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May 11, 21:25 Message: Judge Grey died
Quest: Choose new Judge (Messenger)
Ambassadors Wright and Scale
Bracada (by Lloyd's Beacon scroll)

Fetched Judge Fairweather
May 11, 21:54 Installed Judge Fairweather
Light Path
Quest: Speak with Gavin Magnus in Celeste (Judge Fairweather)
Quest: Master (Bartholomew Hume)
Quest: Master Archer (Lawrence Mark)
May 11, 22:10 Titan's Stronghold (by Lloyd's Beacon scroll)
The Perfect Bow
Master Archer
May 11, 22:21 Tabatha Grandmaster Bow
Tularean Forest
Quest: Arch Druid (Anthony Green)
Zokarr's Tomb (by Lloyd's Beacon scroll)
Placed Zokarr's Skull
Bracada (by Lloyd's Beacon scroll)
Quest: Archmage (Thomas Grey)
Quest: Ranger Lord (Lysander Sweet)
Quest: Champion (Leda Rowan)
May 11, 22:34 Champion
May 11, 22:42 Arrived in Celeste (by Teleporter)
Won Arcomage game
Quest: Priest of Light (Rebecca Divine)
Obelisk #6
Quest: Season's Stole (Gary Zimm)
Tularean Forest
May 11, 23:10 Arch Druid

Tree69 (The Oldest Tree)
Quest: Hero (Sir Charles Quixote)
Erathian Sewers
Quest: Spy (William Lasker)
May 11, 23:32 Spy
William's Tower

Tower Key from William Setag
Rescued Alice Hargreaves
Villain's Blade
Hall of the Pit
Season's Stole
May 12, 0:15 Arrived in The Pit
Won Arcomage game
Evenmorn Island (by Lloyd's Beacon)
Grand Temple of the Moon
Purified Altar

May 12, 0:57 Obelisk Treasure
Hero's Belt, Lady's Escort
May 12, 1:00 Arcomage Champion
Mind's Eye, Elfbane, Elven Chainmail, Forge Gauntlets
Pure Speed (Fantaghiro) from ore
May 12, 1:07 Priest of Light
Delivered Season's Stole
May 12, 1:27 Ranger Lord
Land of the Giants (by Teleporter)
Fantaghiro, Cassiopeia Grandmaster Armsmaster