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Jan 20, 9:00 Erathia
Jan 20, 9:26 Bracada (by Beacon)
3 Lloyd's Beacon scrolls + 1 Fly scroll from Scroll Shop
Arlana Expert Alchemy
Bought Pure Intellect potion (Arlana) + Town Portal scroll
3 Genie Lamps
Water Magic skill for Arlana
Won Contest of Speed
Won Arcomage game
Tabatha Expert Bow
Obelisk #5
Jan 20, 10:26 Nighon (by Gatemaster)
Thunderfist Mountain
Nighon Tunnels
Jan 20,  11:22 Stone City
Fantaghiro and Cassiopeoa Expert Plate
Jan 20, 11:45 Barrow Downs
Won Arcomage game
Jan 20, 11:59 Barrows

Jan 20, 13:18 Initiate
Found Lantern of Light
More than 100,000 gold
Jan 20, 17:31 Stone City
Hired Gatemaster
Jan 20, 17:38 Erathia (by Gatemaster)
Training Hall
Level 3
Jan 28, 9:00 Erathia
Jan 28, 9:17 Bracada (by Beacon)
Lloyd's Beacon, Fly, Day of the Gods scrolls and Dispel Magic book from Scroll shop

Griffin hunt
Cassiopeia Expert Bow
Jan 28, 10:55 Erathia (by Gatemaster)
Robbers and griffins
Obelisk #2
Ring of Body Magic from ore
Jan 28, 12:13 Harmondale (by Town Portal scroll)
Returned Lantern of Light
Returned Signet Ring
Water Magic skill for Tabatha

Looted Grognard for Grognard's Cutlass
Hired Horseman and Explorer
Feb 1, 13:30 Arena (by coach)
Knight Victory #1
Feb 1, 13:43 Nighon
Hired Windmaster
Altar of Intellect and Personality
Feb 1, 14:05 Thunderfist Mountain
Nighon Tunnels
Cleared west part
Feb 1, 17:22 Stone City
Hired Gatemaster
Bought Fly scroll
Feb 1, 17:49 Erathia (by Gatemaster)
Training Hall
Level 4