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A dungeon is a level that is not part of a surface map, although they usually have a 3D representation in one. A 'dungeon' is not necessarily below ground: it can belong to any of the four elemental realms. The effect of the Illuminate spell depends on the realm. Often, the party will have to enter a dungeon in order to do a quest.

The creation of a dungeon

The first step towards the creation of a dungeon will generally be the drawing of a floor plan.


Element Dungeons
Fire Abandoned Temple, Ankka Knox, Castle Herondale, Castle Mehgenac, Circus of the Sun, Cognizant Temple of Meh, Divine Temple of the Moon, Divine Temple of the Sun, House of Judgement, Inner Sanctum, Lair of Bolarg, Maranthea College, NWC Ruins, Superior Temple of Meh, Tavern of Harlotry, Temple of Meh, Temple of Ishtar, Theatre of Blood, Thieves Guild, Wine Cellar (20)
Air Arena, Dream World, Eleventh Kingdom, Gardens of Harmony, Heronry, Mega Dragon Cave, Moon Observatory, Thuata's Tel, Tower of Bab'El, Treehouse, Twin Cosmos of Wird (10)
Water Gatehouse, Lake Avernus, Lighthouse, Lost Temple of Meh, Service Tunnels, Throne of Iblis, Dr. Who's Well (7)
Earth Ancient Dragon Cave, Black Forge, Cemetery, Crypt of Carmenca, Dusk's Cave, Hunebed, Jaleb's Deep, Snake Pit, Spidersilk Mines, Stalt Mines, Tomb of Anubis, Wanderhoven (12)


Map Dungeons
Terrax Circus of the Sun, Gardens of Harmony, House of Judgement, Thieves Guild
Semiramis Cemetery, Circus of the Sun, Divine Temple of the Sun, Maranthea College, Dr. Who's Well
Murlank Circus of the Sun, Cognizant Temple of Meh, Tower of Bab'El
Timberfall Crypt of Carmenca, Superior Temple of Meh, Temple of Ishtar
Nannaria Castle Herondale, Divine Temple of the Moon, Heronry, Tomb of Anubis
Typhon Expanse Snake Pit, Tavern of Harlotry, Theatre of Blood
Eftling Castle Mehgenac, Treehouse
Ryft Black Forge, Lake Avernus, Stalt Mines, Thuata's Tel
Soronne Circus of the Sun, Lighthouse, Service Tunnels, Spidersilk Mines
Sea of Mist Arena, Gatehouse, Lost Temple of Meh
S'Fauni Eleventh Kingdom, Hunebed
Mt. Pilanteko Ankka Knox, Temple of Meh, Moon Observatory
Serenity Abandoned Temple, Inner Sanctum, Jaleb's Deep, Wanderhoven, Wine Cellar
Etanasfeld Dusk's Cave, Lair of Bolarg, Twin Cosmos of Wird
Goetia Ancient Dragon Cave, NWC Ruins, Throne of Iblis
Off-world Dream World, Mega Dragon Cave


Dungeon Location Purpose Level
Abandoned Temple Serenity Power crystals, for the St. Nicholas 1
Ancient Dragon Cave Goetia Art Collector (3/3)
Prophecies of the Capricorn (part)
Ankka Knox Mt. Pilanteko Centaur Proof: the fake proof of Centaur creation, part of the Test of Promise and Loyalty
Druid Circlet, for the Druid promotion
Arena Sea of Mist Win at the Arena, the Knight promotion
Name of the Rose
Black Forge Ryft Magic Mill (2/2), for the Necromancer promotion 4
Castle Herondale Nannaria Crystal of Terrax 5
Castle Mehgenac Eftling Eternal Flame of Might and Magic, for the Bard promotion 4
Cemetery Semiramis Reconstruct the Mosaic (2/2), the Sun quest 6
Circus of the Sun Soronne, Murlank, Semiramis, Terrax Contessa's Act
Three Swords (2/3)
The Magic, Fifth Chapter of the Book of Ceth
Cognizant Temple of Meh Murlank The Therapy (2/2), for the Cleric promotion 4
Crypt of Carmenca Timberfall The Syrinx 4
Divine Temple of the Moon Nannaria Moon Headquarters
Reconstruct the Mosaic (1/2), the Sun quest
Divine Temple of the Sun Semiramis Sun Headquarters
Release the Soultaker (1/2), the Moon quest
Dream World Off-world (by Sheri's Ring) Thief of Dreams, Thief promotion (2/2) 4
Dusk's Cave Etanasfeld The Elemental Orb, part of the Test of Promise and Loyalty
Time Machine (3/3), for the Runemaster promotion
Eleventh Kingdom S'Fauni The Treason, Third Chapter of the Book of Ceth 3
Gardens of Harmony Terrax Wizards Headquarters
Three Swords (1/3)
Crown of Ishtar
Gatehouse Sea of Mist Demon Familiar, the Murlank permission quest 4
Heronry Nannaria Herons of Doom, the Nannaria permission quest 3
House of Judgement Terrax The Sacrifice, the final quest 6
Hunebed S'Fauni Two Giants, the Ranger promotion 4
Inner Sanctum Serenity, in the Abandoned Temple Eye of Goros 5
Jaleb's Deep Serenity Drawkcab extraordinary 1
Lair of Bolarg Etanasfeld Princess Fiona, for the War Troll title 3
Lake Avernus Ryft The Creators, Second Chapter of the Book of Ceth
Magic Mill (1/2), for the Necromancer promotion
Lighthouse Soronne The Writmaker
Pirates of Mist
Lost Temple of Meh Sea of Mist Ancient Dragon Tongue 3
Maranthea College Semiramis Completion of Objects of Witchcraft, the Sorcerer promotion 4
Mega Dragon Cave Off-world Time Machine (2/3), for the Runemaster promotion 4
Moon Observatory Mt. Pilanteko The Raid, the Semiramis permission quest 3
NWC Ruins Goetia -
Service Tunnels Soronne The Void, First Chapter of the Book of Ceth 2
Snake Pit Typhon Expanse O, the Assassin promotion 4
Spidersilk Mines Soronne Underground Railroad, the Ryft permission quest 2
Stalt Mines Ryft Stalt ore for the Scepter of Kings, the Timberfall permission quest 3
Superior Temple of Meh Timberfall The Might, Fourth chapter of the Book of Ceth
Prophecies of the Capricorn (part)
Tavern of Harlotry Typhon Expanse Time Machine (1/3), for the Runemaster Promotion 4
Temple of Meh Mt. Pilanteko Prophecies of the Capricorn (part) 2
Temple of Ishtar Timberfall Stars Headquarters
The Mediation
Theatre of Blood Typhon Expanse Spectators of Blood, for the Predator title 3
Thieves Guild Terrax Thief of Dreams (1/2), the Thief promotion 4
Throne of Iblis Goetia Three Wishes, for the Companion title
The Plot, Sixth Chapter of the Book of Ceth
Thuata's Tel Ryft The Undoing, Seventh Chapter of the Book of Ceth 5
Tomb of Anubis Nannaria Release the Soultaker (2/2), the Moon quest 6
Tower of Bab'El Murlank Chapter 11
Destroy the Tower, the Stars quest
Treehouse Eftling Tree Cutters, for the Sentinel title 3
Twin Cosmos of Wird Etanasfeld The Bugbear, for the Giantling title 3
Wanderhoven Serenity Sterces for Orrim 2-5
Wine Cellar Serenity A step in The Epicurean
Disappearing Monks, for the Monk promotion
Dr. Who's Well Semiramis The Fizbin of Misfortune for The Therapy (1/2), the Cleric promotion 3