ishtar
Yanauhula - priest Tyleet - wolfrider
[[]] - Viminal - harlot
[[]] - Wren - expert teacher of Earth
boy girl
Fedlock - son of Lord Dunsany and Lady Beatrice Frydia - daughter of Uri Hossana
Maggart - son of Rubart Gem - pupil of Elfrad
[[]] - son of Glas - daughter of Rudolf and Clarissa Lindentree
[[]] - son of Priscilla - daughter of Lord Dunsany and Lady Beatrice


male female
[[]] - [[]] -

Trees of Life

Tree Tree
- Tree 2 - Tree of Life
Tree 3 - Tree of Life Tree 4 - Tree of Life
[[]] ... [[]] ...
Tree 67 - Tree of Life Tree 68 - Spooktree