<< Ribannah School of Sorcery >>

May 8, 18:15 Hall of the Pit

May 8, 18:46 Bracada (by Lloyd's Beacon scroll)
4x Armageddon scroll from Bookshop
May 8, 19:01 Red Dwarf Mines
Sabotaged Lift
May 8, 19:24 Stone City (by Lloyd's Beacon scroll)
Nighon Tunnels
May 8, 20:05 Thunderfist Mountain
Cleared NE area
May 8, 21:15 Arrived in Nighon
The Jolly Bard Expert Meditation
+2 Skill Points well
Hired Spellmaster
+2 Personality well
Bought Fly scroll
Quest: Haldar's remains (Mazim Dusk)
Twindalah Master Water
Won Arcomage game #10
May 8, 21:30 Castle Harmondale
Twindalah Master Fire
Returned Signet Ring to Davrik Peladium
Pure Accuracy (Ribannah), Pure Personality (Ribannah) and Pure Endurance (The Jolly Bard) from ore
Won Challenge of Endurance
Altar of +10 Personality and Intellect
Cleared Volcano Area

Ribannah Master Dagger
Killed friendly Water Warlocks
May 9, 0:15 Erathia
Delivered Parson's Quill to Norbert Trush
Obelisk #9
2 Genie Lamps on beach
Cleared beach
May 9, 2:09 The Maze
Pure Speed (Twindalah) from chest
Fly scroll
Minotaur's Axe from Minotaur Lord
Cleared maze up to Castle Area
May 9, 6:03 Erathia
Bracada (by Lloyd's Beacon)
May 9, 6:24 School of Sorcery

Scroll of Waves
May 9, 8:08A second Clanker's Amulet
May 10, 8:24 Arrived on Evenmorn Island (on the Enchantress)
Won Arcomage game #11
Cleared dock area
Won Test of Luck
May 10, 8:43 Grand Temple of the Moon
Eagle Statuette

May 10, 9:16 Moon Cloak
1 Genie Lamp
Altar of +10 Accuracy and Speed
Obelisk #8
Stonehenge Monolith
Cleared surface

May 10, 10:06 Grand Temple of the Sun
Knight Statuette

May 10, 10:45 Sun Cloak
Set Beacon (Twindalah #4)
Tularean Forest
Great Druid
Received Bounty for killing Priest of the Moon (3000 gold)
Ribannah Master Earth
Received Bounty for killing Cleric of the Sun (2000 gold)
Ribannah Master Spirit