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A mace consists of a short handle with a heavy end. It is a weapon that is typically used to hit vital body parts and possibly stun or even paralyze the opponent. The mace is the weapon of choice of the Thief, and also the best weapon of the Cleric.

To use a mace, a player character has to learn and develop the Mace skill. Ogre, Troll and Vampire Explorers can choose to start out with basic knowledge of this skill.

There are two subtypes of the mace: mace and hammer.


Of the 12 final professions, 8 can potentially equip a mace.

mastery professions
grandmaster Thief
master Knight, Assassin, Cleric
expert Ranger, Monk, Bard, Saint

List of maces

Selection, specifications and flavour texts by Fander Treespook.

mace level value damage flavour text size
mace (right-handed)
Thug's Mace 1 50 2d4 The differences between this simple mace and a club are few. The mace has the weight more correctly distributed. Any victim probably will attest to that. 1x5
Troll Kerrie 3 150 2d4+3 Made of hardwood, polished and sometimes even ornamented, these maces are often considered by troll warriors a symbol of mercy. That is, however, not due to its lack of spikes. Rather, the kind of mercy given by this weapon would be putting a lethally wounded companion out of his misery. 1x5
Zealot Mace 6 400 2d4+5 A rather common mace of very good quality, this is the favorite weapon when clergy fights clergy. 1x5
Gryphonheart Mace 9 600 2d4+8 This weapon is made to be effective in large battles. Whereas flanged weapons tend to get stuck in flesh and armour, the polished, heavy head of this mace bounces off after impact, enabling a skilled user to damage more foes in a shorter amount of time. 1x5
Holy Water Sprinkler 12 800 2d4+11 The sprinkling of Holy Water has long been a ritual performed by the Church of the Sun as protection from evil spirits. Sometimes a ceremony is not enough and physical action is called for. This is how the ritual weapon of the Church of the Sun, the flail, got its symbolic name. 1x5
20 30000 2d4+13 Also called the 'Smasher of Thousands', this mace was employed by the Phynaxian Dragoons during the Timber Wars, where it literally smashed thousands of elves. The weapon was finally captured by the elves and brought to Pierpont for destruction in 788 AS and was never since seen. Holding this very artifact right here, right now, you seem to have proven the tales wrong (+13 to hit, 2d4+13 damage, +20 Magic, of Elf-, Halfling-, Dwarf-, and Genieslaying). 1x5
30 20000 2d4+15 The prime symbol of power and intimidation for the Guild of Muggers in the first half of the 8th century AS, Kaumodaki instilled fear in the heart of many a merchant and caravaneer. A joint campaign of several trading guilds ultimately saw the extinction of the Guild of Muggers in 794 AS. It seems that the Kaumodaki made somebody a big profit afterwards (+15 to hit, 2d4+15 damage, doubles a master or grandmasters chance to stun or paralyze, 5% chance per successful attack to stun or paralyze the wielder). 1x5
hammer (right-handed)
Gnoll Hammer 1 120 2d5 The smith got this weapon all wrong. To make the warrior able to wield its great weight the length of the haft was sacrificed instead of adding a counterweight. Thus, it has very short reach and is rather awkward to use. 2x4
Cavalry Hammer 4 300 2d5+3 Complete with a leather-bound handle and a small besagew, the secondary weapon of the cavalrist is quite efficient in itself. The head is well balanced between the flat end and the pick. 2x4
War Hammer 7 500 2d5+6 A gruesome weapon, the war hammers' blunt teeth are designed for cracking unprotected skulls without sticking. The pick at the opposite end is for piercing helmets and the top spike for thrusting. 2x4
Holy Hammer 10 700 2d5+9 Magically constructed from kergar and exotic wood by the Church of the Moon, these hammers are never given to anyone but their most loyal members. 2x4
Ogre Maul 12 900 2d5+12 When the wild ogres of Algol make weapons, they do not stop to think about making them useable for other races. Thus, even though this is a perfectly balanced weapon, you need to be quite strong to wield it effectively. The haft has excellent grip, but is simply too thick for a weakling to get a proper hold of. 2x5
30 30000 2d5+15 Thunder rolls over the battlefield when the mighty Aghor is swung by a worthy wielder. Upon every successful hit, the weapon discharges an electrical bolt which further wounds its unfortunate victim. Though not the item called 'Mekorig's Hammer', this weapon is still believed to be forged by the famous artificer (+15 to hit, 2d5+15 damage, +25 Points of electrical damage, +20 Air Resistance, +20 Earth Resistance, -10 all stats, -50 Hit Points). 2x5