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The plot explains what is happening in the game, and why. It is unknown to the player, but fragments of it can be discovered, and concluded from texts, quests and events.


In the longlasting struggle between the Creators and the Ancients, a horror has been unleashed into the world by the former that they themselves may not be able to control: the Kreegan. Originally they were restricted to their home world, but now they have received the power to travel through space and void, and so they did. As hive beings, now they are multiplying everywhere, drawn to the Ancient's technology and wrecking it wherever they find it.

Many centuries ago, the Ancients started a vital experiment on a planet named Colony, the 'Composite Orbital Learning Opportunity Network Yielder', in a remote part of the known universe. Instead of the customary single Tree of Life, rare and precious as they are, a good number of them were planted closely together in the soil. The effect of this abundance on this new, computed world was an unrivaled growth of epics, magic and miracles, and of heroes that learned to master them, where normally these things would be rare and far apart.

Eventually, these heroes were meant to test the magic of the Creators themselves. In the beginning, the inhabitants of Colony had access to the Ancients' technology through the Heavenly Forges, that served to balance the magic and thereby assure their loyalty to the Ancients. This age was called the Time of Wonders by the Colonials, who viewed the magic of self and elements as normal rather than the technology from the forges.

When the Kreegan cut off this section of the universe by isolating the local Wire node, the Ancients' control of Colony diminished and the inevitable happened: a rebellion, and a breakdown of the forges. With the balance gone, the three directional occults, the powerful path magics, were developed ahead of schedule, and religions blossomed. This allowed for unwanted manifestations of the Creators on Colony in the shape of local gods, such as Yanmir, Ishtar and Ceth, and similar shadows. Still, the experiment did not fail, as it continued to produce great stories and the heroes that played in them. And from the local Wire node the Ancients continued to monitor, even as the seed ships that found themselves stuck en route to other parts of the universe dumped their contents on artificial worlds that also needed attention.

Although the Heavenly Forges did no longer function, traces of the Ancients' technology remained on Colony. For a long time, this outpost of the Ancients was not considered an interesting target, but now a first scouting vessel of the Kreegan has been seen to arrive. A Sheltem unit is dispatched to deal with the Kreegan scout before he can report back, but as it arrives through a portal from one of the artificial world, a basic flaw in the programming of this type of unit causes something to go wrong. Again.

Influenced by the presence of so much magic, a simple, straightforward task is turned into a grand design, and in the mind of the Sheltem his cover story becomes the reality. He is Thelmes, renegade prophet, who has to gather followers for the great sacrifice that is the only way to stop the Kreegan threat.

A Corak unit is sent after him to make the necessary repairs, but the Corak finds itself with a much harder task than expected. As it appears, the actions of the Sheltem are intertwined with epics and prophecies that are part of the experiment of Colony, more specifically through the contents of the all too powerful Book of Ceth, and the Corak cannot intervene directly. Instead, it has to try and meddle with the plan of the Seers that has already been set into motion. So it sets himself up as the C'Orak, honorary title for the leader of the Orak vampire clan, followers of Ceth, deep in the Typhon Expanse, and waits for his chance to steer the Seers' party of heroes in the right direction.

By accident, Morglin Ironfist, a young boy of noble birth, observes the Corak as it enters the Inner Sanctum and does not return. He follows in after the Corak, and stumbles upon the gate to Colony, where he appears in the Abandoned Temple right at the time when the Seers' party of heroes is searching the place for the Power Crystals. It is his arrival and later return that will, through a long chain of events, provide Colony with the one chance to escape its destruction more than a century after.

As the party of heroes collects the chapters of the Book of Ceth, and listens to the ramblings of Sheltem, they will eventually learn this, and know that they must do what they can to give these events the time that is needed to allow them to happen while keeping the experiment alive. The fate of Colony is in their hands. But they are not quite the Ancients' puppets, and can choose differently if they so desire. In Terrax they will meet Prince Daglathor, the Kreegan scout in disguise, who will try and persuade them to make a mistake.

Meanwhile, the party's loyalty is swept one way or the other as they have dealings with the Churches of Sun, Moon, and Stars, that all have plans of their own. Sun and Moon are seeking dominion over each other, by taking advantage of the chaos caused by the renegade prophet, while the weakened Church of the Stars appears to be in league with the Seers. Will the party be forced to choose between Sun and Moon? Or will they remain true to the Seers? The outcome is not carved in stone.