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A bow consists of wooden limbs and a string. It is the only ranged weapon type in Might and Magic Tribute. A bow is used to shoot sharp-pointed arrows or bolts that can penetrate the enemy's body by the force of the shot. The use of special ammunition can cause extra damage. The bow is a weapon of choice of the Ranger.

To use a bow, a player character has to learn and develop the Bow skill. Human, Elf and Genie Explorers, as well as Human, Vampire and Elf Students, can choose to start out with basic knowledge of this skill.

There are two subtypes of the bow: crossbow and bow.

For the purposes of gameplay, a player does not need to put the bow into the hands of a player character, and any items already in the hands of a player character remain equipped.


Of the 12 final professions, all can potentially equip a bow.

mastery professions
grandmaster Ranger
master Knight, Assassin, Monk
expert Thief, Bard, Cleric, Runemaster
normal Saint, Druid, Sorcerer, Necromancer

List of bows

Selection, specifications and flavour texts by Fander Treespook.

bow level value damage flavour text size
crossbow (ranged)
Hand Crossbow 1 50 4d2 This light crossbow can be aimed and fired by one hand, however cocking it requires the use of both hands and makes it a rather slow weapon after all. 2x5
Sturdy Crossbow 3 200 4d2+3 The strong siertal bowspan of this good quality crossbow is cocked by use of a belt-hook. It does not have the effective range of the longbow, but is much easier to use. 2x5
Arbalest 7 300 4d2+5 So big and heavy is this crossbow that it's a common joke among seasoned soldiers to call it the Handheld Siege Engine, or Arm Ballista. 2x5
Demoniac Crossbow 10 400 4d2+7 Equipped with a hand crank and shaft sights, these exceptional crossbows are superior to all that have come before. They are made in the image of their creators, the demoniacs. 2x5
30 30000 4d2+10 Originally created to be a weapon mounted on top of caravan wagons, the testing of the devastating weapon in actual combat proved rather fatal when the operator released it into the roof of his own wagon after being hit in the back by an enemy arrow. All that was left after the carnage was the crossbow itself, and the concept was not further developed. As it is intended for mounting, only the very strong can use this crossbow as a hand-held weapon. The Pinaka cannot be loaded with other bolts than those it magically creates when cocked (+10 to hit, 4d2+10 damage, of Carnage, +50 Accuracy, -50 Magic, requires Might 50 to use, of Force). 2x5
bow (ranged)
Rowan Flatbow 1 100 5d2 This is one of four bows the bowyer gets from cleaving a 6 foot by 6 thumb log of rowan with two perpendicular cuts down the length of the timber. The springy outer wood becomes the back of the bow and the harder wood nearer the core its belly. 2x7
Kalimar Recurve 3 200 5d2+2 Originally produced for the Kalimar city guard over many decades, the recurve bow is smaller and handier than the average longbow. It still retains the power of these other bows, and is even slightly easier to pull. 2x7
Snow-Elf Hornbow 6 300 5d2+4 The Snow-Elves of Vori construct their powerful composite bows with a wooden core. Pieces of blue dragon horn makes up the belly layer and strips of sinew the back layer. Lastly, Snow-Elves always adorn their bows with pieces of fur. 2x7
Dark-Elf Warbow 9 400 5d2+6 Wood, steel and bone make up the layers of this strong, accurate and perfectly balanced composite longbow. There is no disputing that this bow is of Alvarian make. 2x7
Mogredbone Bow 12 500 5d2+8 The Mogred is massive and so are its ribs. The bowyer that sets his mind on turning such a bone into a bow has taken a demanding task upon himself. You currently hold the results of a successfully completed labor of such a kind. 2x7
20 25000 5d2+10 Rumoured to have been created by the mystic Ranavu for the dark-elf Urjana so that he could beat the famous Brennan Morland in an archery contest, the Gandiva was enchanted to increase the shooter's aim. Ranavu, being an adept water magic user, also imbued the weapon with water-related magics. There seems to have been a side-effect from the enchantment process, however, as there is a 5% chance per shot fired that the bow will also discharge a Ring of Frost spell. Maybe Urjana found this out on his way to the contest, for he never showed up. Whether he decided to stay away as not to harm his opponent or was otherwise kept from coming will never be known for certain (+10 to hit, 5d2+10 damage, +25 Accuracy, +10 Water damage, +10 Water Resistance, of Frost Rings). 2x7
30 25000 5d2+12 Almost certainly produced in the Heavenly Forge, this magnificent weapon surely dates back to the Time of Wonders. The user of the bow feels enhanced in every way and gains so much confidence in the use of just this weapon that it negatively affects the skills with all other weapons (+12 to hit, 5d2+12 damage, of the Gods, +10 Bow, -5 all other combat skills). 2x7