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Februari 5, 11:37 Lindisfarne
Rowena Grandmaster Meditation

Februari 5, 12:27 Monastery

Grehgknak the Right
"We have completed our crusades." "It gives me great pleasure to promote you to Paladins!" $5,000 / 15,750 xp

Set Beacon #4

Leffery Caid
"We're here to summon the dragon."
"You need the Saint's Relic to summon the dragon."
"Where do you think the relic is?"
"We think that a scholar, Ramnivar, stole it from us and took it back to his laboratory in Yorwick."

Anton Saleri (Organist)
"What are you doing all the way up here?"
"I'm writing music! Would you like to hear it?"
"Sure! We'd love to!"

Played bells in real-time mode in same ascending order (1-5-2-4-3)
Monks go for meal

Februari 5, 13:01 Thjorgard City

Sven Forkbeard (Castle)
"We've got the Thjorad. $6,000 / 3,000 xp
We've completed both your quests. Will you join us now?"
"I shall be glad to join your coalition of clans."
"The clans are united. It is time for the war council.
Tell the Jarls we will be meeting in Tronheim in two weeks."
$6,000 / 6,625 xp

Februari 5, 13:02 Thronheim City

Thorolf Ratatoskssen
"I've been sent by Kira the Cold. It's about Sturmford and Drangheim. They've gone to war with each other."
"Tell Kira we'll find a way to stop the war!"

Februari 5, 13:03 Sturmford City

Bjarni Thorvaldssen
"What is the meaning of this? Kira has told us you have gone to war with Drangheim.
You must stop this war immediately!"
"They sent one of their agents inside Anskram Keep and disabled all of its defenses!"
"They didn't do that, we did! Sigmund wouldn't join the coalition unless we did.
What would convince you to withdraw your army?"
"I suppose if I had a treaty signed by Sigmund himself, I could withdraw my troops."

Februari 5, 13:05 Drangheim City

Sigmund the Stressed
"Why have you gone to war with Sturmford?"
"Because some filthy agents from Sturmford broke into my prison and stole away with Ivsar Forktooth, that's why!"
"Sturmford didn't do it, we did. Bjarni said he needed his general."
"Sturmford wouldn't stop now anyway."
"What if we got him to sign a treaty?"
"Yes, I suppose that would work."

Februari 5, 13:06 Thronheim City

Kira the Cold
"We need someone to write a peace treaty."
"That's pretty crafty of you! Have me compose it so you will be assured that Bjarni will sign it.
Very well, I shall write the peace treaty.
Come back tomorrow, and I shall have the treaty for you."

Februari 5, 13:08 Thronheim
Annelids, Bloodsuckers, 1 Chest
Annelids, Bloodsuckers, 1 Chest
Cauldron: +10 Permanent Light Resistance

Februari 6, 13:45 Connecting Tunnels
Dagrells, Skeleton Warriors / Masters
1 Chest: Wand of Poison Cloud
Vampirs, Skeletons: Wand of Poison Cloud

Black Chest: Spencer's Obedience
Dagrells, Skeletons, Annelids
Set Beacon #2

Februari 6, 15:07 Thronheim City

Kira the Cold
"We've returned for the peace treaty." 3,000 xp
"As promised, here it is. All the other Jarls are here awaiting the start of the war council.
As soon as Bjarni and Sigmund have signed it, we shall convene.
If you wish, they may come here to sign it before all the Jarls."

If the peace treaty option is not there, save and reload

Februari 6, 15:08 Sturmford City

Bjarni Thorvaldssen
"We have a peace treaty written by Kira herself.
You and Sigmund will sign it together in Thronheim."

Februari 6, 15:10 Drangheim City

Sigmund the Stressed
"We have a peace treaty written by Kira the Cold.
You and Bjarni will both sign it it Thronheim."

Februari 6, 15:11 Thronheim City

War Council (cutscene)
Treaty signed 6,625 xp
Kira the Cold kills Markel the Great