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A shield is a protective board carried in one hand used to prevent spells, arrows or melee weapons to (fully) hit the body of a character. Equipping a shield means that only the right hand remains to equip an offensive weapon. In Might and Magic Tribute, shields are always carried in the left hand.

Shields are typically either round or squarish, or elongated. Their weight slows a character down somewhat, until they become experts at using this type of armour. Very skilled characters can use a shield to make an occasional bashing attack.

The shield is an armour of choice of the Knight. It is also a preference of the Ranger and the Cleric.

To use a shield, a player character has to learn and develop the Shield skill. Human, Vampire and Genie Explorers can choose to start out with basic knowledge of this skill.


Of the 12 final professions, 10 can potentially equip a shield.

mastery professions
grandmaster Knight
master Ranger, Cleric
expert Assassin, Thief, Monk, Bard, Saint, Druid, Runemaster

List of shields

Selection, specifications and flavour texts by Fander Treespook.

shield level value armour class flavour text size
Iron Knuckler 1 100 4 No more than the boss of a much larger shield, the knuckler does not protect much more than the name implies. Judging by the poor condition of the iron, the rest of the shield might have rotted away. 2x2
Melee Shield 4 200 6 Contrary to the crossgrip of many larger shields, the single centergrip offered by this shield allows the user to hold the shield out and away from his body. An attacker would see less of the user and have a harder time reaching around the shield. 3x3
Sun Shield 8 300 8 Beautifully decorated, these shields are often mistaken for property of the Church of the Sun. However, the same decorations give it away. Stately officials of the Sun clergy would never have settled for brass. 3x3
Saint Tork Shield 12 450 12 St. Tork the Mild founded Tork the Mild's Staff on the principle that violence is an act of last resort. Thus, the shield became his emblem. This shield is a replica of St. Tork the Mild's emblem. 4x4
Crystal Shield 16 750 18 This shield bears the crystal symbol of the Order of the Shield, a band of sell-swords based in Terrax that hire themselves out as caravan guards and bodyguards. 4x4
Oxhide Shield 1 200 6 Cured oxhides have been stretched over wooden framework to produce this shield. Paints in many colours have been used to decorate it. The shield may look good, but it does not offer much protection. 2x4
Military Hoplon 4 300 7 A crossgrip shield with the forearm strap in the center and the handle near the rim, this shield was designed for formation use. The design would also encourage the shield bearer to keep the formation, as the shield makes for poor protection in single combat. 3x4
Elite Tower Shield 8 400 9 Cast from a phylt and steel alloy, these shields are extremely strong and long-lived. Usually, only elite soldiers have the training to effectively use these rather heavy shields in battle. 2x6
Elven Formation Shield 12 500 13 An elven shield wall will consist of multitudes of these magnificent shields with another multitude of Elven Glaives protruding from the openings on the side. The only thing to break the pattern will be the occasional right-handed shield carrier with the opening on the other side of her shield. 3x6
Rebel Shield 16 800 19 Little knowledge remains of the equipment used by the rebels against the governorship in the first century after the Silence. However, the quality of the arms and armour of the governor's troops is well known and it is therefore likely that the rebels also had access to fairly good equipment. It is believed that this shield, made from an unknown material, is such an item. 4x6
20 25000 31 The magnificent Shield of David Gryphonheart, Pridwen is ornately carved and fitting a king. Lost from the Gryphonheart royal regalia some time during the 8th century, its theft is believed to be part of the promotion of some Black Knight. Of course, no Black Knight would want to be seen carrying the shield of a Gryphonheart, so it would have been done away with after the promotion was fulfilled (+25 Armour class, of Deflection, +5 Shield, of Shielding). 4x4
30 15000 24 Crafted by the Church of the Moon during the War of the Dove and the Crow, at least 9 such shields were reportedly completed. Most of them are probably still kept by the Moon disciples, but they have not been officially accounted for (+20 Armour class, +50 Light Resistance, +30 Fire Resistance, -10 all other Resistances). 3x3