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Reputation plays an important part in Might and Magic Tribute. If the party has a good reputation, more or better dialogue options become available, and prices are friendlier. If the party's reputation gets worse, less and less people will want to have anything to do with them. Eventually, shops close their doors to the party, and guards will hunt them on sight.


The party has a different reputation with each community or faction. It can happen that an action increases their reputation with one faction, but decreases their reputation with another.

Changing reputation

Reputation can be increased in the following ways:

Reputation can also be decreased:

  • donate to enemy temples;
  • completing enemy quests;
  • have a party member of an enemy race or of a locally loathed class.

Reputation can be further affected by a variety of other actions.

Over time, reputation will slowly return to base values, adjusted only for party composition and donations.

How actual reputation is perceived by the population can be affected by the use of diplomacy, a human ability. Reputation nor perceived reputation can ever exceed 100, or drop below 0.

Base reputation and modifiers by faction

faction base reputation local race preference enemy race dislike
Church of the Sun 40 Saints +10 Necromancers -5, Runemasters -5
Church of the Moon 40 Necromancers +10 Saints -5, Runemasters -5
Church of the Stars 70 Runemasters +10 Saints -5, Necromancers -5
Church of Meh 60 Assassins +5 Bards -5
Druids 60 Druids +5 Thieves -5
Elves 50 Elves +10 (+15) Ogres -10
Genies 60 Genies +10 (+15) Vampires -10
Trolls 60 Trolls +10 (+15)
Vampires 60 Vampires +10 (+15) Genies -10
Ogres 60 Ogres +10 (+15) Elves -10
Centaurs 70 Rangers +5 Clerics -5
Demoniacs 60 Humans +10
Dragons 60 Humans -10
Dwarves 50 Trolls -10
Halflings 60 Bards +5 Sorcerers -5
Wizards 60 Sorcerers +5 Knights -5
Terrax 60 Thieves +5 Monks -5
Murlank 50 Clerics +5 Druids -5
Soronne 60 Knights +5 (Humans +5) Rangers -5
Serenity 60 Monks +5 Assassins -5

Values between brackets count after the completion of the title quest.