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Might and Magic Tribute does not use any assets that belong to the existing Might and Magic games. This means, that all game elements, with the exception of some that have been freely distributed by other parties, need to go through a phase of construction.

In order to keep things manageable, here are some guidelines with respect to each different type of asset.


All models should be in .fbx format.


Some indications of triangle counts

  • weapons: 100 - 400
  • monsters: 500 - 3000
  • characters: 1000 - 2000
  • world view: 50,000 - 150,000

If a monster carries a weapon or shield: check to see if that can be useful as separate item model.

Renders of items

All items need to have a 2D render of their 3D presentation, that can be used in the inventory. These renders must have the proper size (e.g. a dagger that is supposed to need 1x4 squares in the inventory grid, must have a render that fits) and should be in .png format with transparent background. If you have a high-poly version of the item to render, all the better.