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ATTRIBUTE Primary Statistic Resistance Secondary
Name Portrait Voice Gender Age Race Title Class Level Experience Skillpoints
Might Magic Endurance Speed Accuracy Luck
Generic Fire Air Water Earth Spirit Mind Body Light Grey Dark
Hitpoints Spellpoints ArmourClass PrimaryHit Damage SecondaryHit Damage RangedHit Damage

A primary attribute is an attribute that describes a personal characteristic or status of a player character, like their race or level. Most of them are listed on the Overview screen and/or the Statistics screen, with the exception of portrait and voice.

Some primary attributes are fixed. They are chosen when a character is created and do not change during the game.

List of primary attributes

attribute description influenced by affects
Name The name that you have chosen for your character. Some of the locals may learn to remember it.
Portrait The character's portrait. It will soon look familiar.
Voice The character's voice. It will soon sound familiar. progress through the game may unlock certain phrases
Gender Genders are equal, but some enemies may not preceive it so and can have preferences when they choose their target. target preference of certain foes
Age Age increases as time passes. Certain magical effects can raise it above a character's true age, which may become a concern if it happens often. date of birth; current date; certain monster attacks, potions, wells and fountains statistics
Race There are six playable races from which characters can be chosen for the party. They all have their advantages and limitations, and may find support from their kin among the local population. starting values of statistics and resistances; choice of initial skills; hit- and spellpoints; abilities; equipment restrictions; title that can be gained; reputation; target preference of certain foes; available throne
Title Each race offers a title that can be gained by a character of that race. With this title come several benefits. race; title quest hit- and spellpoints; abilities; reputation; unlocks training above level 25
Class The profession of a character determines the skills that he or she can learn. Each promotion is a specialization, and offers higher mastery of some skills while closing alternative careers. previous class; promotion quests hit- and spellpoints; choice of initial skills; available skills; available careers; reputation; target preference of certain foes; training hall access
Level A character's level is a measure of the training they have received. Attaining a new level provides additional hitpoints, spellpoints ans skillpoints. experience (by training); certain enchantments and wells (all temporary) hit- and spellpoints; skillpoints; ability power; arena opposition; training hall access
Experience Experience is a simple indicator of a character’s overall understanding of the world. With enough experience points (and some gold), characters can visit training grounds throughout the land to increase their level and gain skillpoints to spend on skills. quests; kills; certain wells level (by training); score
Skillpoints Skillpoints are a very valuable asset. It costs ever more skillpoints to further increase a character's skill levels. Fortunately, there are various ways to gain more of them. Training, when characters have gathered enough experience, is only the most obvious one. level (upon training); horseshoes and buoys; challenges; certain potions and fountains; the Market of Time; the Learning skill skill levels (by spending)