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Semiramis Murlank
Timberfall Nannaria Typhon Expanse
Eftling Ryft Soronne Sea of Mist
S'Fauni Mt. Pilanteko Serenity Etanasfeld Goetia

Nannaria is located in central Karigor. It is easily accesible from Soronne, the first map that the party will visit after starting their journey along the river Ebony.

Neighbouring maps are Semiramis (northwest), Murlank (northeast), Typhon Expanse (east), Soronne (southeast), Ryft (southwest) and Timberfall (west).




  • M'Akal, the capital, central on both the Brass Sea and the river Ebony
  • Heronport, in the south on the Brass Sea


  • Brass Sea, the sea in the south
  • Ebony, the river flowing through Nannaria from northwest to northeast

Monsters (surface)

  • Gargoyles (Alabaster Gargoyle, Sandstone Gargoyle, Flint Gargoyle)
  • Golems (Glass Golem, Pewter Golem, Nickel Golem)
  • Manticores (Manticore, Scorpicore, Chimera)
  • Moon Zealots (Moon Worshipper, Moon Fanatic, Moon Zealot)
  • River Snakes (River Snake, Lightning Snake, Ebony Snake)
  • Sun Zealots (Sun Worshipper, Sun Fanatic, Sun Zealot)


Butterflies, Herons, Ospreys, Fish





Except for Ryft (southwest), all neighbouring provinces can be reached on foot overland, which takes 5 days.


Nannaria has two stables: in M'Akal, serving the Nightriders, and in [Heronport, serving the Tower Express. It is a coming and going of coaches. Nightrider coaches start in the night.


  • On Mondays and Saturdays, coaches leave for Semiramis (2½ days). Return trips start on Wednesdays and Fridays. Note: this line is discontinued when the Zealots start fighting.
  • On Wednesdays and Saturdays, coaches leave for Murlank (2½ days). Return trips start on Wednesdays and Sundays. Note: a Monday ride is added (return starting on Fridays) after the Zealots start fighting.
  • On Wednesdays, a coach leaves for Timberfall (2½ days). The return trip stars on Sundays.
  • On Thursdays and Sundays, coaches leave for the Typhon Expanse (3 days). Return trips start on Mondays and Thursdays.


  • On Mondays and Thursdays, coaches leave for Soronnee (2 days). Return trips start on Thursdays and Sundays.
  • On Tuesdays and Saturdays, coaches leave for Timberfall (2 days). Return trips start on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • On Fridays, a coaches leaves for Eftling (5 days). Return trips also start on Fridays.


The St. Nicholas will enter Nannaria from Semiramis and continue downstream into Murlank. Both passages take 3 days.


There are two docks in Nannaria, one in each town.

From M'Akal, ships set sail for Soronne, Naval Base early on Mondays and Thursdays (return fares on Mondays and Fridays), and for Typhon Expanse, Masquerade early on Wednesdays and Saturdays (return fares early on Wednesdays and Saturdays). All these voyages take 2 days.

From Heronport, a ship sets sail for M'Akal on Mondays and Thursdays, a voyage of 12 hours. These ships started at Soronne, Naval Base on Mondays and Fridays.

Town Portal

Nannaria has a Central Fountain and can therefore be reached instantly by the powerful Town Portal spell. The other provinces that can be reached this way are: Terrax, Semiramis, Murlank, Soronne and Serenity. However, one must drink from a Central Fountain before it appears as a destination on the Town Portal map.



Home Type Occupants
Sinister Drugs Apothecary Shin-Akuma
Dockyard Manzazu
The Bone Collector General Store Moander, Wanda Obeah
Master Guild of the Elements Guild Mudjek, Isra
Necromancers' Guild Guild, Training Hall Tadodaho, Henden’lal, Mederon, Neberneith, Nimbus, Ferredine
Raiders' Guild Guild Mondamin
Powersticks Magic Shop Paupuk, Wabeno, Krishna
Black Bart's Stages Stable Charlie Bolles
Au Claire Tavern Claire Alti, Iago, Pierrot
Bathhouse House Janissar Dervish, Aroma Dervish, Thabiyath Dervish
Bottle Factory House Hiram Coddneck, Burgundy Coddneck, Rummy Coddneck
Corn Mill House Kim Dolly, Onatah
Puppetry House Jan Claesson, Cathy Claesson, Pulcinella Claesson


Home Type Occupants
Zam & Zom Armour Shop Zam
Groingotten's Commercial Bank Sinival, Lakschmi
Dockyard Rebecca Dolly
Drop Dead Legs General Store Eduarda Halvenna
Bounty Hunters' Guild Guild Johnno Raines, Reno Raines
The Postman Stable David Brinne, Cherry Brinne, Bill Brinne, Kevin Brinne
Faerie Dragon Lawn Tavern Michael J. Moonwalker
Spiritual Spears Weapon Shop Britney Holmger, Timmy Holmger
Corlagon Estate House Corlagon, Ethric, Sandro
Deathvere Estate House Lincoln Deathvere, Jamie Deathvere, Richard Deathvere, Audrey Deathvere
Majestic Estate House Charles Majestic, Uda Majestic, Yomi Majestic


Home Type Occupants
Castle Herondale Dungeon, Palace Gerrald Herondale, Joanaiken Herondale, Selene Herondale
Divine Temple of the Moon Dungeon, Palace, Temple Shenandoah, Nahusha
Heronry Dungeon Shushuga
Meh Temple Temple Sulman
Tomb of Anubis Dungeon Reaper Grimgott

Who is who


male female
Charlie Bolles - stablemaster Claire Alti - tavernkeep
David Brinne - postmaster Cherry Brinne - stablemistress
Jan Claesson - puppeteer Cathy Claesson - expert teacher of Meditation
Hiram Coddneck - bottler Burgundy Coddneck - expert teacher of Body
Corlagon - necromancer Jamie Deathvere - expert teacher of Armsmaster
Lincoln Deathvere - grandmaster teacher of Sword Aroma Dervish - expert teacher of Water
Janissar Dervish - bathmaster Kim Dolly - miller
Ferredine - apprentice Rebecca Dolly - dockmistress, sister of Kim Dolly
Reaper Grimgott - soulfarer Eduarda Halvenna - retailer
Henden'lal - master teacher of Fire [[]] -
Gerrald Herondale - first knight Joanaiken Herondale - historian, wife of Gerrald Herondale
Iago - bard Britney Holmger - weaponsmith
Charles Majestic - master teacher of Axe Isra - guildmistress, wife of Mudjek
Manzazu - dockmaster Krishna - apprentice, daughter of Paupuk and Wabeno
Mederon - trainer Lakschmi - banker, wife of Sinival
Moander - retailer Uda Majestic - expert teacher of Chain, wife of Charles Majestic
Mondamin - guildmaster Nahusha - high priestess of the moon
Michael J. Moonwalker - performer Wanda Obeah - witch doctor, wife of Moander
Mudjek - windmaster Onatah - expert teacher of Earth
Neberneith - grandmaster teacher of Dark [[]] -
Nimbus - broombinder [[]] -
Paupuk - magicker Shenandoah - queen
Johnno Raines - guildmaster Shushuga - heronkeep
Sandro - apprentice Wabeno - shaman
Shin-Akuma - apothecary [[]] -
Sinival - moon priest [[]] -
Sulman - healer [[]] -
Tadodaho - guildmaster [[]] -
Zam - necromancer [[]] -
boy girl
Bill Brinne - son of David and Cherry Brinne Pulcinella Claesson - daughter of Jan and Cathy Claesson
Kevin Brinne - son of David and Cherry Brinne Rummy Coddneck - daughter of Hiram and Burgundy Coddneck
Richard Deathvere - son of Lincoln and Jamie Deathvere Audrey Deathvere - daughter of Lincoln and Jamie Deathvere -
Timmy Holmger - son of Britney Holmger Thabiyath Dervish - daughter of Janissar and Aroma Dervish
Pierrot - son of Iago Selene Herondale - daughter of Gerrald and Joanaiken Herondale
Reno Raines - son of Johnno Raines Yomi Majestic - daughter of Charles and Uda Majestic


male female
Ethric - wizard [[]] -