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Player character

Player character


ATTRIBUTE Primary Statistic Resistance Secondary
Name Portrait Voice Gender Age Race Title Class Level Experience Skillpoints
Might Magic Endurance Speed Accuracy Luck
Generic Fire Air Water Earth Spirit Mind Body Light Grey Dark
Hitpoints Spellpoints ArmourClass PrimaryHit Damage SecondaryHit Damage RangedHit Damage

Player characters in MMTribute come in six different races: Elf, Genie, Troll, Human, Vampire, Ogre. All of them have male and female representatives. There are several other more or less civilized races in Karigor (Dwarves, Halflings, Centaurs, Demoniacs, Dragons, Wizards), but they cannot become a player character. However, some of the hirelings are of those other races.

Races differ with respect to their orientation: might or magic, and start out with different values of their attributes, both statistics and resistances.

For each of the six player races, somewhere in their homeland there is a throne that, when sat upon on the right day of the week, permanently improves all their statistics and resistances.

Race determines the hitpoints and spellpoints of a character, with additional points depending on class. Each race has two racial abilities: special skills that only they possess, and others cannot learn. The second of these abilities kicks in after the character attains its racial title. The title is also necessary to allow the character to train beyond level 25. For a character to obtain such a title, the party must complete a title quest.

The racial composition of the party affects the party's reputation with the several local civilizations and factions.

At start-up, one of the two fixed skills is determined by race, and the character receives an amulet that boosts that skill. The choices for one of the two free skills are limited by race.

Player character races

Race Title Homeland Description
Ogre Giantling Etanasfeld Ogres are the strongest of all civilized races in Karigor. But for all their power, they clearly lack in accuracy, and will often miss in combat allowing the frightened enemies to escape. And run they will, when Ogres use their ability to cast “Fear” on their opponents. Ogres just shouldn't forget to bring enough food to still their enormous appetites. They lead a simple life in the desert of Etanasfeld, but they do have a healthy curiosity, and own a special amulet that helps them to disarm traps with greater success. Many Ogres are loners, and choose careers as shipcaptains on the Sea of Mist, or as Thieves or Assassins. A particularly brave Ogre, however, may be promoted to Giantling, and gain the second ability of “Deflection” to deal with counter-attacks.
Troll War Troll S'Fauni The Trolls of S'Fauni are extraordinarily tough, and despite their slowness they are simply very, very hard to kill, not in the least because of their ability of spontaneous “Regeneration”. When it comes to fighting, Trolls will be pushed to the front line. Even though they are easily distracted, Trolls, who can be pleasant company as a friendly Bard, will usually become fierce warriors. The dream of every Troll is to be awarded the title of War Troll, after a particularly great quest, and learn to overcome their slow speed by using their second ability “Berserk”. Their hobby is fixing broken things and that’s why each Troll owns an amulet of repair.
Human Noble Terrax, Semiramis, Murlank, Nannaria, Soronne, Serenity Karigor's most populous race is the Human race. As the most balanced race among the others, they have built their empires on trade. Every human carries an amulet to boost their merchant skill. All Humans have the “Leadership” ability to improve their effectiveness in combat, whereas their extreme luck offers some protection against magic and traps. Humans are prone to develop religious and superstitious ideas, which often causes arguments among themselves, especially if Saints and Necromancers are facing each other. Sometimes it also makes them afraid of certain types of creatures. A Human's highest aim in life is to become a Noble. That title grants them their second ability of “Diplomacy” which allows them to meddle even more in everybody's affairs.
Vampire Predator Typhon Expanse Is one born a Vampire, or is one chosen? A visit to their settlements in the Typhon Expanse could perhaps answer that question. Fact is, that Vampires have unique powers and abilities. Each vampire, already quick in combat, can call upon themselves a “Bloodlust” that makes them extremely dangerous, especially at night. In the full light of the day, however, Vampires are somewhat vulnerable. When Vampires successfully pass the Predator test, they learn the ability of “Levitation” which saves them from a lot of harm. Vampires that want to become a spellcaster don't have it easy, but their interest in Alchemy, for which they posses an amulet, can make it worth the effort.
Elf Sentinel Timberfall The children of Timberfall, Elves, are legendary when it comes to archery contests – there’s nobody else in Karigor who strikes as accurate as they. Many Elves later decide to become rangers – grandmastery at archery and perception, and the fact that each Elf carries an amulet of perception makes this decision easily understandable. Others are more inclined to further their magic skills. Elves are often invited to come along on a trip because of their specialty of “Foraging”, and the fact that they have trouble swimming under water tends to be overlooked. Experienced Elves may receive the much wanted title of Sentinel. The Sentinel's second ability “Cloak” affects the entire party and makes them even more popular.
Genie Companion Goetia Genies form an intelligent and generally forthcoming race, who have made their home in Goetia. They are born to be spellcasters: their magic attribute is the highest among all the races in Karigor. Genies, by nature already hardly earthbound, are eager to learn the secrets of flight to offset the awful handicap of not being able to wear boots. Until then, they have to make do with their first ability of “Telekinesis”. Although some Genies turn to mischief, most endeavour to accompany groups of adventurers, and seek the honorable title of Companion, which gives them the powerful ability of “Possession” to mess with a foe's mind. Each genie also carries an amulet that helps them to identify uncommon and possibly dangerous items.


Race Amulet First ability Second ability Positive extra Negative extra
Elf +3 Perception Foraging Cloaking saving throw shorter underwater breathing
Genie +3 Identify Item Telekinesis Possession doesn't get weak can't equip footwear
Troll +3 Repair Regeneration Berserk natural preservation distracted by animals
Human +3 Merchant Leadership Diplomacy small chance of fast recovery small chance of fobia
Vampire +3 Alchemy Bloodlust Levitate skill boost at night daytime statistics drop
Ogre +3 Disarm Trap Fear Deflect larger inventory hungry twice as fast
The second ability is granted with the racial title. All abilities gain in power with the level of the character.
At start-up, except in peasant games, each character receives an Amulet boosting one miscellaneous skill.

Initial values


Race Might Magic Endurance Accuracy Speed Luck
Elf 1115 7211111
Genie 72111111511
Troll 15112111 711
Human 111111111121
Vampire 11 711152111
Ogre 211115 71111

Each character receives 10 additional points to distribute freely over the statistics might, magic, endurance, accuracy, speed and luck.


Race Fire Air Water Earth Spirit Mind Body Light Grey Dark
Elf 0 0 010 0 0 0 0 0 0
Genie 010 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Troll 0 010 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Human 0 0 0 010 0 0 0 0 0
Vampire 0 0 0 0 010 0 0 0 0
Ogre 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Title Fire Air Water Earth Spirit Mind Body Light Grey Dark
Sentinel 0 0 015 0 0 010 0 0
Companion 015 0 0 0 0 0 5 0 5
War Troll 0 015 0 0 0 5 0 5 0
Noble 0 0 0 015 0 0 010 0
Predator 0 0 0 0 015 0 0 010
Giantling15 0 0 0 0 010 0 0 0