Soronne (province)

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Soronne is located central-east in the near south of Karigor. It is the most populated province and is likely to be visited often by the party.

Neigbouring maps are Ryft (province) (west), Nannaria (northwest), Typhon Expanse (northeast), Sea of Mist (east), Etanasfeld (southeast) and Serenity (southwest).




  • Gathis, the district southeast
  • Soronne, the capital in the center
  • Turrel, the district northeast


  • Brass Sea, the sea to the north
  • Ebony, the river flowing through the southwest corner of Soronne
  • Sea of Mist, the sea to the east

Monsters (surface)

  • Pirates (Pirate, Pirate Captain, Pirate Admiral)
  • River Snakes (River Snake, Lightning Snake, Ebony Snake)
  • Robbers (Robber, Highwayman, Ring Leader]]
  • Soldiers (Soldier, Sergeant, Officer)
  • Werewolves (Werewolf, Grisly Werewolf, Werewolf King, Vilx)


Butterflies, Birds, Fish



  • Obelisk #9
  • Central Fountain (Town Portal destination)
  • Random Contest (+5 Skillpoints once to characters that have 50 in the required statistic)
  • Flame of Bless (+10 to chance-to-hit for 3 hours, or until rest or travel)
  • Flame of Body Resistance (+20 to Body Resistance for 6 hours, or until rest or travel)
  • Fountain of +20 Spellpoints (Replenishes 20 spellpoints, maximum 50 charges, recharge 10 per day)
  • Fountain of +10 Magic (Temporarily +10 Magic for 2 days or until rest or travel)
  • Well of +30 Endurance (Temporarily +30 Endurance for 2 days or until rest or travel)
  • Fountain of +30 Self Resistance (Temporarily +30 Self Resistance for 2 days or until rest or travel)



The neighbouring province Nannaria (northwest) can be reached on foot overland, which takes 5 days. Ryft (west) can be reached on foot in one day only by passing from the Spidersil Mines into the Stalt Mines after completion of the Underground Railroad quest.

The other neighbouring provinces cannot be reached overland from Soronne in any way.


Coaches of the Tower Express leave for Nannaria, Heronport on Thursdays and Sundays, return trips on Mondays and Thursdays. These trips all take 2 days. A Nightriders coach leaves for Nannaria, M'Akal on Tuesdays, to start the return trip on Fridays. This ride takes 2½ days in each direction.


The St. Nicholas will enter Soronne from Serenity and continue downstream into Ryft. Both passages take 3 days.


There are two docks in Soronne: the Ogre Docks and the Naval Base.

At the start of the game, four Ogre coasters are waiting in Etanasfeld. They will start sailing along the coast of Etanasfeld, Soronne and Goetia once the pirates have been dealt with. A trip from Soronne to Etanasfeld (Tuesdays and Fridays) takes two days, to Goetia (Fridays) three.

On Thursdays, a ship sails from the Ogre Docks to the Arena on the Sea of Mist. It sails back on Tuesdays. The trip takes two days in both directions. However, no ships will sail onto the Sea of Mist from these docks until the pirates have been handled.

From the Naval Base, ships sail for Nannaria, Heronport on Mondays and Fridays, and for Typhon Expanse, Masquerade on Tuesdays and Saturdays, all fares of two days.

The party can also book an unscheduled ship at the Naval Base to bring them to the location of the sunken city of Braem on the Sea of Mist, again taking two days.

Town Portal

Soronne has a Central Fountain and can therefore reached instantly by the powerful Town Portal spell. The other provinces that can be reached this way are: Terrax, Semiramis, Murlank, Nannaria and Serenity. However, one must drink from a Central Fountain before it appears as a destination on the Town Portal map.



Home Type Occupants
Dr. Bird's Recipes Apothecary
Crackerjack's outer Clothing Armour Shop
Blue Suede Shop Armour Shop
Six Shard Vault Bank
Naval Base Dockyard
Holle's Spinnings General Store
Circle of Steel Guild+Training Hall
Dragonskull Guild+Training Hall
Eldrar's Tower Guild+Training Hall
Hraldrake's Crossing Guild+Training Hall
Shadow Tower Guild+Training Hall
Tork the Mild's Staff Guild+Training Hall
Zorelda's Footwear Magic Shop
Crazy Horses Stables
Hanged Man's Inn Tavern
Rubahl's Alehouse Tavern
The Crimson Hawk Tavern
Arachne's Sanctuary Temple
Soronne Town Hall Town Hall
Long Man's Arms Weapon Shop
Battlesticks Weapon Shop


Home Type Occupants
W00tstock Apothecary
Ogre Docks Dockyard Ugh
Pirate Copies General Store
Gravdahl's Bookstore Magic Shop
Sage's Rebuttal Tavern


Home Type Occupants
Boutique Light General Store


Home Type Occupants
Lighthouse Dungeon Gizzzmo, Roger Denmark
Spidersilk Mines Dungeon Pound S. Morrison

Who is who


male female
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boy girl


male female
[[]] - [[]] -
boy girl


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