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Ammunition denotes the projectiles - bolts and arrows - that are fired with bows and crossbows in ranged combat. While standard ammunition is considered implicit and infinite, it is possible to acquire special ammo that does increased damage and may also cause magical effects. No additional skill is required to use this type of item.

To use non-standard ammunition, it must be put into the player character's quiver. Only one type of special ammunition can be used at a time. If it is all used up, the bow or crossbow will switch to standard arrows or bolts.

Ammunition can be bought in a Weapon Shop. It can furthermore be found as treasure and can be looted from dead enemies.

List of ammunition

Selection, specifications and flavour texts by Fander Treespook.

ammunition level charges damage value flavour text size
bolts (crossbow)
Stun Bolts 2 60 2d2 60 These thick and rather heavy crossbow bolts cause more damage than normal bolts. In addition, they have an increased knockback effect and a chance of stunning their victim. 1x2
Poison Bolts 5 60 2d2+1 180 The tip of the Poison Bolt is hollow and freeze-dried poison is stored within. This way, the poison remains potent for quite a long time. When the bolt strikes a victim, body fluids seep into the cavity, dissolving the poison. 1x2
Collapsing Bolts 8 60 2d2+2 540 These magically enchanted crossbow bolts will collapse upon impact, causing a spectacular implosion. It is recommended that these bolts are handled with care. 1x2
Berserker Bolts 11 60 4d2 1320 Having double the damage potential of a normal crossbow bolt, the Berserker Bolt is also enchanted to enrage its victim. These two factors may cause a successfully hit target to attack the nearest creature, be it friend or foe, in blind rage. 1x2
arrows (bow)
Fire Arrows 3 60 3d2 120 Fire Arrows are intended to set flammable targets aflame. However, if their oil-drenched, burning rags are nailed to living tissue, that too has a painful effect. 1x4
Silver Arrows 6 60 3d2+1 240 Except for the feathers, this arrow is solid silver. It is heavier than a normal arrow which in turn affects its range. On the upside, it does slightly more damage than normal arrows. However, it is against Undead and Lycanthropes they really come to their right, causing double damage to these creatures as well as having a chance of turning the Undead. 1x4
Frost Arrows 9 60 3d2+2 600 The Frost Arrow is cool to the touch, hinting at the devastating Frost Rings they discharge upon impact. Choose your target carefully when employing these arrows, as it will be the only creature in the blast area that will not be affected. 1x4
Paralyzing Arrows 12 60 3d2+3 1500 The tip of this arrow is coated with a strong paralyzing poison. There is no guarantee the poison will stay potent and affect your target, but should it, your foe is surely conquered. 1x4
Urjana's Quiver
20 inexhaustible 1d4 10000 The dark elf Urjana received this quiver as a gift from his local merchants guild. The gift was not without obligation, however. The merchants wanted Urjana to use the quiver in his training so that he would not have to waste time picking up arrows. They had one ultimate goal for Urjana - to beat the famous elf Brennan Morland at archery and gain glory for the dark elves for breeding the best archer. Urjana never competed against the elf though, and the quiver was lost with him on his journey to the contest. The arrows drawn from the magical quiver do a little more damage than the normal kind of arrow (inexhaustible). 1x4
20 60 4d2 10000 The Pashupat arrow always hits what it's aimed at when the bow is released, but it does not guarantee the shooter will be able to aim at what she or he actually wants to hit. Upon finding its mark, the Pashupat will release a shower of magical energies, inflicting all kinds of magical damage upon its victim. Made by the Archers Guild in 939 AS, Pashupat is the only one of its kind, but if it's any consolation, an intact 140 year old arrow, should probably hold a few more years (of Everstriking, +5 Points of Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Mind, Body, Spirit, Dark, Grey and Light damage). 1x4
30 60 4d2 5000 The Brahmastra arrows are luckily few and far between. Upon impacting these arrows release an Armageddon spell and destroy themselves in the process. Said to be produced by the Necromancers guild, one can only be happy that somebody or something decided to part them from their creators and take the secret of their creation with them (of Armageddon). 1x4