<< Fantaghiro Castle Fixed >>

Jan 08, 12:26 Arrived in Harmondale
Quest: Kill all Goblins in Castle Harmondale (Butler)
Castle Harmondale
Hired Explorer
5 horseshoes
Jan 09,12:37 Arrived in Erathia (by coach)
3 horseshoes
Hired Pathfinder
Dagger skill for Cassiopeia

Identify Item skill for Arlana
Bought Town Portal and Fly scrolls
Arlana Expert Body Magic
Quest: Letter to Markham (Norbert Trush)
+2 Might well
Quest: ArcoMage Champion (Gina Barnes)
Quest: Crusader (Sir Charles Quixote)
Quest: Cavalier (Frederick Org)
Won Contest of Might
Altar of Luck
Jan 09, 13:14 Harmondale Castle

Jan 09, 14:20 Killed all Goblins
Quest: Lantarn of Light (Tarin Withern)
Quest: Fate of Elron (Darren Temper)
Won Contest of Luck
Light Beacon Fires (Hairbaugh)
Quest: Signet Ring (Davrik Peladium)
Reported Castle cleaned out
Quest: Dwarves in Stone City will fix castle (Butler)
+2 Accuracy well
Joined Body Guild
Joined Spirit Guild
Arlana Expert Spirit Magic
Joined Water Guild
Joined Earth Guild
Joined Mind Guild
Quest: Initiate (Bartholomew Hume)
Jan 10, 14:46 Barrow Downs

Jan 10, 15:28 Stone City
Stone City mines

Obelisk #14
Tabatha Expert Merchant
Jan 10, 16:37 Throne Room
Quest: Rescue dwarves from Red Dwarf Mines (King Hothfarr IX)
Quest: Kill troglodytes underneath Stone City (Spark Burnkindle)
Reported Troglodytes killed
Plate skill for Fantaghiro and Cassiopeia
Chain skill for Fantaghiro, Tabatha and Cassiopeia
Shield skill for Fantaghiro, Arlana and Cassiopeia
Mace skill for Fantaghiro, Arlana and Cassiopeia
Axe skill for Fantaghiro and Tabatha
Bought Town Portal scroll
Jan 10, 16:59 Nighon Tunnels

Jan 10, 17:35 Thunderfist Mountain
Jan 10, 17:47 Nighon
Hired Gatemaster
Jan 10, 17:50 Erathia (by Gatemaster)
Hired Horseman
Dagger skill for Fantaghiro and Tabatha
Sword skill for Tabatha
Jan 11, 17:56 Arrived in Bracada (by coach)
3 horseshoes
Abbey Normal Golem head, Bill of Sale and fly scroll from chest
School of Sorcery

Quest: Wizard (Thomas Grey)
4 Lloyd's Beacon scrolls from Scroll Shop
Set Beacon (Arlana #1) in School of Sorcery
Golem head from chest
Jan 11, 18:22 Red Dwarf Mines

Rescued 7 dwarves
Jan 11, 19:19 Nighon (by Gatemaster)
+2 Skill Points well
Armsmaster skill for all
Body Building skill for Fantaghiro, Tabatha and Cassiopeia
Quest: Haldar's remains (Mazim Dusk)
Bought Town Portal scroll
+2 Personality well
Thunderfist Mountain
Nighon Tunnels
Jan 11, 20:12 Stone City
Reported Dwarves rescued
Jan 11, 20:34 Barrow Downs
Teleporter chest
Obelisk #10
Won Contest of Intellect
Altar of Might and Endurance
Golem torso from chest
Jan 11, 21:07 Stone City
Hired Gatemaster
Jan 11, 21:12 Erathia (by Gatemaster)
Fantaghiro Expert Sword
Jan 11, 21:19 Castle Harmondale
Invitations from embassadors

Jan 11, 21:23 Harmondale