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An axe consists of a sharply edged head attached to a wooden handle. It is a weapon that is typically used to inflict deep cuts. A single hit with an axe can do heavy damage. In Might and Magic Tribute, all axes are swung, not thrown. The axe is the melee weapon of choice of the Ranger.

To use an axe, a player character has to learn and develop the Axe skill. Ogre and Troll Explorers can choose to start out with basic knowledge of this skill.

There are two subtypes of the axe: axe and two-handed axe.


Of the 12 final professions, 6 can potentially equip an axe.

mastery professions
grandmaster Ranger
master Knight, Assassin
expert Thief, Monk, Bard

List of axes

Selection, specifications and flavour texts by Fander Treespook.

axe level value damage flavour text size
axe (right-handed)
Woodsman's Axe 1 25 4d2 A tool rather than a weapon, the Woodsman's Axe is nevertheless popular for its dual function. The double-curved haft is not made for good looks. It's how a felling axe has to be to be wieldy. 1x5
Barbarian Battleaxe 3 100 4d2+2 A crude and heavy weapon, the double-bladed battleaxe can deliver quite devastating blows in the hands of the warrior who possesses the might to swing it properly. 1x5
Dwarven War Axe 5 250 4d2+5 The common weapon of the dwarven footsoldier is produced in large numbers in the forges of Ryft. It's of good quality, but by dwarven standards it's an export article in times of peace. 1x5
Melee Axe 9 400 4d2+8 Ask any veteran soldier and he will tell you the same. When the battle grows too close, your sword becomes more and more useless and it is critical for your survival to carry a small axe, mace or hammer as a second weapon. This kergar axe is extremely well suited for that purpose. 1x5
Erudine Axe 12 550 4d2+12 The pure erudine head of this axe is honed so thin that it can only originate from the Black Forge. The axe is unbelievably light and the edge incredibly keen. The haft shows signs of use, the head does not. 1x5
20 20000 4d2+12 Fluga was one of three special axes crafted for the three captains of the elven rangers that lead the patrols of the borders of Timberfall when the elves were settling in the region. Now, several hundred years after they were all lost to historical accounts, it's quite amazing one has actually been recovered (+12 to hit, 4d2+12 damage, +5 Chain, +10 ID Monster, +10 Pathfinding). 1x5
two-handed axe (two-handed)
Two-Handed Axe 1 250 3d7 The Two-Handed Axe has a longer reach and a greater damage potential than the smaller variants but then again, it's trickier to use. 2x7
Minotaur Axe 4 500 3d7+4 The weapon of the common Minotaur is often too heavy to be properly wielded by members of lesser races. However, those who do possess the strength, may use it to deadly effect. 2x7
Dreadful Labrys 8 800 3d7+8 Originally, the labrys was a tool for beheading bulls. Ironically, now vengeful minotaurs make terrifying versions of these axes to behead anything that would stand in their way. 2x7
Demon Scythe 12 1100 3d7+12 More a huge, two-handed axe than a true scythe, the Demon Scythe is the preferred weapon of the demons in open battle. Brandishing such a weapon in front of a demon would be considered an insult and should not be done by anyone less than confident in their own battle skills. 2x7
30 25000 3d7+15 Commisioned by the Priests of the Sun during the early days of the War of the Dove and the Crow for their foremost paladin, Sir Musgan the Good, the holy axe was intended to help gain a quick victory for the Church of the Sun. However, Sir Musgan was slain in the very first battle in which he took part and the Hel went missing (+15 to hit, 3d7+15 damage, +10 Points of Light damage +20 Dark Resistance, of Regeneration, -30 Speed, -30 Armour Class). 2x7