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Chain Mail is made of small metal rings that are linked together to form a protective armour for the torso. Like the lighter leather armour and the heavier plate armour, it is used to prevent damage from being inflicted to a character. The weight of the chain mail visibly slows the wearer down, until they become a master in its use.

Chain mail is the trunk armour of choice of the Ranger.

To wear chain mail, a player character has to learn and develop the Chain skill. Basic knowledge of this skill is not available at the start, but must be acquired later.


Of the 12 final professions, 8 can potentially equip chain mail.

mastery professions
grandmaster Ranger
master Knight
expert Assassin, Thief, Cleric, Runemaster, Necromancer
normal Saint

List of chain mail

Selection, specifications and flavour texts by Fander Treespook.

chain mail level value armour class flavour text size
Rusty Chain Mail 1 400 8 A suit of chain mail typically consists of 20.000 or more metal rings riveted together. In this particular case, most of them are rather rusty. In addition to reducing the durability of the mail, this decreases flexibility, further adding to the discomfort of wearing the heavy iron suit. 3x4
Steel Haubergeon 5 600 12 Longer than the average chain mail, the haubergeon offers a bit more protection. It is probably of elven make and might have evolved from the very long hauberk armour developed during the later stages of the Timber Wars around 750 AS. 3x5
Noble Chain Mail 10 900 18 This is a high quality suit of chain mail, light and strong and magically enhanced. Dating back to the reign of Taledon V, it was a cavalry officer's official armour. 3x4
Black Mail 15 1300 26 In 1011 AS the Dark Dwarves of Jadame ordered five hundred suits of custom-made Black Mail from the Black Forge Dwarves of Ryft. The Dark Dwarves were not to pay for the favour. Instead they offered not to invade. The Black Mail delivery of course was done on time... with elite Black Forge warriors inside them. 3x4
Armourers Guild Mail 20 1800 36 Armourers in Alvar have recently discovered a new and extremely strong siertal alloy. To keep the secret and maximize their profit, they have formed a guild. This excellent suit of chain mail is the prime product of the Alvarian Armourers Guild. 3x5
20 25000 48 Forged by Mekorig the Blind, this chain armour and a spear called Gibbet were made to end the Age of Monsters and promote the Age of Man. Whether or not the two artifacts played a decisive role in the change of ages can only be speculated upon, but at least the Mendes chain armour seems to have survived throughout time and in perfect condition too (+40 Armour Class, +5 Armsmaster, wearer immune to paralysis and stone effects). 3x3
30 20000 53 Those observing a person donning this suit of armour have often exclaimed that the wearer suddenly seems to be possessed by demons, fires flaring within their eyes, jaws biting tightly shut and determined grimaces appearing on their faces. Pazuzu seems to be changing owners rather too quickly to be good news for anyone interested in claiming it, yet once donned, nobody seems willing to part with it (+45 Armour Class, of Spirit, +20 Might, +20 Endurance, -10 Meditation, -10 Self Resistances, -50 Luck). 3x3