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Terrax is located in the very north of Karigor. It is likely to be a map that the party will visit later in the game.

Neighbouring maps are Murlank (southeast) and Semiramis (southwest). The ocean (west, northwest, northeast and east) is not part of the game.




  • Kalimar, north at the mouth of the river Ebony


  • Ebony, the river flowing through Terrax from south to north

Monsters (surface)


Butterflies, Dolphins, Ospreys, Fish





Semiramis (southwest) and Murlank (southeast) can both be reached on foot overland, which takes 5 days.


Coaches of the Golden Triangle leave at the Wizards of the Coach for Semiramis on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, with return trips starting on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Other Golden Triangle coaches leave for Murlank on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, return trips starting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. All these coach rides take 2 days.


The St. Nicholas will enter Terrax, its final destination, from Murlank. The passage takes 3 days.


Ships set sail for Murlank, Potz on Sundays (return fares on Saturdays). The voyages takes 4 days.

Town Portal

Terrax has a Central Fountain and can therefore be reached instantly by the powerful Town Portal spell. The other provinces that can be reached this way are: Semiramis, Murlank, Nannaria, Soronne and Serenity. However, one must drink from a Central Fountain before it appears as a destination on the Town Portal map.



Home Type Occupants
The Potion Baron Apothecary Orlandra Bloom, Orson Wales, Kalle Bloom
Esmeralda's Leatherworks Armour Shop Esmeralda Chantefleur, Marko Chantefleur, Jackie Chantefleur
Metalheart Armour Shop Sandoval Pod, Akella Pod, Kajsa Pod, Madicken Pod
Piglet's Vault Bank Tiggra Bounce, Howard Tilley
[[]] Dockyard Schveider
Fen's Fineries General Store Sarit Veen
Master Guild of Self Guild Henry Higgins, Elly Mayfair
Four Magical Hats Magic Shop Tara Limebough, Annika Limebough, Tommi Limebough, Pippi Limebough
The Illusionist Magic Shop David Tinfield, Gaby Bonokka
The Supreme Wizard's Palace Palace Prince Daglathor, Kati Bunting, Noriko Nightingale, Lisabet Swann
Wizards of the Coach Stable Melissa Manaclash
The Green Moth Society Tavern Pygmalion Mayfair, Jiminette Wales, Matti Wales, Randi Wales
Temple of Palmistry Temple Gregor Haus, Reto Rograde
[[]] Town Hall Truman Burbank
The Tutorial Training Hall Hopkins Banderoles
At Sword's Point Weapon Shop Josette Wales, Colette Younger
Global Trade Weapons Weapon Shop Samuel Limebough, Hanna Limebough
House of Judgement Dungeon Elius
Thieves Guild Dungeon Wanro Blackadder, Autolycus Burbank, Ivy Blackadder, Darcie Darby, Ronja Darby
Guardhouse House Amateurion, Warner Gonzalez
Merchant House House Lord Markham, Sam Lloyd
Banderoles Hacienda House Antonio Banderoles, Zeta Banderoles, Diego Banderoles
Roofcats House Peter Kiliman, Isabeau Kiliman, Karlsson Kiliman, Sia Kiliman
Assassin's Credentials House Desmond Altair, Xi Altair, Birk Altair, Rasmus Altair, Lotta Altair
The Cabbage Farm House Johnno Mulwarp, Linda Mulwarp, Emil Mulwarp, Lilibet Mulwarp
[[]] House


Home Type Occupants
Gardens of Harmony Dungeon Alliantus, Astral, Gregorius, Bodhi Jizo, Minerva, Dolf
[[]] [[]]

Who is who


male female
Desmond Altair - grandmaster teacher of Dagger Xi Altair - expert teacher of Light
Amateurion - captain of the guards [[]] -
Antonio Banderoles - smuggler Zeta Banderoles - expert teacher of Fire
Hopkins Banderoles - trainer, father of Antonio Banderoles [[]] -
Wanro Blackadder - master teacher of Disarm Trap Ivy Blackadder - poisoner, wife of Wanro Blackadder
Autolycus Burbank - grandmaster teacher of Mace Orlandra Bloom - apothecary
Truman Burbank - insurance agent Gaby Bonokka - zoologist
Elius - judge Tiggra Bounce - factor
Warner Gonzalez - sergeant Esmeralda Chantefleur - couturier
Henry Higgins - guildmaster Darcie Darby - master teacher of Stealing
Gregor Haus - physician [[]] -
Peter Kiliman - slater Isabeau Kiliman - falconer, wife of Peter Kiliman
Samuel Limebough - weaponsmith Hanna Limebough - teacher, wife of Samuel Limebough
Sam Lloyd - grandmaster teacher of Water Tara Limebough - magicker, daughter of Samuel and Hanna Limebough
Lord Markham - merchant Melissa Manaclash - stable mistress
Pygmalion Mayfair - actor Elly Mayfair - master teacher of Learning, wife of Pygmalion Mayfair
Johnno Mulwarp - cabbage farmer Linda Mulwarp - cabbage farmer, sister of Johnno Mulwarp
Sandoval Pod - expert teacher of Plate Akella Pod - armourer, wife of Sandoval Pod
Reto Rograde - runemaster [[]] -
Schveider - dockmaster Sarit Veen - retailer
Howard Tilley - banker Jiminette Wales - lemma collector
David Tinfield - magicker Josette Wales - bushwacker
Orson Wales - expert teacher of Dark Colette Younger - weaponsmith
[[]] - [[]] -
boy girl
Birk Altair - son of Desmond and and Xi Altair Lotta Altair - daughter of Desmond and Xi Altair
Rasmus Altair - son of Desmond Altair Kati Bunting - chambermaid
Diego Banderoles - son of Antonio and Zeta Banderoles Jackie Chantefleur - daughter of Esmeralda Chantefleur
Marko Chantefleur - son of Esmeralda Chantefleur Ronja Darby - daughter of Darcie Darby
Karlsson Kiliman - son of Peter and Isabeau Kiliman Sia Kiliman - daughter of Peter and Isabeau Kiliman
Tommi Limebough - son of Tara Limebough Annika Limebough - daughter of Tara Limebough
Kalle Bloom - son of Orlandra Bloom Pippi Limebough - daughter of Tara Limebough
Emil Mulwarp - son of Johnno Mulwarp Lilibet Mulwarp - daughter of Johnno Mulwarp
[[]] - son of Noriko Nightingale - chambermaid
[[]] - son of Kajsa Pod - daughter of Sandoval and Akella Pod
[[]] - son of Madicken Pod - daughter of Sandoval and Akella Pod
[[]] - son of Lisabet Swann - chambermaid
Matti Wales - son of Jamina Wales Randi Wales - daughter of Jamina Wales
[[]] - son of [[]] - daughter of


male female
Alliantus - rolemaster Bodhi Jizo - guardian
Astral - expert teacher of Alchemy Minerva - flautist
Gregorius - grandmaster teacher of Spellcasting [[]] -
[[]] - [[]] -
boy girl
Dolf - pupil [[]] - daughter of


male female
Prince Daglathor - Kreegan envoy [[]] -
boy girl
[[]] - son of [[]] - daughter of