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Semiramis Murlank
Timberfall Nannaria Typhon Expanse
Eftling Ryft Soronne Sea of Mist
S'Fauni Mt. Pilanteko Serenity Etanasfeld Goetia

Serenity is located central in the very south of Karigor. This is where the game begins.

Neighbouring maps are Mt. Pilanteko (west), Ryft (northwest), Soronne (northeast), Etanasfeld (east).

To the south, Serenity borders on two maps of Jadame: Alvar (southwest) and Ironsand (southeast). These two maps are not part of the game.





Monsters (surface)

  • Dragonflies: Flying Adder, Serpent Fly, Dragonfly
  • Spiders: Tripod, Spider, Scorpion
  • Goblins: Jungle Goblin, Tribal Goblin, Goblin Shaman
  • Turtles: Turtle, Torope, Dragadune


Butterflies, Panda's, Fish, Birds





The neighbouring provinces Mt. Pilanteko (west) and Etanasfeld (east) can be reached on foot overland, which takes 5 days. From there, S'Fauni (far west) and Goetia (far east) can also be reached on foot. From S'Fauni (far west), a bridge over the Meridian leads to Eftling (westnorthwest), but it needs to be repaired first. Ryft (northwest) can also be reached on foot in 5 days time, but that route goes through the Wanderhoven to the plateau of Tuatha's Tel, and only after opening the door which is later in the game. Soronne (northeast) cannot be reached on foot.


Every week, three coaches leave at the Chortling Ambler for Mt. Pilanteko (west): on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The trip takes 2 days. From there, the party can take a ride back on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays (also 2 days), or another coach to S'Fauni (further west).


After winning the use of the St. Nicholas, the party can go to Soronne (northeast) over the river Ebony, and gain access to all of Karigor. The journey on the wild river takes 3 days.


Serenity has no docks. There are ships going north from Etanasfeld (east) and Goetia (far east), but not before the pirates have been dealt with in Soronne.

Town Portal

Serenity has a Central Fountain and can therefore reached instantly by the powerful Town Portal spell. The other provinces that can be reached this way are: Terrax, Semiramis, Murlank, Nannaria and Soronne. However, one must drink from a Central Fountain before it appears as a destination on the Town Portal map.

The above implies that during the opening stage of the game, the party is restricted to the five southern provinces, from west to east: S'Fauni, Mt. Pilanteko, Serenity, Etanasfeld, Goetia.



Serenity (town)

Home Type Occupants
Seven Against Tears Armour Shop Amphiarus
Bank of Alvar Bank Coinneach Odhar, Vasishta
A Trades House General Store Sibelia Lamidottir
Pilgrim's Wisdom Guild Dattamohia, Jessica
Mistress of Chants Magic Shop Aditu, Daksha, Kadru
Chortling Ambler Stables Ken Brahan
Fortune's Folly Tavern Asaph, Cassandra, Klaravoyia
The Medicary Temple Jossakeda
Convention Hall Town Hall August, Lopamudra, Chaya
Mental Tactics Training Hall Greate Pier, Theresa, Daphne
First Blood Weapon Shop Bo Rhamnes
Gesserit Mansion Mansion Sir Gareth Gesserit, Lady Lynette, Jermy
Tutorial House House Mekander
House of Reflection House Mahmud, Fabrice Lunasouris
House of Weighing House Merlin, Samantha, Nathan
House of Recognition House Brighu, Aylena
House of Talents House Rowena, Damia
House of Guidance House Pekka Ervat, Lavinia
House of Vibrancy House Astaroth, Vassago
Twisting House House Pholus

Monk village

Home Type Occupants
Herb Garden Apothecary Cadfael
Robin's Nest Brewery Tuckale, Marion
Brothers lodge House Baleminotu, Carradine
Sisters lodge House Bertrille, Dionnah
Young Sisters lodge House Julie, Stephany
Salmoneus' home House Salmoneus
Wine Cellar Dungeon D'Owl, Ladob, Muir, Rustavius, Solmyr, Tremayne


Home Type Occupants
St. Nicholas Riverboat Sam Finneas, Morglin
Jaleb's Deep Dungeon Breerb, Edorode, Gonnog, Hobboh, Isisi, Murgrum, Osgiligso, Rivenevir, Silmamlis, Skotos, Tirit
Wilderness Alcander, Morcarack

Who is who


male female
Amphiarus - armourer Aditu - expert teacher of Spellcasting
Asaph - piper for hire Aylena - student, sister of Fabrice
Astaroth (genie) - expert teacher of Music Brighu - expert teacher of Identify Item
August - high seer Cassandra - hostess
Bo Rhamnes - weaponsmith Chaya - student, betrothed of Fabrice
Coinneach Odhar - banker Daksha - magicker, daughter of Aditu
Fabrice Lunasouris - saviour of heroes Dattamohia - guild mistress
Greate Pier - trainer Jossakeda - healer
Ken Brahan - stablemaster Lady Lynette - soothsayer, wife of Sir Gesserit
Mahmud - expert teacher of Meditation Lavinia - guide for hire
Mekander - mentor Lopamudra - psychic, wife of August
Merlin - expert teacher of Grey Rowena - grandmaster teacher of Mind
Pekka Ervat - mystic for hire Samantha - judge
Pholus (centaur) - prophet Sibelia Lamidottir - retailer
Sir Gareth Gesserit - expert teacher of Leather Theresa - visionary
Vassago (genie)- medium Vasishta - merchant for hire
boy girl
Jermy - pupil, son of Sir Gesserit Daphne - pupil, daughter of Theresa
Nathan - pupil, son of Samantha Damia - pupil, daughter of Rowena
Jessica - pupil, daughter of Dattamohia
Kadru - pupil, daughter of Daksha
Klaravoyia - pupil, daughter of Cassandra


male female
Baleminotu - carpenter Bertrille - nun
Cadfael - herbalist Dionnah - expert teacher of Staff
Carradine - expert teacher of Bow Julie - expert teacher of Dodging
D'Owl - scholar for hire Marion - epicurean
Ladob - cartographer Stephany - tinker for hire
Rustavius - toolmaker
Salmoneus - grandmaster teacher of Merchant
Tremayne - biographer
Tuckale - brewer


male female
Alcander (songbird) Muir (ghost)
Breerb - drawkcab
Edorode - drawkcab
Gonnog - drawkcab
Hobboh - drawkcab
Isisi - drawkcab
Murgrum - drawkcab
Osgiligso - drawkcab
Rivenevir - drawkcab
Sam Finneas - skipper of the St. Nicholas
Silmamlis - drawkcab
Skotos (goblin) - drawkcab
Solmyr (genie) - mage
Tirit - drawkcab
boy girl
Morcarack (dragon)
Morglin - cabin boy