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See spell screen for the individual player character's collection of learned spells

A spellbook teaches the reader a single spell, which (s)he will then always remember. Only player characters with the appropriate skill and mastery of that skill are able to read a spellbook. After read by a single character, the spellbook dissipates and the spell is added to the character's personal spell tome. If reading fails, the book remains.

Spellbooks can be bought in guilds and in magic shops, where the shop level and magic specialization determine what books can be found in such a location. They can also be found as treasure or loot. The grandmaster spellbooks of the path magics Light, Grey and Dark will not be available to the party until certain conditions are met.

All spellbooks have size 2x2 in the inventory.


There are spellbooks for each spell in the game. The subtype, based on the necessary mastery of the magic skill needed to learn the spell, determines the skill level needed to identify or repair a spellbook.


Subtype Elemental and Self magic spellbooks Path magic spellbooks
Initiate's Book of Learning 1 3
Expert's Book of Learning 5 8
Master's Book of Learning 10 14
Grandmaster's Book of Learning 15 19

List of spellbooks

Spellbook Flavour text Value
Book of Mana Bolt A Mana Bolt is a blast of magical energy cast to hurt a single opponent. The bolt always hits and the damage takes the most favourable form from one of the 10 magic schools (Fire Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Ice Bolt, Rock Shard, Spirit Arrow, Shock Wave, Mind Blast, Dark Bolt, Shadow Dart, Light Bolt), depending on the caster's ID Monster and magic skills. 200
Book of Mana Shower Mana Shower spell shoots forth two spinning blades that each does 1 point + 1 point per level in spellcasting of physical damage if they successfully penetrate the armor of the opponent. For every additional magic skill the caster becomes an expert at, two additional blasts, sparks, spikes or sprays are added. They do 1 point + 1 point per spellcasting skill of damage of the type corresponding to the magic skill that produces them. 200
Book of Illuminate Illuminate combines the effect of a Torch Light and a Wizard Eye spell, illuminating the caster in a twofold sense. Duration is half an hour per point of spellcasting skill. Knowledge of the elemental magics determines the strength of the spell in various locations: Fire Magic indoors, Earth Magic underground, Air Magic outdoors and Water Magic underwater and out to sea, and allows the spell to differentiate between friend and foe. Expert level increases brightness and reveals treasure. Master level shows points of interest and has the brightest light, while grandmastery adds to the party's perception. 300
Book of Cure Cure heals 2 hp and attempts to cure any condition from which the target is suffering. Conditions can be cured 3 minutes after they are inflicted per point of skill in spellcasting. Initially, only sleep, drunk, fear and weakness are cured, each for an additional 1 SP. More severe conditions can only be cured if the caster has knowledge in the self magics. Expert Spirit enables the removal of curses, expert Mind removes paralysis and expert Body cures poison, each for an additional 6 SP. A master in Spirit magic can turn stoned characters back to flesh, master Mind can cure insanity and master Body cures diseases, each for 12 SP extra, while mastery of spellcasting is also required. 300
Book of Magic Shield With each magic school the caster has knowledge of, Magic Shield increases the corresponding resistance by 2 points per level of spellcasting. The casting cost of the spell also increases with 2 spell points per additional magic skill known. The duration of the spell is half an hour per point of spellcasting skill. At master level, the spell also grants Protection from Magic and at grandmaster level a Preservation effect is added for the duration of the spell. 500
Book of Mana Pool 1000
Fire Magic
Book of Fire Aura 200
Book of Oil Skin 200
Book of Immolation 500
Book of Fireball 750
Book of Fork 1000
Book of Inferno 2000
Book of Meteor Shower 3000
Book of Incinerate 5000
Air Magic
Book of Jump 200
Book of Fleet Foot 200
Book of Feather Fall 500
Book of Eagle Eye 750
Book of Invisibility 1000
Book of Fly 2000
Book of Implosion 3000
Book of Starburst 5000
Water Magic
Book of Black Ice 200
Book of Enchant 200
Book of Recharge 500
Book of Geyser 750
Book of Frostring 1000
Book of Town Portal 2000
Book of Ice Blast 3000
Book of Lloyd's Beacon 5000
Earth Magic
Book of Stun 200
Book of Tremor 200
Book of Slow 500
Book of Stone Skin 750
Book of Rockblast 1000
Book of Earthbind 2000
Book of Death Blossom 3000
Book of Mass Distortion 5000
Spirit Magic
Book of Bless 200
Book of Turn Undead 200
Book of Luggage 500
Book of Heroism 750
Book of Faith 1000
Book of Raise Dead 2000
Book of Shared Life 3000
Book of Resurrection 5000
Mind Magic
Book of Curse 200
Book of Charm 200
Book of Create Item 500
Book of Enrage 750
Book of Focus 1000
Book of Psychic Shock 2000
Book of Paralyze 3000
Book of Enslave 5000
Body Magic
Book of Heal 200
Book of Create Food 200
Book of Poison 500
Book of Regenerate 750
Book of Deflect 1000
Book of Flying Fist 2000
Book of Disease 3000
Book of Power Cure 5000
Light Magic
Book of Summon 800
Book of Dispel Magic 1200
Book of Day of the Gods 2000
Book of Prismatic Light 3000
Book of Day of Protection 4000
Book of Hour of Power 6000
Book of Sunray 8000
Book of Divine Intervention 10000
Grey Magic
Book of Incognito 800
Book of Illusion 1200
Book of Blind 2000
Book of Teleport 3000
Book of Phasing 4000
Book of Doppleganger 6000
Book of Hailstorm 8000
Book of Time Gate 10000
Dark Magic
Book of Death Ripple 800
Book of Shrinking Ray 1200
Book of Shrapmetal 2000
Book of Control Undead 3000
Book of Dragonbreath 4000
Book of Pain Reflection 6000
Book of Souldrinker 8000
Book of Armageddon 10000