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Leather Armour is protective covering of the torso used to prevent damage from being inflicted to a character. It is the lightest of the three types of trunk armour. While leather armour provides less protection than chain mail or plate armour, it also slows the character down the least. Experts experience no recovery penalty.

Leather armour is the trunk armour of choice of the Thief. It is also the best trunk armour of the Assassin and the Bard. All other characters can still become expert at using leather armour.

To wear leather armour, a player character has to learn and develop the Leather skill. Troll, Human, Vampire and Elf Explorers, as well as Ogre, Troll and Vampire Students, can choose to start out with basic knowledge of this skill.


Of the 12 final professions, all can potentially equip leather armour.

mastery professions
grandmaster Thief
master Assassin, Bard
expert Knight, Ranger, Monk, Cleric, Saint, Druid, Runemaster, Sorcerer, Necromancer

List of leather armour

Selection, specifications and flavour texts by Fander Treespook.

leather armour level value armour class flavour text size
Hide Armour 1 150 4 The simplest form of worn armour, hide armours are merely boiled and dried hides from various animals that are strapped on to cover the chest and abdomen. They are very stiff and offer little protection. 2x3
Padded Leather 4 250 6 This leather jerkin has been padded to be more comfortably worn. It has not been particularly well kept, but at least it protects both your front and your back. 3x3
Raider Haketon 8 450 10 Boiled in wax, the leather of this jacket is quite soft. It allows the wearer to perform dexterous actions and have thus become the favourite piece of protection for many an adventurer. 3x3
Blood Cuirass 10 750 18 Only vampires that have passed the test for becoming predators are allowed to wear these extremely solid pair of curates. The armour is commonly called a Blood Cuirass and it seems likely indeed that the name has to do with the dye. 3x3
Imperial Leather 12 1150 24 Somebody is arming for war. Though still to be considered rare, more and more of these superb suits of armour are turning up around Karigor. They are providing the best protection there is to have with leather armour. 3x5
20 25000 29 Odorf the Infamous of Free Haven was the last known owner of this suit of leather armour. Before him, it has been passed from thief to thief for at least 5 generations. Its origin is unknown, but its quite likely that it was made from joint efforts of the thieves guild and the magicians guild in the underground of Free Haven. The gain for the thieves should be obvious, and it is not so hard to see the value of an alliance with the thieves guild from the magicians guild's point of view either. Anyone who can supply rare spell components cheaper than the merchant guilds would be an interesting partner (+25 Armour Class, +10 Stealing, +10 Disarm Trap, +30 Luck). 3x3
30 30000 34 Perfect for the burglar and the stealthy assassin, this leather armour was obviously designed to help the wearer stay out of battle. That is a good thing, because the enchantments of the relic are not so favourable for a thief getting caught in the act (+30 Armour Class, +20 Stealing, +15 Disarm Trap, +100 Luck, -20 Dark, Light and Grey Resistances, -20 Endurance, -10 Body Building, -20 Speed). 3x3