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A spear is a pole weapon that consists of a shaft and one or several sharpened, pointy heads. It is typically used to skewer an opponent; spears in Might and Magic Tribute are not thrown. Masters of the spear can wield spears one-handed, but the two-handed use of a spear yields extra damage. The spear is one of the weapons of choice of the Knight, who often uses it in combination with a sword in the left hand.

To use a spear, a player character has to learn and develop the Spear skill. Ogre, Human and Elf Explorers can choose to start out with basic knowledge of this skill.

There are three subtypes of the spear: spear, halberd and trident.


Of the 12 final professions, 6 can potentially equip an axe.

mastery professions
grandmaster Knight
master Ranger, Assassin
expert Thief, Monk, Bard

List of spears

Selection, specifications and flavour texts by Fander Treespook.

spear level value damage flavour text size
spear (two-handed, for 1d9 extra damage; masters also right-handed)
Bamboo Spear 1 15 1d9 An eight-foot length of bamboo, sharpened by a simple bevel cut is neither elegant nor durable. Then again, against an unarmoured foe, it can be quite deadly. 1x9
Warthog Spear 2 60 1d9+1 A warthog hunter will say hunting warthogs is easy. You simply tease the animal into attacking you, then set your spear firmly and let it impale itself. A sturdy crosspiece is vital, however, otherwise the animal will run up the entire length of the spear to get at you. 1x9
Alvarian Long Spear 5 250 1d9+5 The magnificiently wrought phylt and steel alloy spearhead of this perfectly balanced elven weapon clearly marks it a product of the dark-elven smiths of Alvar. 1x9
Barbed Spear 9 450 1d9+9 The tip of this spear has multiple barbs that make the weapon harder to pull from a victim. This is the design of the weapon and a strong wielder thus deals further damage whn pulling it out. If it cannot be pulled, the spear is so heavy that it will impede its victims movements. Some warriors even throw the spear into their opponents shield before engaging in close combat, thus rendering the shield too heavy for effective use. 1x9
Grandeur Spear 12 650 1d9+13 This spear is among the few still existing weapons produced in the Heavenly Forge before it broke down. Those weapons were always very beautiful and at the same time very efficient, much like civilization in the days of the Governor. 1x9
Gae Bolg
20 40000 1d9+18 Probably one of the most fearsome weapons ever crafted, the Gae Bolg belonged to the mighty gladiator Butch Lain of Soronne. Inhumanly strong and agile and with a stamina unmatched, it is said nobody could beat Butch in a duel, even if he did not use the Gae Bolg. The spear was always his last resort and for good reason. One does not become a popular gladiator from putting tiny darts of pain through the entire body of ones opponent upon every hit with the weapon (+18 to hit, 3d9+18 damage, +25 Points of Body damage). 1x9
30 15000 1d9+12 A mysterious weapon of unknown origin, Nirrti is unlike any other weapon known, both in properties and design. Amongst the superstitious, it has been concluded that the relic must come from another world entirely (+12 to hit, 3d9+12 damage, of Immolation, -20 Elemental Resistances). 1x9
halberd (two-handed, for 1d9 extra damage; masters also right-handed)
Halberd 1 200 3d6 The Halberd is a combination of the two earliest weapons, the axe and the spear, making it a versatile weapon. It needs a bit of space to perform properly, though. 2x9
Guardsman's Halberd 6 400 3d6+5 Quite heavy at the blade end, this halberd is best suited as a preventive display in the hands of castle guards and the like. Nevertheless, the blade, spike and hook is not just for good looks. 2x9
Elven Glaive 12 700 3d6+10 The Elven Glaive is a fearsome weapon in itself with its scimitar-like blade. Imagine this implement pointing out towards you from every Elven Formation Shield in the awe-inspiring Cascadin shield walls. 2x9
20 30000 3d6+14 The Church of the Stars has never been popular with neither the Church of the Moon, nor the Church of the Sun, but one High Priest of the Moon, Ivan Guan'di, went as far as to equip a Black Knight with this specially forged weapon named after himself and commanded him to lead an attack against the Church of the Stars. The attack was never reported to have taken place, however, and it is suspected that despite the weapon's resistance towards grey magic, Runemasters were able to distract the Black Knight with their subtle magics and get rid of him (+14 to hit, 3d6+14 damage. +10 Points of Dark damage, +30 Endurance, +20 Grey Resistance). 2x9
trident (two-handed, for 1d9 extra damage; masters also right-handed)
Crude Trident 1 100 2d6 The trident is a weapon made from a legend. The legend tells of sea-dwelling creatures called tritons, wielding hayfork-like implements as weapons. 2x9
Lizardman Trident 6 400 2d6+6 The Lizardmen of the Dagger Wound Islands in the south are very skilled spearmakers. This design is an especially vicious trident with backwards pointing barbes that can cause extra damage when the weapon is pulled from its victim. 2x9
Regnan Trident 12 700 2d6+12 Far to the south there is an island inhabited by pirates rumored to be far worse than any encountered in the Sea of Mist. This vile trident, jutting dragon turtle fangs for tines, is supposed to be their defensive weapon. One can wonder what horrors they would employ for the attack. 2x9
20 20000 2d6+12 At its height, the triton empire not only included all the seas from coast to coast, it also claimed sovereignty over the depths of the ocean. Even for a triton, the ocean gets dark down there, and the brightly glowing gem embedded at the root of the fork of the weapon seems to support the claim that the tritons ventured into deep waters. The gem constantly shines equivalent to a Torch Light spell when the trident is equipped (+12 to hit, 2d6+12 damage, +10 Spirit damage, +20 Magic, of Torch Light). 2x9