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A sword is a long, sharp blade, a weapon that is typically used to inflict large cuts. It is one of the weapons of choice of the Knight. Sword masters can carry a sword in their left hand and therefore often wield two swords; combinations with other weapons, especially spear or dagger, are also common. Others might prefer sword and shield, or a large two-handed sword.

To use a sword, a player character has to learn and develop the Sword skill. Explorers start out with basic knowledge of this skill.

There are many different swords, split into four subtypes: longsword, cutlass, broadsword and two-handed sword.


Of the 12 final professions, 7 can equip a sword.

mastery professions
grandmaster Knight
master Ranger, Assassin, Thief
expert Monk, Bard, Necromancer

List of swords

Selection, specifications and flavour texts by Fander Treespook.

sword level value damage flavour text size
longsword (right-handed; masters also left-handed)
Common Longsword 1 50 3d3 A simple sword produced with minimum effort, the pommel is just a bit too heavy for the sword to be well balanced. There is not even a maker's mark on the ricasso. 1x5
Steel Longsword 3 200 3d3+3 Heavier near the base than the average longsword, this sword has a shorter optimal reach, with the point of percussion close to the center of the blade. However, its sturdy, well balanced design makes it an effective weapon nonetheless. 1x5
Baskethilt Saber 6 350 3d3+6 Top of their class graduates from the Circle of Steel in Soronne are awarded such swords on their day of graduation. It's a weapon of finesse and speed, designed for the quick and agile, rather than the brute. 1x5
Bastardsword 9 500 3d3+9 The bastardsword is longer and heavier than the normal longsword. It can still be effectively wielded in one hand by a skilled swordswoman, but she has the option to put more power into her swings by using both hands. 1x5
Mekorig Sword 12 650 3d3+12 Mekorig the Blind may have been the most skilled weaponsmith known since the Silence. Some three hundred years ago his forge produced many high-quality items. This particularly fine sword bears the master's own monogram. 1x5
20 20000 3d3+10 Also called the 'Black Blade', Nandaka sucks the lifeforce from its victims, transferring some of it to the wielder. The weapon has shown up all over Colony at irregular intervals, and it is not unlikely that once its reappearance becomes known, agents from several guilds will immediately set out for it (+10 to hit, 3d3+10 damage, +20 points of Dark damage, Vampiric). 1x5
30 20000 3d3+15 Arondight was the sword of Sir Spearlittle, favorite knight of King David Gryphonheart. Crafted for a noble knight, the swords enchantments even discourage the wielder from less noble acts by penalizing their chance of success. These enchantments obviously weren't enough for Sir Spearlittle, though. He was caught in bed with the Queen of Gryphonheart herself (+15 to hit, 3d3+15 damage, +5 Plate, +25 Speed, +25 Accuracy, -20 Stealing, -10 Disarm, -30 Luck). 1x5
cutlass (right-handed; masters also left-handed)
Goblin Panga 1 50 2d4 As much a large jungle knife as a refined weapon, this heavy cutting implement is the favourite 'tool' of the fierce jungle goblins, both for hunting, warfare and simply cutting through the underbrush. 1x5
Pirate Saber 5 300 2d4+5 The Sea of Mist is an unforgiving place and the pirates of the mist must be prepared for everything from routine mutiny to facing the dreaded Sendark. Thus, their weapons are of excellent quality. 1x5
Revered Scimitar 10 600 2d4+11 These weapons are rare indeed, usually reserved someone or something marked by a demon. The blade is pure erudine, the ornamentation is gold and the jewels are rubies. 1x5
30 15000 2d4+10 Believed to be forged by an unknown artificer, this relic was first identified by the Brotherhood in 432 AS. It was later sold to pirates and used by them during the chasing of the trolls from Regna. Though a very quick weapon well suited for swashbuckling, Tyrfings speed is hard to control and its wielder will suffer both in accuracy and defense (+10 to hit, 2d4+10 damage, Swift, +5 ID Item, +30 Speed, -10 Accuracy, -10 all Resistances, -10 Armour Class). 1x5
broadsword (right-handed; masters also left-handed)
Worn Broadsword 1 100 3d4 Old and worn, this sword has seen better days. Still its iron handguard and steel blade makes it rather sturdy. Even the leather on the handle is held in place by steel wire. 1x5
Nobleman's Sword 4 300 3d4+4 The ebony handle and the purplewood pommel and crossbar gives this blade away as a weapon of nobility. Its short, heavy blade may have reduced reach and is thus unsuitable for thrusting, but it chops as leathally as any sword. 1x5
Celestial Broadsword 9 600 3d4+10 Ever since Magnus II founded his city in the clouds in 499 AS, the angels, his elite city guard, have carried these magnificent swords. It would be blasphemous to have one of them touch the ground. 1x5
20 15000 3d4+12 Heavy, yet seemingly light as a feather in skilled hands, Caliburn confers great might upon its wielder. Opponents do not easily walk away from blows struck by this weapon (+12 to hit, 3d4+12 damage, +30 Might). 1x5
20 20000 3d4+13 Crafted for Roland Charleston by the giantling Sudnumtu, the Durandal sword is rumored to be unbreakable. Further, the stories tell that when Sir Charleston was defeated he tried to strike the sword on a stone so it would break and not fall into the hands of the enemy. When he couldn't destroy it this way, he threw it away, hoping it would not be found (+13 to hit, 3d4+13 damage, +10 Endurance, +10 Body Building, +10 Armour Class). 1x5
20 30000 3d4+14 Reforged from the shards of Balmung, this sword is of the utmost quality. Made primarily to battle dragons, the weapon also delivers bolts of magical damage upon wounding any kind of opponent (+14 to hit, 3d4+14 damage, of Dragon Slaying, of Mana Bolts). 1x5
two-handed sword (two-handed)
Two-Handed Sword 1 400 4d5 A sword of very simple design and quality. The blade has been forged without fullers and the hardwood handle seems a bit too rough to be comfortably gripped for any length of time. 1x6
Mercenary Greatsword 3 500 4d5+2 Entirely steel, except from the leather grip, this is a quality sword. The extra long handle makes it slightly easier to wield compared to other two-handed swords and might well be the reason why it is so popular among roaming bands of sell-swords. 1x6
Paladin Defender Sword 8 800 4d5+8 When Marduk was the capital of the world, the elite city guard was equipped with impractical ceremonial weapons designed for show more than use. However, the Paladins did have other weapons as well, and this is a remnant of their arsenal. 2x6
The Flambard 12 1000 4d5+12 The wavy flame blade of the Flambard has been the cause of a millenium long dispute. No scientific proof has been presented that the blade design gives the wielder any other advantage than the psychological. Asking the smith seems impossible, since linguists have interpreted the small engravings on the blade as reading: 'Property of VARN IV'. 2x6
20 35000 4d5+18 The son of Duke Regnier, Oliver fought alongside his father at the battle of Shimengard in 902 AS. Was it not for the sword Hauteclaire and his own ability at using it, Oliver may not have been able to save his father in that battle, yet they both prevailed and successfully defended the duchy (+18 to hit, 4d6+18 damage, +10 Repair, +5 Merchant). 2x6