<< Ribannah Faerie King >>

May 6, 9:00 Tularean Forest
May 7, 9:12 Arrived in Avlee (on the Seasprite)
Killed guards
3 Horseshoes (WWJ)
Won Arcomage game #8
+2 Endurance well
Set Beacon (Twindalah #3)
Quest: Warrior Mage (Steagal Snick)

May 7, 10:11 Obelisk #13
Golem left arm
Stonehenge Monolith

Won Test of Endurance
Cleared surface
Lord Whitington Master Armsmaster
May 7, 13:23 Hall under the Hill
Delivered Letter to the Faerie King and received Faerie Pipes
Faerie Ring

Faerie key from Queen Dragonfly
Faerie Treasure
May 7, 14:05 Tularean Forest (by Town Portal scroll)
Delivered Faerie Pipes to Johann Kerrid
Hired Horseman
May 8, 14:15 Arrived in Deyja (by coach)
3 Horseshoes (WJJ)
+2 Intellect well
Altar +10 Mind, Earth and Body Resistance
Lunius Shador
Won Contest of Luck

May 8, 16:13 Obelisk #4
Cleared area west
Hired Prelate
Set Beacon (Ribannah)
Quest: Priest (Daedalus Falk)
Golem right leg
4 Genie Lamps
Golem left leg
Cleared area east
Won Arcomage game #9
Bought Pure Luck (Ribannah), Death Head Pendant of Fire Magic and Fly scroll