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Heroes of Might and Magic I

A Strategic Quest

By the release date is the first game of the new Heroes series. The storyline takes place ca. 1110 A.S., on a continent Enroth. The game tells about Lord Ironfist (most probably Morglin Ironfist) who is fighting against barbarian Lord Slayer, sorceress Queen Lamanda and warlock Lord Alamar for the throne of Enroth. The player can choose to play with any of them but Lord Ironfist wins anyway in the end.

Heroes of Might and Magic II

The Succession Wars

This happens 1148-1150 A.S.. Old Morglin Ironfist has just died and he has two sons – Roland (the good guy) and Archibald (the bad guy). Of course, there can be only one king of Enroth and the situation becomes heated very rapidly. Royal sire has to choose which of the two will be the new king but then he dies in an accident, and so do his three replacements later. Archibald who most likely is responsible for these deaths, declares that it is his brother Roland who killed them all. Roland takes a refugee off the royal castle and declares a war against Archibald. At the same time the new sire chooses Archibald as the new king of Enroth. Three years later Roland defeats Archibald and turns him to a stone statue which is placed in the library of Castle Ironfist.

This is a prehistory of Heroes of Might and Magic III. The king of Enroth Roland Ironfist has received a letter from king of Erathia (on continent Antagarich) Nicolas Gryphonheart where Nicolas asked if Roland could marry his only daughter Catherine. They both married and later their son Nicolai was born ca 1151 A.S.

Heroes of Might and Magic III

The Shadow of Death

It is hard to say when exactly this story takes place but it is believed that after the marriage of Roland and Catherine, somewhere 1155 A.S. The story itself is all about aspiration for power. After Roland and Catherine were married, many people moved outward to Antagarich to start a new life. One of them was a young necromancer named Sandro who wished to rule all Antagarich. He has learned that two artofacts Armor of the Damned and Cloak of the Undead King would the wearer give incredible power and ability to summon undead army legions in no time. Unfortunately, these artifacts were split in pieces, so Sandro, pretending to be a wizards’ apprentice, sends on separate quests a barbarian Crag Hack to Krewlod and a druid Gem to Avlee. After they both recover all the pieces, Sandro simply cheats them, giving no reward for their efforts and vanishes. Gem and Crag Hack of course aren’t very happy about that.

At the same time story tells about a wizard Yog who is a mix of genie and a barbarian. He feels that being a wizard in the snowy Bracada isn’t that fun as he was told, and he accepts an offer from a Krewlod lord to join his forces as a barbarian. He runs through the whole Bracada, chased by his former friends, enters Krewlod and after some unexpected adventures reaches his destination. There he receives his next task – to split in pieces the Angelic Alliance – an uber combination of 6 extremely powerful artifacts that give an incredible boost to it’s user. Yog has no serious problems to complete this quest (since the complete Angelic Aliance is in his possession for some time). If only he would know that later he will have to recover these pieces!

At last, Gelu is a young elven archer who wants to become a worthy member of the elite Forest guard. He receives a quest from Lord Faloral of Avlee to recover the lost pieces of Elixir of Life – an artifact that greatly increases army’s toughness. Being an excellent archer, Gelu has no serious problems to complete this quest.

After Sandro gets what he wanted, he decides to start his conquering plans in Deyja which is overrun by necromancers. His major opponent is a warlock Ethric – former teacher of Sandro who was very upset to hear that Sandro has become a necromancer. Having many allies, Ethric still loses to Sandro’s army and the power of the two evil artifacts. The story doesn’t tell it but the next events tell that Ethric most probably was raised as a lich and sent back to Enroth, largest town Free Haven to his own tomb. Somewhere at the same time Sandro had finds a new ally named Finneas Vilmar who looks dumb enough to become a puppet – that’s at least what Sandro thinks. Finneas is installed as the new king of Deyja and together with Sandro they continue the assault on the rest continent.

Meantime, the 4 betrayed heroes in a chain of events finally meet each other and work out a plan how to defeat Sandro. Yog and Crag Hack decide to recover the pieces of the Angelic Alliance, but Gem and Gelu discover that their quest givers Lord Fayette and Lord Falorel have been raised as vampires so their quest is to destroy them. After the 4 heroes succeed in their quests, they meet Sandro, defeat him and destroy the evil artifacts. The 4 heroes split and travel to different directions each.

But Sandro doesn’t want to give up so quickly. He convinces Lord Haart to poison Nicolas Gryphonheart and later starts to conquer Erathia. The Kreegan decide to help him so Eofol and Nighon are at Sandro’s complete disposal. Sandro orders to build a tunnel from Eofol to Nighon to unite the armies (this tunnel appears also in later events). When everything seems fine, the danger threatens from completely the other side – the one Sandro didn’t expect even in his worst nightmares. The puppet-supposed-to-be Finneas Vilmar tricks Sandro and imprisons him, willing to take over Sandro’s idea. Erathia is being invaded from almost all directions. At this depressive moment, we switch the storyline to a different continent.

The Restoration of Erathia

This happens about at the same time when MM6. Erathia is overrun by Eofol and Nighon forces, while Tatalia and Krewlod are fighting against each other for more lands. To be able to defeat the enemies, Queen Catherine has allied with griffins and angels. When Avlee decides to help her, the enemies are finally defeated.

However, there are also other matters happening at the same time. The necromancers from Deyja free Sandro from his prison where he was thrown by Vilmar’s order. Sandro flees to another continent Jadame, town of necromancers Shadowspire. The necromancers get rid of Vilmar himself; and raise the dead Nicolas Gryphonheart as a lich to rule Deyja. Probably the necromancers miscalculated, how powerful and mad the lich is. Realizing that he’s out of control, they ask their enemies Erathia to kill him. In a series of battles both lich Gryphonheart and Lord Haart are killed. After some time, Archibald Ironfist, using the opportunity, installs himself as the new king of Deyja and resides in Castle Gloaming deep underground.

Armageddon’s Blade

This takes place some time after the events in MM7 and just after Escaton captured the elemental lords. The new king of Eofol is Lucifer Kreegan and advised by the dying Xenofex in a letter, he commands his best servant Xenor to gather several artifacts, and then to bring them to the legendary smith Khazandar who will forge Armageddons Blade – an incredibly powerful artifact, which used wrongly, can cause the end of the world. It is interesting that Lucifer’s advisor is Judge Sleen who appears also in MM7 as the representative of Deyja when the adventurers have to choose which side to choose. Later possibly also as Arbiter of Harmondale.

Catherine and Roland Ironfists meet the elf Gelu and unite their forces against the Kreegan and their plans. Still their forces are too weak and they ask the elementals to join them. Armageddon’s Blade is forged and Xenor is wiping out his enemies in seconds. Uniting the forces with elementals, Catherine, Roland and Gelu destroy Xenor and gain the precious artifact. After killing Lucifer and the rest Kreegan forces, Gelu is given the blade and he vanishes in woods. We will see him later…The Kreegan are destroyed and Roland and Catherine Ironfists travel back to Enroth.

Heroes of Might and Magic IV

The intro movie is clear enough – Colony is destroyed when Gelu and Kilgor draw Armageddon’s Blade and Sword of Frost and clash them together. Many people flee through the restored Wire to other worlds. The scene is enough dramatic when several angels are trying to escape several citizens to bring them to portal. The second era of Might and Magic has ended and the third one has just started.

One of these other worlds is Axeoth where many people from Colony fled. Among the survived heroes are prince Nicolai Ironfist, Tarnum, Sandro, Gavin Magnus and several other. It is believed that most of the other heroes including the Ironfists were killed in the Armageddon but nobody actually knows it for sure. The main storyline is divided in several parts and all of them tell how the former Colony citizens are trying to organize new communities in the new world which is mostly overrun by thugs and thieves. The once good wizard Gavin Magnus has gone mad and wants to bring piece to the whole world. In the following manner – to enslave the minds of all people. It is up to the young former Erathian girl Emilia Nighthaven and her advisor and later general Tharj to stop the nutty king. Joined by the best servant of Gavin, genie Solmyr (who realizes the threat) they have to destroy Gavin. Basically in the end Tharj sacrifices himself to divert Gavin’s attention from Emilia’s attempts to him. Seriously wounded in the battle, Emilia Nighthaven destroys Gavin Magnus.

The other stories tell about other communities that are trying to establish a stable situation. The former Erathian Lord Lysander, knighted by none other than Ironfists, is fighting against Sir Worton who claims to be the last remaining Gryphonheart, thus receiving rights to be the new ruler of the new country Palaedra. In another story is told a lovestory among two elves and the third guy (and bad guy) who likes the elf-girl, in elven country Aranorn. Elwin is just a poor druid, at the same time handsome and arrogant. He meets Shaera, daughter of the Elven king Gramin but the best fighter among elves Harke doesn’t like that too much. In many events Elwin is sent to many dangerous tasks where he is not supposed to survive. But he survives and becomes a worthy opponent of Harke. While Elwin is gone in another mission, Harke enslaves the mind of Shaera and marries her. Elwin finds a way to bring back his love but then Harke declares a war against Aranorn. In turns out as a civil war, and Harke in the end is defeated by Elwin. Elwin spares his life and just imprisons him. If that was wise, we don’t know.

In another story we meet Waerjack the barbarian who is son of none other than Tarnum who managed to survive the cataclysm. The two other stories tell about a pirate girl Tawni Balfour who wishes to become the ruler of the Gold Sea and a necromancer named Gauldoth who establishes a new necromancer country Nekross.

Might and Magic 9,5: Trials of Nicolai – see the description before. There was traveling in time, that’s why this confusion!

The Gathering Storm

This tell another stories that happen on the new world of Axeoth. It tells about a mad wizard named Hexis who wants to destroy kingdom Devonshire and later to dominate the world. His opponents are archmage Bohb, bard Agraynel, wizard Kozuss, barbarian Dogwoggle and necromancer Alita who unite their armies to destroy Hexis.

Winds of War

This takes place on the same planet, this time in a new kingdom of Channon. The storyline is pretty simple – the best guy receives the whole credit. The player have to play with five heroes in five campaigns – witch king Spazz Maticus, barbarian Mongo, battlemage Mysterio the Magnificent, beastmaster Erutan Revol and dark lord baron Von Tarkin (Star Wars reference?) and in the sixth to choose one of them to defeat the others and to become the ruler of Channon and capital city Rylos.