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Februari 5, 06:01 Drangheim City

Atli the Quick (Tavern)
"We have come seeking promotions."
"The Assassin's Trial consists of two tasks.
Mr. Kluso would like to test his security devices.
Find his house, and steal whatever it is he holds valuable enough to guard.
Someone has paid me for the life of Guaire A'Velsi.
Find this man, and in broad daylight, kill him."

Well +10 Temporary Physical Resistance
Installed Orb of Linking (Bank)
Killed Bandit Guaire A'Velsi near well.

It might need some reloading to get Guaire to appear.

Atli the Quick (Tavern)
"We have completed your tasks."
"You are hereby promoted to Assassins." $5,000 / 15,750 xp

Februari 5, 06:17 Sturmford City

Friedleif Gjukissen (Town Hall)
"We have heard that you can promote Mercenaries."
"There are three Gladiatorial Labors.
The first labor is to find a basilisk, and kill it. Bring its skin to me.
Second, I want you to go to Kira's Palace in Thronheim, and steal her shield.
Third, you must go to the Arena in Thjorgard, fight at Lord, and win."

Ivanhoe is interested in promotion to Gladiator

Set Beacon #2

Februari 5, 06:25 Thronheim City
Stole Kira's Shield

Februari 5, 06:27 Thjorgard City
Installed Orb of Linking (Bank) $15,000 / 5,000 xp

Februari 5, 06:43 Arena

Power Lich, Lizard-Orc Warrior, Vampir, Fright, Skeleton Master

Februari 5, 06:56 Sturmford City

Friedleif Gjukissen(Town Hall)
"We have the Basilisk skin.
We have Kira's shield.
We have won in the Arena."

"You are hereby promoted to Gladiators." $5,000 / 15,750 xp
Ivanhoe Gladiator

Februari 5, 06:58 Frosgard City

Training Hall
Level 35
Ivanhoe L10 Bodybuilding, L11 Armsmaster
Rowena L9 Meditation
Rebecca L7 Armor, L5 Meditation
Robin L10 Dodge

Februari 5, 07:05 Sturmford City
Ivanhoe Master Armor
Rebecca Master Armor
Ivanhoe Expert Armsmaster
Ivanhoe Master Armsmaster
Robin Master Dodge
Rebecca Master Cudgel
Ivanhoe Master Blade

Februari 5, 07:25 Thjorgard City
Ivanhoe Expert Bodybuilding
Ivanhoe Master Bodybuilding
Ivanhoe Grandmaster Blade
Robin Grandmaster Dodge
Ivanhoe Grandmaster Armsmaster

Februari 5, 07:43 Frosgard City

Februari 5, 07:43 Frosgard
Ice Lobbers, Yetis, Wolves
Orb +20 Temporary Endurance
2 Chests
Ice Lobbers, Wolf

Februari 3, 08:39 Yanmir's Fort
Yetis, 1 Chest
Yeti, 1 Chest: Sage's Diary
Yetis, 2 Chests
Thralls, 4 Yetis: Potion of Pure Endurance (Ivanhoe)
Black Chest: Igdrasine
Yetis, Thralls
Yanmir's Key on chair
Ice Lobbercicle, Yetis, Thralls, released 3 children
Yeti: Potion of Pure Might (Ivanhoe)
Thralls, Yetis, released 4 children
Yetis, Ice Lobbers, Yetis, 1 Chest
Yetis, 5 Chests
Secret Door
Destroyed floor struts under hallway
Ice Lobbers
Fetched Yanmir

Yanmir drops through the floor

Februari 5, 11:21 Frosgard City
Bought 1 Clover

Training Hall
Level 36
Ivanhoe L12 Armsmaster
Rowena L10 Meditation
Rebecca L7 Armor, L6 Meditation
Robin L11 Bow

Tryygva Ravenlocks (Town Hall)
"Yanmir the Frost Giant is dead. $10,000 / 14,500 xp
Now that we have done as you asked, will you join us?"
"I would be proud to call you allies."