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Player character

The party composition determines what skills the party will be able to advance and how well the player characters will work together. It also influences what the local population will think of the party.


There are slots for five player characters (PC's) and two NPC (non-player character) Hirelings. In addition, there is room for (any number of) story-related travel companions such as rescued princesses.


The player characters are chosen at start-up. They can't be hired or dismissed during the game. However, the player is free to play the game with less than the maximum number of PC's. Such games will be harder to complete, but can potentially score higher. Score in MMT is calculated as the average experience of all PC's divided by time (days completed).

Difficulty level

The game can be played at one of three difficulty levels. In the standard game, player characters will start at level 1 with knowledge of two fixed plus two selectable skills that vary with class and race, and a few coins and items.

In addition to the standard game, there are options to play a novice game, where the party starts out more experienced and with extra knowledge, possessions and gold, or a peasant game, where the party starts with nothing at all.


Hireling NPC's can be hired and dismissed at any time. They come with a number of professions that boost the skills of the party or add skills of their own, for a price. They do not participate in fights. Like other NPC's, hirelings can be found in buildings or wandering around.

The game also features NPC's that cannot be part of the party, but have other important functions like offering quests and providing information.

Battle formation

There is no battle formation screen.


Player Characters gain experience by completing quests and from kills. When sufficient experience is gained, PC's can train to the next level and get extra skillpoints, hitpoints and spellpoints. PC's in each class can also get promoted which increases the number of hitpoints and spellpoints per level.

On top of that, there is a racial title to be gained, which gives the PC's access to a second racial ability and to higher levels. Without the racial promotion, PC's can train no higher than level 25.