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Provisional, compilation of 2 old pages

An overview of the plot of the different games in the Might and Magic series as well as the history of its universe.

Might and Magic Tribute is a tribute to the famous Might and Magic RPG series by New World Computing, and the people that created the series. It is a freeware, open-source RPG set in the Might and Magic universe. As a fan-created tribute, it has no affiliation with the publisher of the series, the 3DO Company, the owner of the copyright Ubisoft Entertainment, or the developer of the series, New World Computing.

Plot Overview

Long before history began there were the Ancients. The Ancients were a technologically advanced race that decided one day to seed the galaxy with new worlds and creations. To accomplish this task, the Ancients created the technology of 'Elemental Manipulation', which is described in legend as a grand war between the elemental lords of Fire, Water, Earth and Air (see the manuals to might and magic 2 and 3 for more detail). These planetary seeds were large slab-like bodies called VARNs (Vehicular Astropod Research Nacelles), each corner of which was often dominated by one of the four elements. The ancients populated the VARNs with all manner of beast, both mundane and monsterouse, both stupid and sentient. Their work done, the Ancients then cast the great seeds out into the void to fufill there inevitable task. Some, such as XEEN (Xylonite Experimental Environment Nacelle) were to travel through the void until they reached a particular star, at which point the slab-like world would undergo a transformation and become spherical, forever to orbit the chosen star (see the extended 'World of XEEN' ending to might and magic 4 and 5 for more details). others, such as the VARN from the first might and magic game (Vehicular Astropod Research Nacelle) served a seemingly unknown purpose.

One of the more important VARNs served a particularily important function. The planetary seed known as Terra was to fufill a grand role in the self described 'grand experiment of the ancients': (excerted from the final message of Might and Magic 3, isles of Terra) "The grand experiment of the ancients: to use the technology of Elemental Manupulation to create a completely viable ecological and social microcosm. this microcosm was then to be transported to a distant biosphere(Terra) to supplant its indigenous ecosystem. the need was acknowledged for a central controlling unit capable of compensating for unexpected anomalies. Sheltem was created to be the overlord and guardian of Terra - the supreme law - but his conditioning was flawed. seeing himself as the guardian of Terra itself, and not of the Ancients colonization experiment, he rebelled against the 'invading army' that was to be sent to 'his' world. Sheltem was contained but later escaped, determined to undermine the grand experiment. Learning from their earlier failure with Sheltem, the Ancients created a new guardian named Corak. with his conditioning properly completed, the grand experiment was launched on its journey through the void. Corak's first duty was to elimate the threat of Sheltem, then assume the role of guardian and overlord of the Terra colinization. unable to stop the colonization of terra, Sheltem has suceeded in disturbing the balance between the three alignments of men, a blance Corak must work to regain upon his return to Terra. However, Sheltem sees this as only a minor compensation and has set out to exact revenge by sabotaging other experiments the ancients have scattered throughout the void."

MM1- And so Sheltem did. Traveling to rhe VARN in the first might and magic game, Sheltem impersonated the good king Alamar (who may or may not have been a creation of the ancients himself, as the dragon pharo in MM5 refers to who he believes to be Alamar as 'you misguided mechanism') and wreaking havok there, he was eventually stoped by a band of adventurers who found the secrets of the inner sanctum. fleeing through a gateway to another world, Sheltem found himself on CRON (Central Research Observatory Nacelle)

MM2- Based upon the description provided in the manual of Might and Magic 2, CRON was most likely the first planetary seed to be created using the Elemental Manipulation technology. Sheltem, upon arriving begins his revenge attempts immediatly, re-aligning CRON's navigational systems so that it will crash into a nearby star. Sheltem was once again thwarted by Corak and a band of adventurers. while the heroes are attempting to realign the navigational systems, Sheltem once again escapes, fleeing back to Terra, the seed on which it all began.

MM3- with Corak and yet another band of determined adventurers in hot persuit, Sheltem was once again forced to flee Terra. using one of the emergency escape pods, Sheltem took to the void, looking to forever escape Corak, who had foiled him time and time again. of course, Corak also managed to secure an escape pod, and followed Sheltem closely, with the adventurers just slightly behind.

Might and Magic Series

The primary series of Might and Magic games ranging from Might and Magic I: Secret of the Inner Sanctum to Might and Magic IX.

Might and Magic I: Secret of the Inner Sanctum

A party of adventurers native to the Land of Varn, discover that Alamar the King has been captured and replaced by an imposter. Eventually they uncover the identity of this imposter and his real name – Sheltem. He is hiding from Corak, but is forced to flee the Land of Varn as he is exposed, and the rightful king Alamar reclaims his throne. This is the same malfunctioning Sheltem unit from Terra and the remaining Corak unit still hunting it. The Land of Varn is one of the VARNs in one of the Ancients’ seeding projects. Sheltem flees to the CRON of this convoy. The adventurers are allowed to follow after finding the Inner Sanctum and the Gates to Another World.

Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World

Sheltem has overpowered Corak and separated his head from the body. The adventurers from Might and Magic I or adventurers native to the Land of Cron have to collect and reassemble Corak, but Sheltem escapes again, this time back to Terra. Corak follows.

Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra

Natives to the shab-like planet Terra discover through their adventures that the planets’ guardian Sheltem is not working to protect them as he’s supposed to. Terra is a watery world with huge islands. Upon these, three kings vie for total power, one for each of the alignments of good, neutral and evil. The adventurers can choose to help one of these but the real object of the games again comes to trying to help Corak to catch Sheltem. As usual, Sheltem escapes, only this time not through the Wire. He flees in a spacepod, Corak follows in another and the native adventurers chase them both in a spaceship.

Might and Magic IV: Clouds of Xeen

This starts in the slab-like planet of Xeen (Xylonite Experimental Expansion Nacelle) that is terrorized on both sides of the slab. The other side is called the Darkside of Xeen and this is where Might and Magic V – Darkside of Xeen is played out

Might and Magic V

There are several gates between the sides. Adventurers are called upon by the dragon Pharaoh to free the lands. When Lord Xeen of Clouds is defeated, it becomes apparent that he is but a servant of Lord Alamar, the evil ruler of the Darkside. The adventurers from Clouds must help Queen Kalindra regain her throne on Darkside and in doing so they discover that Alamar is indeed Sheltem who has landed on Xeen in his spacepod. Corak too is here, but has become incapacitated by crashlanding. With help from the dragon Pharaoh and Corak, the adventurers from Xeen are able to finally destroy Sheltem. The adventurers from Terra and Might and Magic III are reported in Corak and Sheltem spacepod logs to have teleported themselves from their spaceship to the surface of Xeen, but they are not encountered on the planet. When Sheltem is defeated (and Corak destroyed in the process), Clouds and Darkside of Xeen can be transformed from being the two sides of a slab into a full, spherical planet, if both Might and Magic IV and V are installed together. The Xylonite Experimental Expansion Nacelle project may be the very first successful attempt from the Ancients creating an artificial planet.

Here ends the first era of Might and Magic. At this moment starts the second era of Might and Magic, and further the storyline splits into Might and Magic and Heroes of Might and Magic series which is turn-based strategy game from 3rd person view. From this moment all events (unless noted otherwise) happen on a spherical planet Colony which has 4 continents: Enroth, Antagarich, Jadame and Karigor.

Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven

This takes place in Enroth 1165 A.S. The king Roland Ironfist is kidnapped by Kreegan for several years and Queen Catherine has traveled to Erathia to her father’s funeral. Now in charge is regent Wilbur Humphrey who is keeping an eye on the 14 year old prince Nicolai who has shown great interest about Circus. There is even a quest where Nicolai asks the adventurers to join them and then later disappears, later to be found in Circus.

The situation in Enroth is troubling while both King and Queen is gone. A new cult called Baa is terrorizing Enroth and is in league with no other but Kreegan. It is up to the adventurers to destroy the Baa cultists, and finally wipe out Kreegan from Enroth. At one moment the adventurers have to release the stoned Archibald to receive a magical item to be able to complete the final mission. Archibald, finally released, immediately disappears and flees to Erathia, Deyja.

Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor

These events happen about 3 years later, 1168 A.S. The storyline takes place in Antagarich and the adventurers during the game have to rescue Roland Ironfist in Eofol, who returns to his wife Catherine in Erathia’s capitol city Steadwick. The adventurers have to rebuild Castle Harmondale they won in a contest and later in the game have the opportunity to become Kings of Harmondale. The major story in this game is about the 8 adventurers from might and magic 3 who were supposed to land on Xeen but did it instead on Colony…by mistake. They split in 2 equal groups and that means – the good guys and the bad guys. The good guys want to rebuild the Wire to be able to reach other worlds and they join the Bracada wizards who are under lead of the immortal good wizard Gavin Magnus. The bad guys want to rule this planet, rebuilding the Heavenly Forges to multiply ancient laser pistols, starting a new reign of terror. They join Archibald Ironfist in Deyja, and later get rid of him. Archibald asks the adventurers for help and later is exiled to a small island near Pierpont city and is never seen again…for now. The adventurers succeed in their quest, kill the king of Kreegan Xenofex and depending which side they choose, either rebuild the Wire or Heavenly Forges.

This is a sort of prehistory for the next two games – the legendary planeswalker Escaton, who is a similar cyborg to Sheltems and Coraks, is sent by the Ancients to destroy Colony. Ancients are willing to sacrifice the whole world to get rid of Kreegan since Colony is the last place where Kreegan are left. Escaton captures 4 elemental lords and imprisons them in magical prisons in the Plane Between Planes. The only way to get there is via a special Conflux building in Jadame, town of Ravenshore but it requires a key no keymaster can create. In the result of the capturing the 4 elemental lords, all the elemental spirits go mad and infest the mortal lands, building Conflux towns.

Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer

This happens just after the forging Armageddon’s blade events, 1172 A.S. Escaton still has his task to complete (destroy the world) but the Kreegan are no more! The storyline is taking place in continent Jadame, and a new party of adventurers this time together with the Merchants of Alvar have to create a council of all major factions in Jadame, to organize resistance. One of these factions is Necromancer guild of Shadowspire, led by none other but Sandro. The council learns that Roland and Catherine Ironfists on their way back to Enroth are caught in a storm and are willing to land in Ravenshore but are blocked by the Regnan pirate fleet. It is up to the adventurers to sink the fleet and allow the Ironfists to join the council. Together with Ironfists has traveled Enrothian magician Xanthor who is studying the elementals. Xanthor tells the adventurers how to get in the Conflux building, and where Escaton is located. Without success trying to persuade Escaton that Kreegan are destroyed, the adventurers at least succeed, freeing the elemental lords. The lords, now heavily disliking Escaton, destroy him. In the end Escaton utters “Tell them I have failed”. Probably it’s addressed to the Ancients, who else. In the end Roland and Catherine finally get back to Enroth to meet Nicolai after many long years.

Might and Magic IX

This is the last Might and Magic game (for now) and it is unoffically known as Might and Magic IX: The Write of Fate. The events happen on the same planet Axeoth, only on a different continent many thousand miles away, about 1180 A.S. after the old time scale. The land of Chedian is ruled by several independent jarls, but their entire existence is threatened by an invasion by army of neighbour country Beldonia. During the game the adventurers meet prince Nicolai Ironfist who has somehow came up here after being knocked unconscious in Castle Ironfist when started the Armageddon. Probably someone saved him, we don’t know. He is unemployed and wishes to find a job. The adventurers help to find him one and eventually Nicolai starts to work in…Circus!

In the main storyline it is up to the adventurers to unite the six clans of Chedian against the Beldonian horde and ultimately discover that the god of mischief Njam stands behind it all, writing false writs of fate that conflict with each other. Namely, the adventurers receive a writ of fate that tells that they will defeat the Beldonians and unite Chedian. Later they learn that the leader of the Beldonians Tamur Leng (MM9 lead game designer is Tim Lang wink.gif) has another writ that tells that he will conquer Chedian. The adventurers have to enter the god city Arslegard, visit the Afterworld and do many quests that eventually end by being summoned in front of the God of the gods Cron. He asks the adventurers to imprison Njam in the Tomb of 1000 Terrors (reference from World of Xeen) and party does it. Imprisoning this god becomes the ultimate end of the Might and Magic series up until now.

Might and Magic X

There was written a small preliminary storyline already for MM10 that was planned when MM9 was being produced. MM9 lead game designer Tim Lang was very kind to tell us that Nicolai in MM9 appeared not just as a reference from older MM games. In MM10 he was planned to have one of the main roles, while Chedian was united. The jarl of Thjorgard Kira the Cold and jarl of Tronheim Sven Forkbeard had just married, becoming the king and queen of Chedian. But, since 3DO went belly-up, it’s quite unlikely Ubisoft (or Electronic Arts) will use this idea, or even release this game at all.

Might and Magic Tribute

Book of Ceth – is a fan made game and it will be telling the events on an island Karigor, home of the Mogred beasts. The storyline will place 1083 A.S. We don’t want to spoil you what will be the whole storyline but the major point will be adventurers to collect the Chapters of the Book of Ceth. The game is in progress.

Heroes Chronicles

This is another series of games which are based on Heroes of Might and Magic III engine. Except the last chapter “Sword of Frost”, its almost impossible to tell when exactly the mentioned events took place. We tried to place them most logically so please don’t blame us if you think something doesn’t sound right – we tried to link the Chronicles with the history so that it sounded logically. That’s why we put “Masters of the Elements” about when the MM8 events take place. Anyway, this is just our version and it doesn’t have to be the only one.


Might and Magic: The Sea of Mist

This is a book that was written because of the high popularity of the Might and Magic series. It is believed that the events mentioned in this book take place about 1140 A.S. and that means – several years before the start of the Succession Wars. Several characters mentioned in this book appear later also in Heroes series. The provincial maps of Sorrone, Sea of Mist and Murlank are present among the 15 provincial maps of the Might and Magic Tribute game. Overally the storyline of the book has little to do with the Might and Magic series. It tells about a six years old boy named Praz who is being trained by demoniac Nymus. After Praz receives invitation to Murlank, where he could learn more about his family, he is told to defeat a demon named Sendark who is terrorizing the locals in Sea of Mist province with his ability to summon large hoardes of zombies. Praz (after the finished training sessions called Praz-el) defeats Sendark and travels forth. The end.

Pen and Paper Games

Might and Magic 9.5: Trials of Nicolai

This is a pen and paper fan made game that actually happens after the events in MM9. The next day after party completed the last quest of MM9, they realize that their writ of fate is incomplete. The writ ends with sentence “When the next day the Chedians went to visit prince Nicolai…”. Nicolai tells the Chedians about Capstone of Chaos, that installed in Yanmir’s fort, will open a gate to the past – exactly in the same place where Yanmir fall through. They travel back to the past and find themselves in Vori, 1167 A.S. which is about 13 years before. There is a secret that prince doesn’t tell, and eventually party will discover it. On their way the former Chedians get a chance to explore the snowlands of Vori, visit the snowelves and the beautiful towns of Volee, Seelie and Rigard. The game is in progress.

Related Games

The following games were released by 3DO and they also carry the name of Might and Magic, or are a prequel like Kings bounty. Overally they have nothing to do with the Might and Magic history, only some spells and monsters are similar so I will just mention them.

King's Bounty

This RPG game was released in 1990 by New World Computing (later a division of 3DO) and worked out as a basis for the upcoming Heroes series. It tells about a quest to recover the stolen scepter of the King – without it the King is doomed to die. The player can choose a hero from 4 classes: Knight, Paladin, Barbarian and Sorceress to battle against the enemies and finally to get the scepter. There is basically nothing special, but it served as an inspiration for NWC folks to create the Heroes series.

Heroes of Might and Magic: Quest for the Dragon Bone Staff

This is basically an exact copy of the old King’s Bounty, only released about 10 years later with improved graphics. It can be played only on PlayStation 2 so, PC lovers, forget about this game. The storyline is the same, the classes are the same and even the main quest is the same. Unfortunately there’s no hint where or when these events take place.

Crusaders of Might and Magic

This game was released on two platforms, both PC and PlayStation. It’s something like Half-Life, only with medieval elements and magic. In the beginning the main hero Drake wakes up in a prison and is released by Captain Ursan (Ursanian empire in MM9?) and Drake is on his own, later to fight against Necros’ (Nekros in HoMM4?) undead army and travel all around the world. There basically is no real storyline – just get through loads of levels and survive!

Legends of Might and Magic

This is an online game, based in the Might and Magic universe. The main idea of this game is that two teams are fighting against each other. One team is the “good” team and the other is the “evil” team. In the good team the team members are Druid, Sorceress and Paladin, while in the evil team there is Heretic, Archer and Warrior. This might be something like Counter-strike in medieval world. The game has a solid fan base and even today this game can be played online. This game definitely is a good creation of 3DO after the successful MM and HoMM games.

Warriors of Might and Magic

This game is pretty much similar to Crusaders of MM. Playable only on PlayStation 2, it allows the player to command a single hero Alleron to travel, fight and improve skills in his adventures. The story tells that Alleron, guard captain, is accused to be a necromancer and is thrown in the Pit of the Accused where he was supposed to die. Using his special mask, Alleron escapes and fights his way through till the end of the game

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