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A dagger is a short, sharp blade, a weapon that is typically used to stab and inflict deep wounds, or to cut a throat from behind. It is the weapon of choice of the Assassin. It is also the best weapon of the Runemaster. Dagger experts can carry a dagger in their left hand and therefore often wield two daggers. A dagger is also a fine secondary weapon when another type of weapon is held in the character's right hand.

To use a dagger, a player character has to learn and develop the Dagger skill. Genie and Vampire Explorers can choose to start out with basic knowledge of this skill.

There are two subtypes of the dagger: dagger and long dagger.


Of the 12 final professions, 10 can potentially equip a dagger.

mastery professions
grandmaster Assassin
master Thief, Bard, Runemaster
expert Knight, Ranger, Monk, Druid, Sorcerer, Necromancer

List of daggers

Selection, specifications and flavour texts by Fander Treespook.

dagger level value damage flavour text size
dagger (right-handed; experts also left-handed)
Hunting Knife 1 10 2d2 Primarily intended for the skinning of prey, this single-edged knife also makes a handy spare weapon if the hunter's primary weapon is dropped or rendered useless. 1x3
Vampire Dirk 2 100 2d2+2 The vampire is a stealthy creature and so needs a small weapon. This steel dagger is small enough to be concealed in the sleeve of a robe. The grip is not bloodstained, it's red mahogany. 1x3
Assassin's Stiletto 4 200 2d2+4 Small, so that it can easily be concealed, the Assassin's Stiletto is the companion of every Shadow Tower trainee. Made from dark metal, the blade of the weapon is further treated by a coal and grease mixture to keep light from reflecting off its surface. 1x3
Switchblade Stiletto 6 300 2d2+6 The ultimate weapon for concealment, the entire blade of this knife retracts into the handle when the spring is compressed by use of a lever on the side. A small button releases the blade with such force it will fully penetrate unprotected tissue. There's no safety mechanism so do not put this blade into your pocket... 1x2
35 50000 2d2+50 A more perfect weapon has never been seen on Colony. Made from pure obsidian, the knife looks simple, yet the craftmanship required to make it is beyond anything known. It must be a proof that the treasure revealed by the obelisk riddle indeed belonged to an Ancient or at least a person standing in high regard with the Ancients (+20 to hit, 2d2+50 damage). 1x3
30 15000 2d2+8 Living up to its nickname 'Poison Tongue', this dagger deals its venom to both victim and wielder. So many humans and elves were poisoned in the Battle for Morning in 970 AS, that it is believed the Assassins Guild employed this weapon for the first time during that battle. A treacherous item, Bricriu is even rumored to affect the reputation of the carrier, making the prevailing emotions toward him or her stronger or even abruptly changing it (+8 to hit, 2d2+8 damage, +15 Points of poison damage, randomly inflicts the poison condition on victim or wielder, affects Reputation). 1x3
long dagger (right-handed; experts also left-handed)
Long Dagger 1 15 2d3 A compromise of speed and reach, the long dagger is a hybrid of knife and sword. Purists will claim it an inadequate weapon, lacking the damage potential of the sword and the stealth of the dagger. 1x4
Halfling Stinger 3 150 2d3+3 A good sword in the hands of a halfling, this blade is merely a long knife to you. It's of good quality, but still a piece of steel and it won't turn blue, even if it's used for goblinshaving. 1x4
Ceremonial Beladau 5 250 2d3+5 A rather clumsy weapon by design the convex blade of the vampire Ceremonial Beladau is enchanted to keep cuts from closing naturally. It is this enchantment also that keeps the blade ever sharp. As a weapon, this dagger is held upside down and used to make slashing cuts rather than the normal thrusting or stabbing styles of dagger fighting. 1x4
Serpent Blade 7 350 2d3+7 The handguard of this strange dagger is an imitation of a snake head and the blade represents the serpent's tongue. Inside the snake head there is room for two ampoules of poison. Each can be crushed so that the poison seeps out onto the blade by pressing the corresponding eye. 1x4
Taming Sari
20 15000 2d3+7 Created for a greedy halfling thief called Tripwire Hawktalon this artifact may seem the ultimate protection from springing a deadly trap. It protects the wielder by a Preservation spell that activates at the moment the hit points falls below zero, and it lasts for half an hour. Of course, this will only postpone death, but gives an aide time to heal the wounds. Tripwire, however, seems to have misjudged the importance of friends and allies… (+7 to hit, 2d3+7 damage, +5 points of Fire damage, of Preservation). 1x4
20 10000 2d3+8 Made in the early days of the thief guild of Free Haven a long time ago, it has been said that this weapon was enchanted for a guild leader who wanted to make sure his weapon would do at least some kind of damage to all but the most prepared of intruders. He was said to have been more than just a bit paranoid, this guild leader (+8 to hit, 2d3+8 damage, +5 Points of Mind, Earth and Grey damage). 1x4