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Februari 7, 08:03 Hall of the Gods

"I have a task for you. If you can complete the task, I will answer three questions for you.
There is a new religious group called Honkies. They have begun to worship Philip, our pet goose.
I wish to teach them a lession.
Get into the Temple of the Honk, and bring back to me the Golden Honk."

Februari 7, 08:09 Temple of Honk

Honks, 1 Chest
Key on desk, 1 Chest: Wand of Poison Cloud
The Golden Honk
Elder Honk, Goose, Honks
1 Chest

Februari 07, 08:35 Hall of the Gods

"We have retrieved the Golden Honk." $10,000 / 20,000 xp
"Wonderful. As a reward, I shall answer three questions."
"Who is behind Tamur Leng?"
"I cannot answer that. Besides, what makes you think he is not acting of his own accord?"
"Will we succeed in stopping Tamur Leng?"
"If you persevere? Yes."
"What does the future hold for Chedian?"
"Should you succeed, I see the clans united. A leader shall emerge, born of two Jarls. She shall draw the sword and become Queen of all Chedian."
"What sword? What two Jarls?"
"Those are questions I cannot answer."

"We've come to ask for the return of our warriors.
Our Writ of Fate says it is our destiny to defeat Tamur Leng!"
"Well, I could do as you ask, but are you prepared to do what is required?
If a soul wishes to progress in the Afterworld and ascend to Hallenhalt, they may try to light the Six Fires of Penance.
These are Guilt, Confession, Suffering, Retribution, Absolution and Rebirth.
Are you willing to light these in their stead?"
"Very well, let us travel to the Afterworld.

Februari 07, 08:37 Afterworld

"What do we do now?"
"Behold, your guilt."

"How were we to know that Forad Darre was a traitor?"
"Do not defend your actions, mortals. Are you responsible for what we have just seen?"
"Then find those who you have failed. Confess to them your guilt."

Confessed to the six Jarls.

"We have confessed our guilt." 13,000 xp
"So you have. Now go, and suffer."

Party becomes diseased.

The Questioner
"Whom do you serve?"
"You, my lord."
"For what purpose do you quest?"
"To serve you, my lord."
"What is the nature of your failure?"
"We encouraged others to trust our misjudgment."
"Whom do you owe?"
"We owe those we betrayed."
"How must you make amends?"
"We must pay the price of our failure."
"What price must you pay?"
"The ultimate price, my lord. Our lives."
"Shall you pay?"
"Yes, my lord."
"Very well. Proceed." 13,000 xp
"Thank you."

Party is well again.

"We have known suffering."
"Scattered here are the soldiers who helped in your betrayal. Retribution demands that you slay them."

Forad Darre
Horde Leaders / Warriors

"We have slain the soldiers." 13,000 xp
"Retribution is yours. Beware, these were just ghosts, Forad Darre still exists.
Your next task is to face your absolution. Find the weapons of the fallen Jarls."

Zombie, Frights
Five swords

"We have collected the swords." 13,000 xp
"You have been absolved.
Out there is a blazing inferno. Step through to be reborn."

Ghasts, Frights

Februari 07, 09:53 Hall of the Gods

"We have lit the Six Fires of Penance." 26,000 xp
"Very well, I shall let you take your soldiers back to your world.
You will find their leader, Sven Forkbeard, waiting for you outside the gates to Hallenhalt."

Februari 07, 09:55 Arslegard City

Sven Forkbeard
"We have no time to waste.
Tamur Leng's army turned north and is attacking Frosgard!"
"Gather the army. We shall make for Frosgard immediately!"