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Write the short stories that the Trees of Life will tell.

In the Elven province of Timberfall, there is an entire circle of Trees of Life, numbered 2 to 68 (as is common knowledge, Tree 69 is in Avlee and Tree 1, Yggdrasil, is on Vori). They can be found in an area called the Heart of the Wood. The purpose of any Tree of Life is to bring stories into the world where they are planted.

Sixty-seven guardians are always at attention.
An ancient curse, and doomed they were, to ever hold convention.

The night most eerie takes away the choir`s utter shyness.
The Heart will come alive and even sober up His Highness.

Pan he wove a spell of mist to keep the treasure hidden.
To break this spell, the boldest one, must play his love forbidden.

by Fander Treespook


Many centuries ago, the Ancients started a vital experiment on a planet named Colony, the Composite Orbital Learning Opportunity Network Yielder, in a remote part of the known universe. Instead of the customary single Tree of Life, rare and precious as they are, a good number of them were planted closely together in the soil. The effect of this abundance on this new, computed world was an unrivaled growth of epics, magic and miracles, and of heroes that learned to master them, where normally these things would be rare and far apart. Eventually, these heroes were meant to test the magic of the Creators themselves.

Purpose in the game

The Trees of Life play a part in the Obelisk quest, The Syrinx. The player characters can converse with the trees, just as they can with Tree 69 in Might and Magic 7. Some of these Trees of Life will tell clues, e.g. to help the player to locate the Obelisk treasure, but others will tell a short story.

List of stories

  1. Yggdrasil does not feature in Might and Magic Tribute
  2. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, by Cepheus