<< Fantaghiro Xenofex >>

April 26, 7:45 Colony Zod

Rescued King Roland Ironfist
Colony Zod Key from Roland
Puck from chest

Killed Xenofex

Ban of Archibald
April 26, 10:41 Harmondale
Death's Head Pendant of Alchemy +20 from ore
Avlee (by Lloyd's beacon scroll)
April 26, 11:15 Titan Stronghold

Set Beacon (Fantaghiro)
Several items of health and other nice stuff from Titans, Dragons and chests
April 26, 16:50 Harmondale

******* vacation time!! *******
gathering scrolls & potions
May 4, 6:31 Knight Victory in Arena
May 11, 6:34 Knight Victory in Arena
******* end of vacation *******

May 11, 6:35 School of Sorcery
4 Lloyd's Beacon scrolls from Scroll shop
Scroll of Waves

Another Clanker's Amulet
Over 1,000,000 gold
May 11, 8:56 Bracada
Visits to all the wells of the continent