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A faction is a larger community of citizens that has its own set of goals, rules, diplomatic relations and organization. Some factions are based on race, others on location or religion. The party has a different reputation with each faction, while it needs them to get permission to enter certain dungeons. Some factions will try to win the party for their cause. There are 20 factions in Karigor. Few individual citizens do not belong to one of them.

List of Factions

faction main presence leader
Church of the Sun Semiramis, Circus of the Sun Taledon X
Church of the Moon Nannaria Shenandoah
Church of the Stars Timberfall Tanith
Cult of Meh Timberfall, Mt. Pilanteko Red-Eye
Druids Goetia Brigid of the Oak
Elves Timberfall Uri Hossana
Genies Goetia Dantalion
Trolls S'Fauni Savour Sandalier
Vampires Typhon Expanse Luthiner the Severe
Ogres Etanasfeld Angrboda
Centaurs Mt. Pilanteko Chiron
Demoniacs Murlank Zebub'El
Dragons Goetia Celestin
Dwarves Ryft Midas
Halflings Eftling Mehgenac
Wizards Terrax
Terrax Daglathor
Murlank Zane Cooper
Soronne Fergie M. Murphy
Serenity August