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Semiramis Murlank
Timberfall Nannaria Typhon Expanse
Eftling Ryft Soronne Sea of Mist
S'Fauni Mt. Pilanteko Serenity Etanasfeld Goetia

Murlank is located east in northern Karigor. It is likely to be a map that the party will visit later in the game.

Neighbouring maps are Semiramis (west), Terrax (northwest), Typhon Expanse (southeast) and Nannaria (southwest). The ocean (northeast and east) is not part of the game.




  • Potz, central between the river Ebony and the ocean


  • Ebony, the river flowing through Murlank from south to north
  • Laolun, the half-moon-shaped island in the northeast

Monsters (surface)


Butterflies, Horses, Ospreys, Fish





Semiramis (west) and Terrax (northwest) can be reached on foot overland, which takes 5 days. There is no connection over land to the Typhon Expanse.


Coaches of the Golden Triangle leave at the Blazing Saddles for Terrax on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with return trips starting on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Other Golden Triangle coaches leave for Semiramis on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, return trips starting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. All these coach rides take 2 days.

At the same stable, coaches of the Nightriders leave for Nannaria, M'Akal on Wednesdays and Sundays. After the Zealots start fighting, there is an additional ride on Fridays. Return trips start on Wednesdays, Saturdays and then also Mondays. All these trips take 2½ days.


The St. Nicholas will enter Murlank from Nannaria and continue downstream into Terrax. Both passages take 3 days.


There are two docks in Murlank.

From Potz, ships set sail for Terrax on Saturdays (return fares on Sundays). The voyages takes 4 days.

A ferry goes from Potz to the island of Laolun and back every day. This voyage takes 6 hours in either direction.

Town Portal

Murlank has a Central Fountain and can therefore be reached instantly by the powerful Town Portal spell. The other provinces that can be reached this way are: Terrax, Semiramis, Nannaria, Soronne and Serenity. However, one must drink from a Central Fountain before it appears as a destination on the Town Portal map.



Home Type Occupants
The Tinctury Apothecary Milton Mars, Murrie Mars, Muffin Mars
Larp's Forge Armour Shop Dagorhir Larp, Camarilla Larp, Logan Larp
Curry & Heyes Bank Kid Curry, Hannibal Heyes
Dockyard Arturchix
For a few nuggets more General Store Maurits Drostnestle, Adriana Drostnestle, Melanie Drostnestle
Master Scribe Magic Shop Louhi Sariola, Aila Sariola
Blazing Saddles Stable Ridge Johnson
The Double Eagle Tavern Lauren Bell, Brett Maverick, Fontan'El, LaCinder'El
Town Hall Zebub'El, Kal'El, Salvia Lemming
East Wind Up Training Hall Al'El, Norris Cooper
Gunsmoke's Accessories Weapon Shop Matthew Dillon, Kitty Dillon
Prison House Smarties, Hipshot, Conrad Woods
Rangers HQ House Antonio Carletti, Zane Cooper, Aaron Cooper
Faloral Hacienda House Little Lord Faloral, Whitney Marron
Seabrook Hacienda House Hecate Seabrook, Tamara Seabrook
Lessok Corral House Ahosi Dahomey, Yent'El
River House House Dorado'El, Carne Ro'El, Lanaor'El


Home Type Occupants
Dockyard Arturchix
Master Guild of Dark Guild Nerg'El
Towering Cranes House Christian Noir Stein, Anne Veen


Home Type Occupants
Chapel of the Moon Temple Lowmarsh'm'El
Cognizant Temple of Meh Dungeon, Temple Wesley Gladberg
Tower of Bab'El dungeon Bab'El, Hooloovoo

Who is who


male female
Arturchix - ferryman Lauren Bell - barkeep
Antonio Carletti - master teacher of Leather Ahosi Dahomey - expert teacher of Bodybuilding
Norris Cooper - grandmaster teacher of Unarmed Combat, son of Zane Cooper Kitty Dillon - horseshoe collector, wife of Matthew Dillon
Zane Cooper - marshall Adriana Drostnestle - retailer
Kid Curry - grandmaster teacher of Dodging Camarilla Larp - expert teacher of Identify Monster, wife of Dagorhir Larp
Matthew Dillon - weaponsmith Salvia Lemming - master teacher of Identify Item
Maurits Drostnestle - deputy Louhi - magicker
Wesley Gladberg - charlatan Whitney Marron - bodyguard
Hannibal Heyes - banker Murrie Mars - alchemist, wife of Milton Mars
Hipshot - grandmaster teacher of Staff Hecate Seabrook - expert teacher of Dark
Ridge Johnson - stable master Anne Veen - paintress
Dagorhir Larp - armourer
Milton Mars - apothecary
Brett Maverick - hustler
Smarties - sheriff
Christian Noir Stein - buildmaster
Conrad Woods - expert teacher of Plate
boy girl
Aaron Cooper - son of Zane Cooper Melanie Drostnestle - daughter of Maurits and Adriana Drostnestle
Little Lord Faloral - Muffin Mars - daughter of Milton and Murrie Mars
Logan Larp - son of Dagorhir and Camarilla Larp Aila Sariola - daughter of Louhi Sariola
Tamara Seabrook - daughter of Hecate Seabrook


male female
Al'El - trainer Carne Ro'El - messenger
Bab'El - tower lord Fontan'El - chamber maid
Dorado'El - master teacher of Earth LaCinder'El - waitress
Kal'El - clergyman Lanaor'El - master teacher of Pathfinding
Lowmarsh'm'El - healer Yent'El - horse whisperer
Nerg'El - guildmaster
Zebub'El - mayor


male female
Belgarath - frozen demon
Hooloovoo - demon familiar