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Yrsa the Troll
"Yrsa, what do you want?"
"There is something you must do for me immediately.
Leave your friend Forad behind and get busy!
You must travel to the Thing in Thjorgard.
Once there, you must win the Dragon Prize by winning in all the games, and take it to my daughter Bikki in Thronheim."

Februari 6, 16:43 Thjorgard City

Februari 6, 17:01 Thjorgard

Won six games at The Thing: Stuffed Dragon

Februari 6, 18:01 Thronheim City

Februari 6, 18:02 Thronheim

Bikki Yrsadotir
"We've got all the stuff you asked for." 13,250 xp

Februari 6, 18:04 Thronheim City

Dain Swordstrong (Kira's guard)
"Where have they gone?"
"Why your man Forad claimed to know where the Beldonian army was camped!"
"Which way were they headed?"
"Take the Connecting Tunnels west of here. It's dangerous, but it's the fastest way to Yorwick."

Februari 6, 18:06 Connecting Tunnels

Defeated Jarls (battlefield cutscene upon exit)
"Forad Darre led us into an ambush. 30,000?? xp
You must get our army back.
You must kill Forad Darre."

Februari 6, 18:42 Yorwick
Apparitions, Shadows, Evil Sorcerer / Apprentices
Cauldron: +15 Permanent Dark Resistance
Set Beacon #2

Februari 6, 19:07 Frosgard City

Training Hall
Level 39
Ivanhoe L11 Blade, L13 Armsmaster
Rowena L12 Elemental
Rebecca L10 Spirit
Robin L13 Bow

Februari 6, 19:13 Lindisfarne
Rebecca Grandmaster Spirit

Februari 6, 19:15 Yorwick

Februari 6, 19:22 Wizard's Lab
Eyes: Meteor Shower (Rebecca)
Yellow Portal
Eyes: Enchant Item (Chani)
2 Chests: Wand of Poison Cloud
Teleport in closet
Saint's Relic on table (very small bone)
1 Chest
Blue Teleport
Winged Aberrations

"Who are you? How did you get in here?"
"We won't go away until you help us!"
"We've heard you have a Black Orb of knowledge. If you do, we'd like to buy it from you."
"2000 gold."

Green Teleporter
Skeletons, Evil Apprentices, Evil Grand Sorcerer, Sea Monsters
Purple Teleporter
Cutscene: Evil Sorcerers cast Greater Deamon
Greater Demon, Evil Apprentices, Evil Grand Sorcerer
Red Teleporter
Eyes, Evil Grand Sorcerers, Oculus: Scroll of Divine Intervention, Potion of Pure Accuracy (Ivanhoe), Wand of Poison Cloud
Barrel: Rebecca +2 Magic

Februari 6, 21:00 Thronheim City

Ealusaid A'Norta a'thrakam
"We've got the Black Orb." $10,000 / 12,500 xp

Februari 6, 21:06 Monastery

Leffery Caid
"We've found your relic." $3,000 / 20,000 xp

Februari 6, 21:17 Lindisfarne

Februari 6, 21:46 Dragon's Lair

Dragon King, 2 Winged Mutants
Super Guber

Februari 6, 22:34 Yorwick

Specters, Apparitions, Shadows, Evil Grand Sorcerers / Sorcerers: Scroll of Divine Intervention, Potion of Pure Might (Rebecca)
Orb +50 Temporary Magic
Set Beacon #2 at Lich Lab
Evil Apprentences
Cauldron +15 Permanent Elemental Resistance
Vampirs, Bloodsuckers, Evil (Grand) Sorcerers, 1 Chest
Cauldron +10 Permanent Physical Resistance
1 Chest, Apparitions
Ivanhoe Grandmaster Bodybuilding

Mary Sheepherder
"I can't find my sheep! What will my mother say?
I took him to the east side of town where no one ever goes, and the greass is fresh and not trampled on."
"We will try to find your sheep."

Found Ewe, touched him, he follows.

Mary Sheepherder
"Here's your sheep." $2 / 5,000 xp

Februari 7, 00:33 Frosgard City

Training Hall
Level 42
Ivanhoe L12 Blade, L14 Armsmaster
Rowena L14 Elemental, L5 Dark
Rebecca L10 Light
Robin L15 Bow

Februari 7, 00:39 Lindisfarne
Rebecca Grandmaster Light
Jumped into the water and drowned .....