Fantaghiro Scavenger Hunt >>

Jan 01, 09:00 Arrived on Emerald Isle
Quest: Scavenger hunt
Joined Air Guild
Joined Fire Guild
Well of Luck
Bought Red Potion
Well of Money
Bought Lute
Bow skill for Arlana
Took out rival party (Wealthy hat)
Dragonflies (Seashell)
Won Contest of Personality
Temple of the Moon (Floortile)
Killed Sharktooth (Longbow)
Dragon Cave (Contestant's shield)

Jan 01, 12:05 Slayed Morcarack
Looted Morcarack for Ania Selving
Quest: Find Missing Contestants (Lord Markham)
Brought proof of Missing Contestants
Won Scavenger hunt
Leather skill for Arlana
Disarm Trap skill for Tabatha
Perception skill for Tabatha, Arlana and Cassiopeia
Jan 01, 12:26 Boarded ship