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Februari 2, 00:24 Thjorgard City

Sven Forkbeard (Castle)
"Your mine is once again producing Thjorad." $3,000 / 17,000 xp
"And the Refinery?"
"That is working also.

Sold Elemental Thjorad

Snorri the Fist (Tavern)
"Well done. But the dragon is an even greater task."
"We're ready for the challenge."
"Go see Abbot Leffery Caid in Lindisfarne. He will instruct you on how to summon the dragon."

Februari 2, 00:37 Frosgard City

Training Hall
Level 31
Ivanhoe L8 Bodybuilding
Rowena L9 Light
Rebecca L5 Cudgel
Robin L7 Dodge

Februari 2, 00:44 Thronheim City

Februari 2, 00:45 Thronheim
Orb +20 Temporary Speed
Set Beacon #4
Gezzamptlings, Gezzampts
1 Chest
Cookpot +10 Temporary Dark Resistance (chance of disease)

Februari 2, 01:15 Inventa Storca
Bandits, Airborne Ickies
Liches, Skeleton, Basilisks
5 Barrels: Ivanhoe +2 Accuracy, +4 Speed, Rowena +2 Endurance, +2 Might
5 Orbs of Linking
Trapdoor, ladder down
Bookswitch behind ladder
Bookcase safe: Clover

Lich Kings
2 Orbs of Linking
Bookcase safe
Black Chest: Gungnir

Februari 2, 02:18 Thronheim City
Installed Orb of Linking (Bank)

Februari 2, 02:22 Sturmford City
Installed Orb of Linking (Bank)

Februari 2, 02:28 Guberland City
Installed Orb of Linking (Bank)

Februari 2, 02:35 Thronheim
Basilisks, King Basilisk

Februari 5, 02:54 Mountain Pass
Set Beacon #4

Februari 5, 02:54 Guberland
Relieved Guard at Docks

Februari 5, 03:01 Mountain Pass
Imps, Winged Mutant, Winged Aberration: Clover
Winged Oddities, Wolves, Imps

Februari 5, 03:40 Guberland

Thorir Mouth
"Did Nicolai take the job?"
"Yeah. I think he's going to work out fine." $5,000 / 10,000 xp

Februari 5, 03:45 Mountain Pass

Imps, Wolves, Winged Oddities, Gezzampts, Bigfoot
3 Barrels: Ivanhoe +4 Endurance, Rowena +2 Endurance
Winged Oddities / Mutant, Wolves, Winged Oddity / Aberrations, Imps, Wolves

Februari 5, 04:49 Frosgard City

Training Hall
Level 32
Ivanhoe L9 Bodybuilding
Rowena L10 Light
Rebecca L7 Cudgel
Robin L8 Dodge

Installed Orb of Linking (Bank)

Februari 5, 04:59 Lindisfarne
Rowena Grandmaster Light
Rowena learns Divine Intervention

Februari 5, 05:02 Mountain Pass
Wolves, Winged creatures, Imps

Februari 5, 05:27 Tronheim City

Kira the Cold (Jarl's house)
"We have found the Mountain Pass. $12,000 / 30,000 xp
We have done as you asked. Now will you join us?"
"I will join you."
"We will be having a war council soon."
"When you are ready, bring all the Jarls here."

Set Beacon #5

Februari 5, 05:49 Thjorgard City
Set Beacon #4

Februari 5, 06:00 Guberland

Alti Sigmundssen "Good luck on your journey."
"I guess this makes you a mercenary now?" $1,000 / 6,000 xp
Ivanhoe Mercenary