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May 12, 1:59 The Pit

Cleared main hall
May 12, 3:27 The Breeding Zone

Spellbook of Divine Intervention
Bracada (by Lloyd's Beacon)
May 12, 4:15 Archmage
Walls of Mist

3 Pillar Keys
May 12, 6:49 Out by back door

Castle Lambent
Quest: Proving Grounds (Gavin Magnus)
May 12, 7:16 Membership of Light Guild
Quest: Investigate Wine Cellar (Crag Hack)
Reported Vampires
Quest: Soul Jars (Sir Caneghem)
Delivered Soul Jars
Quest: Temple Key (Resurectra)
Bought Pure Endurance (Cassiopeia and Tabatha) and Pure Luck (Fantaghiro)
Light Magic for Arlana
May 12, 7:35 Temple of Light
Torn Page on temple floor

Altar Piece
May 12, 10:26 Harmondale
Basic Cryptography scroll from castle library
The Pit
Pure Luck (Cassiopeia) from Lich King
Cleared guild and temple areas
May 12, 13:17 Temple of Dark

Altar Piece
Pure Might (Arlana) from chest
May 12, 14:33 Erathia
Delivered halves of Temple Key
Quest: Control Cube from Tolberti (Robert the Wise)
Cleared Celeste
The Pit
May 12, 16:30 The Small House

May 12, 16:34 Killed Tolberti
Control Cube
May 12, 16:51 Delivered Control Cube
Blaster Skill for all
Quest: Kill Xenofex (Resurectra)
Reported Xenofex killed