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Februari 7, 00:56 Arslegard

Handdl (Gatekeeper) (cutscene)
"Let us in! We must have our army!"
"You need to get a Writ of Fate from the Wyrdes.
I will transport you to the entrance of the Dark Passage."

Februari 7, 01:35 Dark Passage
Scrap of Book: "Skeleton - Banshee - Lich - Zombie - Banshee - Lich - Zombie - Skeleton"

Touched statues in this order: bridge aligned
Specters: 1 Clover
Chasm: gone round and touched skeleton
Reptilian Terror, doors
Forest: Collodial Warrior, 3 Chests, door
Specters, Terrors: Potion of Pure Endurance (Robin)
Male Sea Monster, Female Sea Monster in next basin
Njam the Meddler appears
Turned mirrors 33 / 1 / 34 / 5 steps
Terrors: Potion of Pure Speed (Ivanhoe)
4 Chests
Platforms 3,1,2,4 rises to ledge
Specters: Scroll of Divine Intervention

"We've come seeking a Writ of Fate" 25,000 xp
"First, there is something you will do for me.
Go to The Gathering in Guberland, retrieve the Capstone of Order, and take it to the Island of Ashes."
"Why the Isle of Ashes?"
"Take it to Verhoffin's Ruins, and place it on the Pedestal in the Lab Room."


Februari 7, 04:26 Guberland

Thorir Mouth
"We've got your set of prizes." 34,500 xp
Capstone of Order

Februari 7, 04:36 Verhoffin Ruins
Placed Capstone of Order 38,500 xp
Writ of Fate 40,500 xp

Februari 7, 05:12 Arslegard City

"We've come for our army." 42,500 xp

"You don't seem to like us very much."
"Well what do you expect of me? I sit here day after day after day."
"You must have really upset Krohn."
"The wrath he has shown me in the past isn't going to match what happens if he finds out I lost Gungnir!"
"What's the Great Reckoning?"
"There will come a day when Njam will lead a revolt against the gods. Krohn demanded that we gods fashion weapons for ourselves."
"Maybe we could help?"
"I think you may want to ask Fre."

"We found your spear." $40,000 / 1,250 xp

Set Beacon #5

Februari 7, 05:18 Monastery
Initiates, Monks, Reverend Monks

Februari 7, 05:55 Frosgard City

Training Hall
Level 48
Ivanhoe L13 Blade, L16 Armsmaster
Rowena L15 Elemental, L13 Light
Rebecca L11 Spirit, L10 Meditation
Robin L18 Bow
All take 1 CLover

Februari 7, 06:02 Guberland City
Rebecca Master Meditation

Februari 7, 06:14 Guberland

Februari 7, 06:28 Temple of the Honk
Set Beacon #4

Februari 7, 06:30 Lindisfarne
Rebecca Grandmaster Meditation

Februari 7, 06:32 Arslegard

Jokull the Ugly (Tavern)
"Do you have any news?"
"Well, I've got this Bathhouse I bought, which seems to have a little problem.
Some creature called Ebora has taken up residence there. Krohn says it's my problem.
I don't suppose you'd want to go in there and show those monsters who owns that place would you?"

Set Beacon #1

Februari 7, 06:44 Bathhouse
Collodial Warrior, Jellyspores
Collodial Soldiers
Breakable Vases with treasure: 1 Clover (-)
Down the drain, switching off the pump
Concubines (last blow in real-time mode!)

Ebora: "You have spoiled my bath!"
Lesser Demon, Collodial Warrior
3 Chests
Greater Deamon: Potons of Pure Endurance (Rebecca), Pure Might (Robin)
Collodial Warrior
Black Chest: Hubris

Februari 7, 07:55 Arslegard

Jokull the Ugly (Tavern)
"We cleaned out your bathhouse." no reward or recognition