<< Fantaghiro Fort Riverstride >>

War starts
Castle basement (interrogation scroll)
Arlana Expert Leather
Cassiopeia Expert Axe
Lit Signal Fires
Jan 11, 23:01 White Cliff Caves

Arcomage deck
Reported Elron's death
Won Arcomage game
Conquered Fort
Obelisk #1
Jan 12, 3:00 Nighon (by Gatemaster)
Leather skill for Tabatha
Staff skill for all

Won Arcomage game
Thunderfist Mountain
Nighon Tunnels
Jan 12, 4:13 Zokarr's Axe and Skull
Jan 12, 6:40 Stone City

Dwarven treasure
Alchemy skill for Arlana
Identify Monster skill for Arlana
Repair skill for Cassiopeia
Won Arcomage game
Jan 12, 8:02 Barrow Downs
Jan 12, 8:37 Haunted Mansion
Angel Statue Painting

Destroyed all the undead
Ghost ring
Jan 12, 13:16 Stone City
Hired Gatemaster
Jan 12, 13:22 Erathia (by Gatemaster)
Won Arcomage game
Meditation skill for Tabatha and Arlana
Mind Magic skill for Arlana
Jan 12, 13:55 Fort Riverstride

Jan 12, 14:21 Stole Riverstride plans
Jan 12, 15:00 Bandit Caves
Found Signet Ring
Griffin islands
Jan 12, 16:13 Erathian Sewers

Quest: Rogue (William Lasker)
Jan 12, 17:58 Training Hall
Level 2