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A quest is a task that the party has to complete. Usually, there is a single questgiver who asks this of the party, and who will reward the party when the quest is done and the party reports back to the questgiver. On some occasions, the procedure is a little different. Also, a low reputation may cause the questgiver to refuse the quest.

A quest, as well as any steps taken towards its completion, is entered in the party's questbook for easy reference. Completing a quest will normally result in an increase in experience, and often also change the party's reputation with the several factions in Karigor.

Some quests are essential to advance the storyline and eventually reach the end of the game. Other quests are entirely voluntary.

Quests by type

Type Purpose Quests
Mainline Advance the storyline (essential) Test of Promise and Loyalty
- Catch a Songbird
- Holy Seashell
- Kill all Goblins
- Elemental Orb
- Centaur Proof
Power Crystals
The Writmaker
Contessa's Act
The Mediation
Eye of Goros
The Sacrifice
Prophet Unlock permission quests and events (essential) Follow the Prophet
- To Soronne
- To Ryft
- To Eftling
- To Timberfall
- To Semiramis
- To Nannaria
- To Murlank
- To Terrax
Permission Unlock mainline quests (essential) Murphy's Law
Underground Railroad
Plumwine Bridge
Scepter of Kings
The Raid
Herons of Doom
Demon Familiar
Chapter Unlock the endgame (essential) Seven Chapters
- The Void
- The Creators
- The Treason
- The Might
- The Magic
- The Plot
- The Undoing
Path Determine the outcome of the game (choice) The 7-spiked Crown of Ishtar
Reconstruct the Mosaic
Release the Soultaker
Destroy the Tower
Promotion Character class development (non-essential) Win at the arena
Two Giants
Thief of Dreams
Disappearing Monks
Eternal Flame of Might and Magic
Druid Circlet
Time Machine
The Therapy
Lost Children
Objects of Witchcraft
Magic Mill
Title Character race Development (non-essential) Tree Cutters
Three Wishes
Princess Fiona
High Esteem
Spectators of Blood
The Bugbear
Side Experience and awards (non-essential) Ancient Dragon Tongue
Art Collector
Chapter 11
Coming-of-age Ritual
Crystal of Terrax
Drawkcab Extraordinary
Furry Arie Boots
King's Bounty
Lost Chests
Mages and Minions
Mogred Beast
Name of the Rose
Perrault's Thumb
Pirates of Mist
Prophecies of the Capricorn
Scent of the Rose
Snowbird Prize
Sterces for Orrim
The Epicurean
The Syrinx
Three Swords